Chapter 4 (Part 2): Enter the dungeon

since this part came out so F!#!@#@# long i decided to just make the slaughterfest as chapter 5…… should be an interesting read as i’m thinking of having a Mite leader POV as well as Tero’s POV so that you all get both sides of the show…..


anyway this chapter should explain why doing things like adding humaniods will be a roundabout process that’ll go something like Goblin-> improved goblin-> humaniod goblin-> something new and awesome that is basically its own new race of people


will it happen? Yes.


will we see things that are human like soon? around chapter 7 or 8ish…. 11 at the latest….


that one guy who commented about fruit monsters? there will be plant monsters soon, some stuff has to happen first then it should be fun since there will be a little mite expedition out of the dungeon….


mite varients? yes there are a few more……


other stuff? wait and see…….


oh and due remember that Waynor is in fact a dungeon, there are no twists like he’s just a trapped soul in a dungeon core or some other shit, he is just a dungeon core. a slightly weird one that is effected by holdovers of its past life (which is the reason for his obsession with beauty/finding beauty in things and gaining knowledge/reading/learning) yes, but still a dungeon core with all the urges, desires, and instincts (hence the title) that come with being one.


anyway here is the chapter: ENJOY!!!!

When I arrived back at my core room, I had the mites bring the two humans that I decided to take in to this room. I figured that with so many mites in the room to help protect my core I should be safe. Just in case though, Instinct told me she was watching the humans very closely.


I was currently looking at the female human called Hanna, and the male human called Ulisus. She had been telling me about who they were and why they were here, but after she got to a certain point in her explanation of herself and the act of crying, she suddenly started asking me to save the one called Ulisus who was apparently her brother.


……….I wish she would just finish her life story and explanations first, but I guess this is important to her……. I wonder how I’m supposed to save him…… Doesn’t he just heal by sleeping? The mites do that, and so do Instinct and I, so shouldn’t humans do that too? I wonder…… Maybe I should just ask Hanna after all?


I looked at the girl and projected my voice.


“Wont he just heal by sleeping like he is? Isn’t that how humans work, they sleep so that they can heal from their injures?” (Waynor)


The girl, Hanna, I should remember to call her Hanna, names are really important after all. Hanna made a strange expression before shaking her head sideways.


“No! Humans don’t heal like that! Besides he isn’t sleeping, he’s unconscious! Ulisus needs serious medical attention, probably even advanced healing magic!” (Hanna)


I was shocked. What was the point of humans sleeping if it didn’t heal them? That seemed vastly inefficient, if I was the one to design them I would have made them only need to sleep to heal just like the mites. That way there wouldn’t be any problems like the one Ulisus had right now, and they could be active much more often.


Yep, all I can see that as is a major design flaw….. Who makes something that is alive, but can die so easily? It just seems silly that they can’t even do anything to heal themselves naturally….. I have to give them credit for appearance though, some of these humans really are beautiful…. They even have their own sort of grace as well, so they aren’t that bad as creations… just a bit flawed that’s all. Maybe the one who made them ran out of animus and isn’t done yet? That would explain a lot….


I was letting my mind wonder as I thought more on humans, that is I was until Hanna started shouting.


“Great Dungeon, PLEASE!!! You have to help him, my brother is DYING!!! I said I would offer myself to you, but only if you saved us! If he dies then Ulisus wasn’t saved and our deal will be off!” (Hanna)


… Oh, I didn’t think he was so close to dying…. I guess that would explain the weird groaning sounds he is making and why he isn’t giving me much animus at the moment…. I wonder how much animus I would get if  a human dies in my dungeon…… I guess it would be more than a mite since mites gave more than insects, and humans are bigger than both mites AND insects. That makes sense I think. So I should get more than 5 animus per human death right? ……………Oh, I should probably do something Hanna is crying harder now…….


That was something else I learned from Hanna in these last few minutes. When humans make water from their eyes it is called crying, something they usually only do when they are sad or in pain. The water itself though is called tears. Interesting.


I pulled myself out of my reflection to talk again with Hanna, all the while I felt the other humans begin to move around my dungeon and mill around in the room I had just left.


“Alright then, I will save Ulisus, but after that you have to tell me more about humans and the outside world, ok?” (Waynor)


Hanna’s expression changed once again, only this time it was an expression that brought more beauty to her face than when she was crying. I liked it, though the crying look was also rather nice I think this one suited her features better.


