Tests Tests Tests…….

Ok so i’m not going to be able to really update you guys much for the next week or so because i’ll be busy studying and testing, and when i’m not doing that i’ll be writing or catching up on any missed sleep in any free time i have…..

as such i’ll probably have some releases and posts on RRL, but i’m probably going to be pretty MIA here on the site…….

Oh and after Volume 1 of D.I. is done i’m going to be holding three contests: 1) a review contest, 2) an art contest, and 3) a theorist contest…. anyone who wins one of those will get a free copy of the E-book in PDF form (With edits and extras!!!). more on that later when the volume is actually done, But for all you artists who want to take some time with this and are here on this site you’re getting some advanced warning: you can either draw Hanna or Ralt for the contest, and keep it PG-17…..

anyway i’m off to finish O.I.’s (Yes i changed the name, Tamer Icon wasn’t working for me…..) chapter 1…. tomorrow i’ll be working on D.I. inbetween studying and after my test….

go here Tamer story recommendations post…. to help me find some new stuff to read, or maybe just find something for yourself from what i’ve read….

AaronDragon Out…….

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