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So i got distracted by Sharknado 4, and my Sally what little plot that survived to sharknado 3 died a horrible death in that last movie….. and what’s sad is i KNOW i’m going to watch Sharknado 5….

anyway i never really got time to work on D.I. since i had so much stuff to do today, but i DID finish it’s outline up through volume 2… so yeah, i’ve decided D.I. is going to have 9 volumes total so you all have that to look forward to in the future…. My sally that’s going to take a long time to finish, but i figure it should be worth it…..

next up is i did a bit of stuff for this new tamer story, and since as i said Word is acting up on me you guys get some sneak peeks of some background stuff and the fic description…. Here you go:

Gaielth is a world of extreme danger and that constant danger has turned many of the races of people cruel. In this world, a beastkin child was born with hair and eyes the purest color of snow white. This child was a Icon, a person who was born amongst each of the races every 10 generations with special abilities based off their numerous past lives. This child was named Noxaltik Lornfang and he lived blissfully in peace for the first three years of his life, but then that blissful life collapsed with a raid on the village saw him made into a slave.


For years Noxaltik Lornfang was tortured at the hands of slavers attempting to break him, he experienced horrors that would break the minds and bodies of even the greatest of heroes. Through it all Noxaltik survived because of one of his gifts as an Icon, a gift that restored his body from whatever damage was done to it. He survived like this until the day he finally managed to escape and fled into the wilds of the nearby forest.


Follow the tale of Noxaltik Lornfang, a boy who is troubled by vague memory fragments of many past lives and the horrors he was forced to confront in this life. Will he rise to become a legend like many Icons before him, or will his fate be as tragic as his past? Only time will tell…

The Gods of Gaielth-

  • Rak’Fer: God of creation and rulership. The god who is believed to have created Gaielth and most of the things living in it. He is also considered the king of this pantheon and his temples are always beside the castles and palaces of rulers…
  • Natidia: Goddess of life and fertility. She is considered the queen of this pantheon and the wife of Rak’Fer. Her temples can be found in every major city of most races of people.
  • Yealsa: Goddess of the sea and water. Worshiped by many and considered one of the most powerful gods. She is thought to be  Rak’Fer’s daughter.
  • Felmasa: God of the sky and freedom. Considered the kindest and gentlest god, he is well loved by all and has many temples devoted to him.
  • Evras: Goddess of bonds and love. She is the goddess who gave the gift of oathbinding to some of the races of Gaielth, she also has many temples that oversee the acts of marriage and gives love advice.
  • Draga: God of war and conquest. Every military outfit of a certain size will have shrine to him, and most pray for his favor before they go to battle.
  • Melakas: God of magic and wisdom. He is worshiped by many and has countless temples while being one of the most secretive but helpful gods to the people of Gaielth.
  • Hyana: Goddess of the wild and the hunt. Worshiped but has no formal temples outside of a single temple located in the heart of Vegra Forrest. A neutral and virginal goddess who respects only those who prove themselves to her.
  • Klatino: God of agriculture and nature. Brother to Hyana, heavily worshiped and having many formal temples. Almost every farmer who believes in the gods has a shrine dedicated to him in their home.
  • Ugastian: Elder brother of Rak’Fer and the god of slavery and destruction. His single gift to the races of Gaielth was the absolute submission enchantment now used for slave collars, an enchantment that requires no inherent mana manipulation ability from a person just the right bloodline.
  • Belfigur: God of night and death. A neutral god that avoids conflicts in the pantheon and sees to the souls of the dead. His worshipers seek out the undead and slay them as they are an affront to him.
  • Pentia: Goddess of the day and fate. She is a goddess whom few mortals understand, and whose temples dispense guidance to rulers.
  • Legieos: God of law and balance. Every courtroom is a temple to him, and every judge is a practicing priest devoted to him and rooting out corruption.
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