“YES! After Ulisus is safe, I would be happy t-……” (Hanna)


“Waynor, you don’t actually have to do that. The contract she made with you was very loose ended and it could be interpreted that you have ALREADY saved them, and thus this human is already yours. As such you are no longer obligated to help them.” (Instinct)


…………… Really? Huh……. That does seem right, the contract thing in my menu already went away and it does say I have a human now……… oh well, healing Ulisus could help me understand humans better. It’ll be like when I took the traps apart to figure out how they work, only in reverse this time. Plus it could be fun!


“That’s ok Instinct, I decided that I want to do this.” (Waynor)


I tried to use some of my animus on Ulisus, but nothing happened and my animus seemed to just move around him. Then I tried to use mana on him, because if animus didn’t work maybe mana would. Nothing happened again. Out of frustration I tried to actively absorb him and add humans to my database to see if that could help, it didn’t work.


I just looked at the human bleeding on my floor. I couldn’t understand why I wasn’t able to do anything to him, it just didn’t make any sense.


“Instinct, why can’t I heal this human? And why does it seem like I can’t do anything else to him either?” (Waynor)


Hanna’s expression changed again to a look I thought was rather funny looking. I could also feel that the other humans were moving and placing things in the room they were in, I found it strange that they weren’t leaving that room. Maybe it would have been better if I had placed traps in there, then they would have probably moved on by now.


“Wait, what do you mean you can’t help him? I thought you were going to save my brother!?!?” (Hanna)


I felt Instinct open the connection between us.


Waynor, dungeons can’t directly do ANYTHING to the seven races of people, that’s why they make traps and creations to deal with them instead of doing it themselves. The seven races are under direct governship, and to a far lesser extent protection, of higher beings. Unless one of the races has a soul stone inserted into itself dungeons wont be able to do much to the directly, even if they are bound by something. as long as they are still physically of those races the seven races are beyond your direct manipulation and alteration as a dungeon. This is why you won’t be able to do anything besides directly absorb and siphion power from that boy since he’s a human. (Instinct)


Then can we just put a soul stone inside of him?


No, you can only place soul stones into willing subjects or things that have no will, and only when they are in an undamaged condition. This boy meets neither of those requirements. (Instinct)


Then how am I going to heal him?


You could try not healing him, that is an option, you know. Besides you already have one human, we can just force her to tell us whatever you want know….. (Instinct)


Yes, but I would rather not waste the time, effort, and power to do that. Besides I like it when my creations and followers do what I say because they like me and they want to, it brings me joy.


……….. Oh, so you do have a dungeon’s natural inclination towards dominating and ruling over things, just in a unique way. I thought you might not feel like that, but it turns out you just want them to WANT to serve you? Is that how you feel Waynor? (Instinct)


I thought about what Instinct said. Yes, I did like that idea. The thought of the Instinct, the mites, Hanna, and whatever else I created or collected in the future serving me out of their own will and desires brought me great joy. I might have to change some of the things I collect so that they feel that way, but I think it would be fun to do that too. Besides the mites have already shown how much more efficient willing workers can be…


Yes, that is how I feel. Here as I understand it I feel like it’s something like this……


I sent the feelings I had on the subject of willing followers over the connection to Instinct. I felt her shock when she received it.


……………Well Waynor, I must say that in many ways your views are both very different and very similar to the typical dungeon…. Willing to torture, but to also compromise to gain the loyalty of others. Wanting to lead with absolute power, yet also caring for and trying to understand your followers…. I honestly am not sure if your views are naïve or terrifying, Waynor…… Either though way I’ll support them. (Instinct)


I felt happy that Instinct would help me, but I didn’t understand how my views on this could ever be seen as terrifying. When I feel Immense pain, fear, or I am in danger should be the only terrifying things in this world, everything else just offered different levels of joy or sadness.


Thank you Instinct!


It is my purpose to aid you in all things you may require after all…. Now I have an idea on how we can save the human in a way that doesn’t involve you directly healing his wounds, but it could take some time. (Instinct)


That’s ok, I’m sure that Hanna can wait and Ulisus is something called “unconscious” which I think means not conscious…. So it’s like he’s sleeping and he wont notice how much time it takes if he is sleeping. What do I do? ……Oh, Hanna is making those weird expressions again, maybe we should tell her about this too?


