Black Blood…. What i decided to do with it….

Sooooo….. Yeah, B.B. is a story that kinda got pushed on the back burner…. Plus in my opinion it isn’t my best story, but i still want to finish it and not drop it….

Personally i think the problem with B.B. was i never intended it to be a serious or very long story, it was first conceived as a side project story meant to have 30ish chapters but since it was popular and i liked the idea behind it more than F.F.G i decided to try extending it further and put off planning for it for to long… Anyway that’s why i decided that the best way to handle B.B. is to treat it like a Prequel to D.I., O.I., E.S., and the whole multiverse i’ve created. It’ll have four volumes and will mostly come off as a lighthearted dark story that introduces characters and mechanics for the other stories….

Basically Black Blood wont have too much world building because it isn’t necessary for the stories purpose, Alt also will have a lot handed to him without having to struggle against or for much because of what he is.

Think of B.B. as the extended Backstory of the Ascendant Angel, Altorus Phantus. Alt and the important characters of B.B. will pop up in the other stories periodically, but only as they are AFTER the events of B.B….

I’ve thought about this for a bit over a month now, and i think this is the best way to handle B.B. while still doing it’s story justice and not having it conflict with the other things i have planned for other stories…. I’m probably going to move B.B. into an inactive status and just work on it whenever the mood strikes, this will probably mean B.B. will take a LONG time to finish, but i’d rather it take a long time than never get done….

Oh, and I might be moving it to this site out of convenience…

Anyway that’s about it, still not dropping B.B. but my priorities are on the other stories right now….

AaronDragon Out

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