A new member and Flu delays…..

Sooo we have a new member here at Dark Palace Productions: MadelynBlack.

some may remember her as the person who made B.B.’s cover others may know her in the future for making D.I.’s web-novel cover…..

anyway she and her art will make a wonderful addition to the site, so feel free to wish here welcome if she decides to introduce herself….

in other less awesome news i caught the flu from my cousin last thursday (she thought it would be funny to switch my soda with hers without telling me until after a finished it…. evil clever little 15 year old demon…. I’m so proud…) so imma have to delay the last two chapters of Ark 2 of D.I. until i can function without a bucket next to my head….. or when looking at the computer screen stops making me feel more sick…..

anyway i’ll probably be in writing shape at least by sometime next week before my fall semester of classes starts…. i’ll be updating the schedule around then as well and maybe making some other additions to the site….

and now i got a nap and meds to take and jello to eat, so i must go before i vomit all over my keyboard…. that would REALLY suck….

AaronDragon out…….


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