………..Fine, but you shouldn’t reveal that dungeons can’t directly affect the seven races to her yet. I don’t trust the human as much as you seem too…. (Instinct)


I received the ideas and plans Instinct had to save Ulisus through our connection, but to start them I would probably need at least 300 more animus. I guess I could get that by having 60 mites die, but that seemed like far too much of a waste for just the first step to saving Ulisus. Besides I liked my mites, I didn’t want to just order some to die only because I needed animus, they would kill other mites from different hives anyway even without my orders so there was no real need to do so.


“Alright Hanna, Instinct and I have come up with a way to save Ulisus. Instinct will explain more about how-…… Oh, the other humans are finally moving! I want to go see how they do!” (Waynor)


“Ummm, great and mighty dungeon? About my brother……..?” (Hanna)


“Calm yourself human, Waynor is being kind enough to bother with your selfish request even when he doesn’t need to. Be grateful and just wait, it’s not like we can do anything right now anyway.” (Instinct)


Instinct, could you watch over Hanna, I’m want to go watch the other humans test my dungeon.


I felt amusement come through our connection from Instinct.


Waynor, you do know you can watch them from here, right? (Instinct)


I can?


Yes, you just need to use your menu as a sort of viewing tool. In fact I was about to suggest that you project it out so that we all might watch this, your new human included. (Instinct)


Oh, ok I’ll try that then.


I closed the connection with Instinct, and focused on my menu. When I thought about observing my dungeon, the menu changed into a view of my entire dungeon including the moving humans and my core room. When I tried just wanting to see the invaders of my dungeon the view changed and split to show the humans and a few insects that were apparently still alive. I tried again to show only invaders that I would think of as a possible threat and the view changed to only show the other humans. I saved this view type and the overview of my entire dungeon directly to my menu’s main part so that I could access them easier in the future, then I tried projecting out the view.


“Wha……….. But that is…… And those are……..” (Hanna)


“Yes human, this is just one of the many things Waynor can do. That is the power of the one who you now belong to, the power of the one who has decided to save your kin. Know this, as Waynor has decided to save the boy he will be saved, it will just take some time. To keep him alive we will preserve and seal his body as it is now, however we will require more animus to do so. Animus that Waynor will likely gain from the deaths of these other humans, only after we have this extra animus can we begin to work to save your brother. Do you understand this human?” (Instinct)


Hanna nodded her head up and down while she mumbled something and cried more.


“Yes, I understand…. For Ulisus to live, they have to die and die soon…” (Hanna)


One of the humans went into the hallway leading away from the room and stepped on one of the classic design spike traps. The spike embedded itself deep within the human’s leg through its foot anchoring it to that spot. The human began to scream, and that sound brought me no small amount of joy. It was a beautiful sound, like it had its own melody and it expressed such depth of emotion. Yes that emotion might have been pain, but it wasn’t my own pain nor was it the pain of Instinct, the mites, or even Hanna so it was fine. Besides that sound was the expression of a pure, unfiltered, and untainted emotion how could I not find it to hold its own beauty?


The other humans began to make noises and talk amongst each other, one moved to approach the screaming human. That one stepped on and activated on of the spike traps of my own design that instead of coming straight up from directly below the pressure plate, had the spike come out diagonally a foot in front of the plate. The spike impaled the human through its chest and the human made a strange gurgling sound, I didn’t really like that sound as it wasn’t really beautiful at all. That said, it bring me some joy to see an invader die in my dungeon, Instinct told me about this feeling so I had expected it, but I didn’t expect how right and natural it would feel.


I checked the menu as I felt the influx of power into my core.


[ Name: Waynor               Titles: “Icon of Patience”, “Self-Named Dungeon”, “The One Who Endures”        Rank: 0                 Dominion Level: 0            Territory: N/A Dungeon Views: {invaders (threat)} {overview} ]


[ Power: { Mana: 14} { Animus: 1,298,879 }     Class: ???             State: flawless core]


[ Floors: 1            Rooms: 47 (sub rooms: 183)        Inhabitants (slaves/livestock/pets/etc… included): {???: 1} {humans: 1} {Mites: 1,000,000+ (hive mothers: 12)    Traps (magical/physical/other…): {spike: 596} {pitfall: 421} {arrow: 327} {wall: 382} {ceiling: 106} {fire: 239} {poison: 135} {acid: 23} {maze: 1} ]


