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anyway since i’m feeling nice here’s the first part of chapter 15 to tide you over:



“Wow, you really have gotten better at your acting Feris… I don’t think anyone has even noticed anything different about you at all.” (Nora)


I made sure that I didn’t even so much as glance at her, no one else could know that I could see Nora’s ghost. Explorers dealt with undead much the same way they dealt with angry and hostile monsters, by killing them on sight. Luckily Nora couldn’t be seen by just anyone, hell even with the bond between us I couldn’t see her until that Loria woman helped me to.


As I looked around at the people I had partied with and pretended to enjoy myself like I always did, I couldn’t help but notice how the world seemed brighter now. Everything was clearer, more beautiful, and more perfect. I hadn’t even noticed how bland and grey the world I was seeing was without Nora, it was like there had been something essential missing from everything and no one could tell not even me. That was different now, Nora was back with me and the world was as it should be again.


I’ll never let myself go back to that bland world without her… I’d rather die…


It was easy for me to pretend, it had been a skill I had honed for so long it was almost harder now to show the real me. The fact that the food in front of me looked and tasted amazing didn’t hurt either, it’s even easier to pretend when you don’t have to fake things like how good something tastes.


“Hey, Feris? Do you think you can really pull this off? I mean I know you’ll try, but now that I think about it maybe it’s better that you actually don’t…” (Nora)


I could see her out of the corner of my eye, short brown hair, those almond shaped green eyes, the subtle features that gave her face it’s natural beauty, those pink lips that I had learned were just as soft and delicate as they looked, her slim and petite figure accented by the flower patterned dress robes she was currently wearing, she was just as beautiful as she always had been even as the ghost she was now. Nora had aged a few years past the age she had died, but that wasn’t at all uncommon for spirits or ghosts. They looked the age they felt, I had learned that many times as an explorer, and Nora had grown alongside me as always.


And even now that we had finally been reunited she was still worrying about me, that was so like Nora.


I used the silent hand language we had come up with as kids to talk with her, it was difficult to do while passing the movements off as something else but not impossible. Everyone here thought a was some womanizing idiot, so that’s what they saw, that’s what I showed them. I wasn’t communicating with someone secretly, I was simply just stretching, making a pass at Erica, and trying to feel up Cecilia next to me. Nothing out of the normal for Feris, nothing at all a cause for alarm or suspicion.


I asked a simple question with my signals: did he hurt her?


“Well, you know Feris I never did tell you how I became an orphan on the streets did I? My parents, they were good people… I was so young when it happened can barely even remember their faces now. They were taking me out to celebrate something, I can’t remember what, and they stepped in the way of a noble child’s carriage. The boy must’ve only been three, but he still calmly ordered their deaths. His guards pursued my parents as they picked me up and ran, they hid me in a crate in some alleyway. That was the last time I saw them…

I learned after I met you who that boy was, he wasn’t even from the city he was just visiting that day. That’s right, my parents were taken from me because we had the poor luck of upsetting Ulisus Tultsven on the day he happened to visit our city. It was bad… just bad luck…” (Nora)


It took everything I had to not react to the tears coming out of Nora’s eyes, instead I just smiled and winked at Hanna and stuck another piece of pork roast in my mouth. I started signaling Nora again when she had stopped crying, I meant what I was signaling her with all of my heart.


I signaled just three words: he dies soon.

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