Chapter 14, sickness, and the 1000 follower celebration…..

so yeah this weekend i was only able to finish up chapter 14 of D.I. as friday i was out celebrating Dear old dad hitting 60, saterday i was sick from all the loud noises and greasy food from friday, and sunday i realized that i was sick from left over saterday blah, overheating (Staying in a car in over 100 degree weather to write ain’t good for your health folks… learned that one the hard way… again…), and mostly because the pollen count is fucking insane right now where i live…..

Luckily for all you readers who actually, you know, ENJOY my stuff i said i’d give you a chapter flood and by Sally there shall be a flood!!! even if it is only a DAILY flood…. so yes imma try and put out 5 chapters by sunday, will i make it? hopefully yes…… I’ve armed myself with meds, caffeine, snack foods, and have come up with excuses out of puppy (Damn does he like to bite…… and also he’s to damn smart for something akin to a baby…. like the pup is crossed with retriever and hellhound…..) duty besides “I really wanna write though!”…. So yes hopefully i shall make it to five chapters….

oh and all of chapter 14 is out now…. go check that out if you want….

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