copyright, D.I. publishing update, and a competition announcement…

Ok so i’ve put a copyright page up that puts in words all those fun copyright details for creating original story content….. you can find that under About DPP in the menu….

Discord, F.L., and adding stuff/Art

Ok so i set up discord servers for each of the stories so that people can go there and chat and whatnot, links in the project pages….. Why did i do this? Dunno, maybe i was bored yesterday waiting for class to start and i didnt want to start writing anything when i’d have to shut it all down in a few minutes…. So yeah that’s something to do now, i’ll probably pop by periodically between life classes and writing so if you want to scream at me to hurry up with a chapter you can do it there….

Classes and Info…

So i’ve started the new semester and DAMN did that slow me down… i had like no time at all to write yesterday after class…. and now i cant sleep in late anymore…..

Anyway releases are going to be pretty random from now on, and if i promise that something will come out on a certain date then i’m probably lying since to me School comes before writing and assignments will eat into my time heavily…. I’ll try to put out a couple chapters a week, but no promises….

Stuff and Names…. and Planning…..

So yep i’m here and i’m doing stuff for my stories again…. Basically working on D.I.’s background info, and some world-building stuf and Demon Lord names for F.I….

so here’s a list of D.I. stuff for anyone who feels like adding it to the compendium:

Kalet continent:

    • Metia (Human nation west of Waynor’s dungeon)
      1. Vel’Aria- capital
    • Drugtar (Dwarven Nation south of Waynor’s dungeon)

Prologue 3: Two Demon Lords Awake on Gaia

So here is the third part of the prologue for F.L…. only one more part left before we get into the real story…. Yay…..

anyway i’ll edit this and stuff later on…

hope you enjoy!!!


“We understand that you both must be confused, and we are here-…”


Fallen Lord Demon Lord List

So this is the current list of the 72 Demon Lords in F.L., if you have any name suggestions please leave them in a comment below…



Demon Lord list:

  1. Ba’al-Alive, Awake
  2. Samical-Alive, Awake
  3. Morphaelle-Alive, Awake
  4. Balthiyal-Alive, Awake
  5. Demios-Dead
  6. Tel’rule-Alive, Sealed
  7. Gralmortas-Alive, Awake
  8. Irati-Alive, Awake
  9. Magin’Dola-Alive, Awake
  10. Loresia-Alive, Awake
  11. Icarew-Dead

Chapter 1: The Ebony Tome, and Nixyartial

soooo……… this is chapter 1….. that i totally finished before going to sleep which i am now regretting…..


now here’s what you need to know, 1) Ark and the Arkieal of last chapter are VERY different people….. 2) Ark really has no idea what he is doing with anything magic related right now… oh and he is also only like 7 years old mentally and physical so cut the kid a break for making a few mistakes with stuff even if he was a powerful and knowledgeable arch-magus in his past life…..

Prologue: The final moments of Arkieal Ebon

Hello all!!! it’s me everyone’s favorite (or least favorite) ADD OCD author, AaronDragon!!! i have once again started a new story, one that i hope all of you will enjoy!!!


oh, btw this is the longest prologue i have ever written, mainly because i wanted to jump right into the main story next chapter….. so yaaaaay!!!! lots of stuff for you all to read right out the gate!!! dont hold future chapters to this ones length since chapters and side stories may be longer than this,  but more than likely they will be shorter……..

Prologue: Searching for two Lornfangs…

so….. Yeah this is basically a tamer story, something that I’ve noticed there is a distinct lack of in the quality story department…… Luckily AaronDragon is here and loves himself some tamer class types….. the only thing is this won’t be a “happy, everything will go the right way, there is no badness in this wonderful world, WEEEE!!!!” type story…. nope, this one’s going to be a dark and twisted story where all sorts of bad shit will go down…. hell, you’ll get a taste of that in this very chapter….

Site Cleaning and getting up to date….

So yeah it is a SERIOUS bitch moving stuff from RRL to here and i am not going to be able to do much in a day, so i figure i’ll do some periodically over the next few weeks so that my mind doesn’t go completely numb….

the older chapters will probably look a bit off from my moving them, but eventually i’ll probably end up going through them and cleaning them up and making them look all pretty and easy to read….