[ Creation Options: {Mana: expansion, building, decoration, design, trap creation, core growth} {Animus: dungeon lord creation, inhabitant creation, soul stone creation/granting, name bestowal,  mutation/evolution/etc…, core growth} ]


[ Destruction Options: {Mana: magic, deconstruction, siphoning, absorption, portation (in-dungeon), Teleportation, item/magic recycling (automatic)} {Animus: siphoning, absorption, remodification/recreation, life recycling (automatic)} ]


[ Stored/Owned Creations (organic): {Dungeon lord: 1} Stored/Owned Creations (inorganic)      Possible/Purchasable Creations: {∞} ]


…..Oh, so humans give 112 animus when they die, huh…….. That’s a lot more than the 5 I get from mites or the 1-2 I got for insects…….


I watched as another human came forth to help the human who was still pinned by a spike trap, but had stopped screaming and was making these sort of whimpering sounds which were also rather nice. This new human circled around to the front of the pinned human and then gave a sort of hand signal to the other humans waiting in the room. He tried to separate the other human’s leg from the spike by lifting it off the spike from its base. The first human began to scream again and when the human helping him final freed it, the third human fell backwards further into the hallway. As the first human landed in the safety of the room I had never gotten around to finishing with the other humans, the human that freed it had fallen onto what looked like three spike traps and had been killed by either the one that went into its chest or its brain.


I got 121 animus from that human, so I guess the animus I get from humans dying in my dungeon isn’t uniform like it is with mites or as similar as it is with insects. That is new…….


The other humans began shouting about this not being right, or how this wasn’t how things were supposed to work in dungeons. The human that looked like it was in charge shouted at them to be quiet and to calm down, he told them to start sweeping for traps before they moved and to step carefully. He also said something about reinforcements and sent two humans out of my dungeon.


That was a real shame, it would have been more fun if they had stayed. They might have made more those screaming sounds and given me more animus, not to mention that their deaths would’ve made me feel more joy. I guess it was ok though, there were still plenty of other humans for me to enjoy those things.


……………Hmmmmm, if some are just going to leave after the first hallway then it isn’t much fun at all…… maybe I should change my dungeon after this? Yes, I’ll work on adding more levels instead of more rooms and have each level be more dangerous than the last. That way I can draw people in and by the time they realize they are my prey they will be too far in to turn back… that seems like it’s the right thing to do, and that idea makes me happy for some reason, so I’ll just do that. Maybe Instinct and Hanna would know how dangerous I should make the first few levels? I’ll ask them after these intruders are all dead, they should be able to help me…


I looked at Hanna and saw that the girl had a strange expression on her face but also tears coming from her eyes. For some reason it didn’t seem to look right, but that might just be because I wasn’t used to humans yet.


“Yes…….. They are dying…… They’ll all die, just like father did….. Like mother did….. They’ll die so Ulisus doesn’t have to…… THIS is what justice is, do you understand now you evil men? THIS is the real justice you said I would see……. Heh….. hehehe…… hehehahHAHAHAHAHAhahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!……..” (Hanna)


I opened up my connection to Instinct.


What is wrong with Hanna? Is this normal for humans?


No Waynor, what you are seeing is the result of my subtle psychological suggestions that the intruders had to die for her brother to live. That psychological pressure, the rather gruesome scene she just witnessed, and the general amount of stress that being in this sort of situation must have on the girl all seem to have mixed together with the inclusion some other sort of past trauma and pushed this girl to the brink of her own sanity. (Instinct)


I felt pleasantly surprised at Instinct’s level of insight into humans.


Wow… how did you figure all that out?


I told you, I may not know much of anything important about the other 6 races I know of, but humans I DO know about to a degree. I do have the memories and thoughts of countless humans that fell prey to my parent dungeons stored in me after all, I just can’t share them with you through our connection and the humans are so complex they are hard for me to explain. (Instinct)


I do remember you saying that, that’s why I wanted to talk to humans in the first place…… And wait, why haven’t I gotten any memories from any of the humans that just died?


Because you are not the same type of dungeon as the one who was my………… Father? Mother? …..Anyway you are not the same type of dungeon as one of my parents were so the best you would be able to do is create something to collect and store the memories itself, but even then you wouldn’t be able to take them in just manipulate and move them. (Instinct)


Oh……. That’s kinda sad…


I looked back at Hanna who was still mumbling things and shaking a little.


