A Taste Of Chapter 14

So yeah i’m done with my test and have no clue how i did, and since i was still on campus i figured: “Hey why not abuse the Wifi for my own purposes?” and as such have decided to put up the first POV of chapter 14…. that’s a good 1500 odd words to tide you over until the 15th, unedited though of course….

here you all go, hope you enjoy it!!!!



We were currently sitting in a room that I was sure hadn’t even existed before on the entrance floor of the dungeon, it was an impressive hall with three grand tables, a few stands, and a throne at the end of the hall that overlooked everything else all surrounded by a seating layout that looked down at this set up in a style that reminded me of arenas and colosseums. We had never been shown this room before and judging on how Hanna had reacted neither had she. It was not uncommon for dungeons to make changes to themselves while people are inside of them, but even so it is always deeply disturbing when they do. It reminds me that dungeons are very much living beings and they are constantly improving themselves by finding and new ways to kill anyone that enters them.


Even so the grandeur and majesty of this room that seemed like a cross between a meeting room and a court of law couldn’t hold my attention as it might have earlier. Right now I doubt anything could, my mind was far too distracted recalling the image of the guardian Loria and the visions she showed me. I knew that I shouldn’t let her get to me like this, just as I had known that she was using some sort of mind magic and illusions to manipulate us. I had known all of that just as clearly as I knew that right now my focus should be negotiating terms for the guild’s special relations and privileges with this dungeon, instead here I was trying to halfheartedly banish thoughts of a certain woman with looks rivalling any goddess of beauty from my mind.


The sad fact of the matter was all that meant less than nothing, I had let Loria do as she liked with her illusions and even let her illusions affect me even more than they normally would by accepting her power into me like an old friend. I had been tempted by what they showed me and I had desired more, I wanted to do more than just see what she showed me. I had wanted to feel it, wanted to taste it, to smell it, to hear those sweet moans and gasps as if they were actually being whispered into my ears. So I gave in to temptation and let her power in, and in that moment I experienced bliss. It was by far the best pleasure I could ever imagine and it seemed to go on for days, there were things in that vision that occurred that I would probably be fantasizing about for the rest of my life.


By the gods, the best sex I have ever had wasn’t even real… That’s just so beyond messed up I can’t even wrap my head around it… How am I supposed to focus on anything when I keep remembering how Loria’s skin was the most soft and supple thing I’ve ever felt… Or how she is equally capable as both a Dom and a Sub… Or, gods, the things that woman could do with her tongue…


I trembled slightly at the phantom sensation that ran across my body the moment I remembered that particular gift the guardian of this dungeon’s first level possessed. The only words that came close to describing it would be divine perfection.


…Loria has probably ruined me for all other women, I cant even look at Hanna, Erica, or Cecilia and seeing all the little flaws in their features now…


As I struggled to put the thoughts of my newest obsession and fantasy out of my mind, I tried my utmost to focus on Hanna and what she was talking to the dungeon will about at the other side of this grand long-table. I had a vague awareness of my party seated around me at this end of the table, but in this moment they didn’t matter. All that mattered was doing what I came here for, negotiating a successful and if possible advantageous contract between this dungeon and the explorers guild.


And the way that Loria’s fingers felt as they danced across my body, playing with me as if I was some sort of musical instrument and delighting in the noises I would… Shit, focus. Negotiations, that’s what’s important right now, I can fantasize later… Ok, I can do this…


I had to cycle the mana in my body around near constantly to avoid the phantom sensations the would ghost across my body, but I was confident that I was clearheaded enough now to at least not make an utter fool out of myself when I talked. I was beyond thankful that Loria wasn’t present for this, if she were I doubt I would even be able to think straight let alone negotiate an important contract. Hell, I probably wouldn’t even be able to talk straight if she were here, I’d be a stuttering mess that acted like I was still only 25 years old.


“So, You really want speak other than to clarify on terms? You want agree or anything like that and will leave the main portion of these talks to me, right?” (Hanna)


“Yes Hanna, I already said that I will leave the negotiations to you. Just remember what I said about the tributes, oh and that money thing you keep bringing up…” (Waynor)


It was interesting to see the silver orb floating there and talking to a girl I once thought of as a top tier beauty, I couldn’t help but notice how Hanna seemed to have the beginnings of premature grey hair mixed in with the honey-blond now. Or how she had faint dark sparks under her eyes like she hadn’t been sleeping as well as she should, or even how her nose was ever so slightly slanted to the left. All things I’d have never noticed before meeting Loria, but now seemed so glaringly obvious they were impossible to overlook.


I noticed that Hanna and Waynor had seemed to have finished talking, and cleared my throat to gather their attention on me. If I was going to have any shot at securing an advantageous deal for the guild in a contract with this dungeon I would need to seize the initiative, the best way to do that would be to have their sides begin the talks then begin making demands and small concisions on an unimportant point to gauge how much I can push them. The only thing that was concerning was the feeling that I had gotten from Hanna, the feeling that reminded me of experienced and shrewd merchants more than twice her age.


“Ah, yes Johana you had points that you wished to discuss in the hopes of creating a binding contract with Waynor, right? Well as I am the current representative of this dungeon for matters both legal and financial, it will actually be myself that you shall be entering negotiation talks with. Waynor will of course have final veto rights for any and all concessions that I propose, but as the master of this dungeon he has agreed to merely observe as an invested party and has left me with all the privileges and rights to conduct negotiations of this manner. Please make it clear at this moment if there is anything in this arrangement that you feel is dissatisfactory or in any way disagreeable.” (Hanna)


I stared at the girl who had spouted all of that out as if it were only natural with a calm smile, in that single moment any hope I had of gaining the advantage in talks with an inexperienced girl died a cold and tragic death. I had dealt with entire merchant firms that operated below the level of prowess she had just shown in the art of negotiations, she was already forcing me to make a concession before the talks had even started. Hanna seemed to be as comfortable with situations like this as I was with my bow, and given what I would have to do that was a prospect that was just depressing.


…Trapping me into a concession before we even get to the actual negotiations, huh? This girl is far more frightening than I had anticipated… it looks like this is going to be a serious uphill battle, and I’m the only one who can fight it…


I looked back at my party only to see them utterly avoiding eye contact with me. Erica seemed to be utterly indifferent to all this, Darek was looking off to the side and seemed to be thinking about something deeply like he had since he had been shown his vision, Feris was making eyes at Hanna and winked at me when I glanced at him, and Cecilia was just looking around the room in fascination. None of them had either the authority or it would seem the desire to even attempt to help me in this.


I let out a sigh as I brought my attention back to Hanna.


“No, I think this arrangement is fine…” (Johana)


The girl just smiled as the dungeon will moved back to hover over the throne at the end of the room. I had the fleeting thought that I would have much rather been doing paper work at this moment before Hanna began to speak again.


“Then let officially enter into negotiation talks at this time. I would like to suggest we begin by clearly stating what both sides primary goal in these talks are, as well as making clear the eco-political situation of both parties as it matters in regards to any assets, resources, or intents that may hold any significant value to these specific talks. This is of course suggested with the understanding that any future talks will include and require future elaboration on the sides of both parties. Is that agreeable to you, Miss Johana?” (Hanna)


…I might just be in way over my head with this…


I let out another sigh as I nodded my head.


“Yes, I find that agreeable…” (Johana)


Maybe it would be better if I had just brought Benj here to deal with this for me, he is better at this sort of stuff than I am anyway… Yeah, then I could’ve stayed with Loria and explored how willing she is to make that illusion into reality………

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