Site Cleaning and getting up to date….

So yeah it is a SERIOUS bitch moving stuff from RRL to here and i am not going to be able to do much in a day, so i figure i’ll do some periodically over the next few weeks so that my mind doesn’t go completely numb….

the older chapters will probably look a bit off from my moving them, but eventually i’ll probably end up going through them and cleaning them up and making them look all pretty and easy to read….

the Project pages will have ToC’s (Incomplete at this point), a synopsis, and other related links for that specific story. you can find them in the main menu easily enough, though right now most are just placeholders for now but as i said i’ll be working on them for a while as i move content from RRL to DPP….

anyway for now i’m going to try writing out some Fallen Lord to heal my heart…. try and get out the second prologue chapter which should be fairly small and maybe even chapter 1 which should be normal length (Probably wont get THAT out today though…)

as i’ve said repeatedly that my technological skills are poor as shit, so if you find any broken or false links somewhere PLEASE comment to tell me about it so i can try to fix it…. OH and if you have suggestions that arent too technical for improving the site feel free to comment with them (Warning if it involves coding, in depth URL knowledge, etc… I probably wont get it….)

And now i’m off to eat something, feed and walk the puppy, then off to writting i go….

AaronDragon Out

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