Um, Instinct did I break my first human? I didn’t want to break Hanna? Can we fix her?


I felt slight amusement coming from Instinct through our connection.


No I don’t think she is broken, at least not in any real way that would matter to you. Just start working on something to preserve her brother, preferably something that still lets her see his body for her own mental stability, and the girl should be fine. I suggest a sarcophagus made of clear sealing crystals…. (Instinct)


Oh, ok…


I severed the connection with Instinct, and began to look through my menu for the right material to seal Ulisus in so that he wouldn’t die before I could save him. Hanna should be happy to serve me when I have saved her and saved her brother twice, but I still don’t understand why they wanted to be saved from their fellow humans. Maybe humans were cannibalistic like my mites and these others are trying to eat them? I guess it didn’t really matter though.


I watched the humans advance through my dungeon as I browsed for a material I could buy with animus and seal Ulisus with. All the while I was thinking of ways I could make my dungeon seem easier and become more effective at luring in future prey.


“Die…. Die…. Die…. All of you should just die…. Just let this dungeon I’ve sold myself to kill you……. Let your deaths repent for ruining my life by saving my brother……. Die….. Die….. Die….. All of you should just die….” (Hanna)


I watched as the humans all left the room, I tried to close the big opening back up from here like I could with the other smaller openings. It would cost more mana, but I could live with that as I didn’t want to miss what the humans were doing as I went to close it myself. The only problem is after a certain point it made me feel sick to close it anymore, so I stopped. The opening was now about 12 by 12 feet large. I closed the other thousand smaller openings besides the pinprick I still needed for light, it just felt like the right thing for me to do for some reason.


I looked over to one of my personal teams of mites.


“Go guard the opening, I don’t want anything else to come in and I don’t want any more of the humans to leave.” (Waynor)


Yes master/lord/great dungeon/Waynor!!! (Mite team)


“Good idea Waynor, it looks like you have a real opening now so you won’t ever be able to close it more than that. That might be a problem for us for a while, but for now we should guard it until we can make our dungeon more secure. It’s a shame it had to happen now though, I know you were hopping to have more time. Sorry Waynor…” (Instinct)


I felt a little sad and also pretty excited at that. The prospect that my dungeon was now open to the outside world was slightly scary and might put me in danger, but it also offered so many new possibilities.


I guess I may have to push up my plans for remodeling my dungeon to just after these humans die…….. It’s a shame but I guess I will have to sacrifice beauty for time at least for a little while…… I guess after I made the changes I want and put in enough things to keep my core safe, I can go back and beautify everything……… Haaaaaaaahhhhhhhh, it’s such a shame to have to compromise on beauty for time……. OH! This stone seems like it would be perfect for Ulisus, and it’s cheap to create!!!………………………………..



[ Name: Waynor               Titles: “Icon of Patience”, “Self-Named Dungeon”, “The One Who Endures”        Rank: 0                 Dominion Level: 0            Territory: N/A Dungeon Views: {invaders (threat)} {overview} ]


[ Power: { Mana: 14} { Animus: 1,298,900  }     Class: ???             State: flawless core]


[ Floors: 1            Rooms: 47 (sub rooms: 183)        Inhabitants (slaves/livestock/pets/etc… included): {???: 1} {humans: 1} {Mites: 1,000,000+ (hive mothers: 12)}    Traps (magical/physical/other…): {spike: 596} {pitfall: 421} {arrow: 327} {wall: 382} {ceiling: 106} {fire: 239} {poison: 135} {acid: 23} {maze: 1} ]


[ Creation Options: {Mana: expansion, building, decoration, design, trap creation, core growth} {Animus: dungeon lord creation, inhabitant creation, soul stone creation/granting, name bestowal,  mutation/evolution/etc…, core growth} ]


[ Destruction Options: {Mana: magic, deconstruction, siphoning, absorption, portation (in-dungeon), Teleportation, item/magic recycling (automatic)} {Animus: siphoning, absorption, remodification/recreation, life recycling (automatic)} ]


[ Stored/Owned Creations (organic): {Dungeon lord: 1} Stored/Owned Creations (inorganic)      Possible/Purchasable Creations: {∞} ]

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