Almost over…..

So today i take my last test for math…. YAAAAYYYY!!! then i have like a week and a half of freedom before i start my fall semester…. Boooo!!!

so some news: i really haven’t been able to write all that much for the past week or so, only about a page of O.I. really….. anyway after today (Because i HAVE to celebrate dad’s birthday and it’s hard to do that behind a screen typing like i’m possessed….) i decided that i would work on D.I. and try and crank out some chapters. unfortunately from all the studding i’ve had to do my house currently has no data left for using the inter-webs (I’m on my colleges wifi now….) so i wont be able to post anything until the 15th….

luckily that means all you D.I. fans will get to binge a multi-chapter release on the 15th so i guess there’s that to look forward to….. oh and i might do something special when D.I. gets to the 1000 follower mark, i just have no idea what that will be yet…..

anyway just wanted to keep all you posted and let you know i haven’t actually kicked the bucket just yet…. the if i end up getting the clumsy 75 year old dentist with shaky hands tomorrow i might wish i had….

see all ya’ll again on the 15, imma go cram for this final now!!!!

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