Ideas that kept me from sleep last night….

Remember when i said i was going to write a Tamer story? yeah well at 4am after posting D.I.’s chapter 13 my brain decided to be a total asshole.

it went something like this:

“Sleep… Need sleep…” (AaronDragon)

“Yo buddy, what’s good with you?” (AaronDragon’s brain)

“Sleep… so tired…” (AaronDragon)

“Aight, aight… but just listen man, you know that story we were planning? i got some ideas for you…” (AaronDragon’s brain)

“Not now… Sleep…” (AaronDragon)

“Yeeeeaaaaahhhhh….. about that whole sleep thing….. yeah, we arent doing that…” (AaronDragon’s brain)

“Why… need sleep…” (AaronDragon)

“Pfft… Sleep’s overrated. Instead why dont you consider this, I’m thinking two words: Beastkin MC… We can do a whole tragic past, set defined high-fantsy world, include it in our multiverse, and this time just keep a limited pantheon of 7-13… Oh, and here’s a perfect prologue framework and plot, now you just need to write it and come up with a title!” (AaronDragon’s brain)

“B-But, Sleep?” (AaronDragon)

“Oh dont worry, you can get some sleep in like two hours…. But first you’re going to listen to all these ideas…” (AaronDragon’s Brain)


Soooooo…. Yeah, i got some stuff that i’m going to work out and might start working on a quick prologue for this new story before i start working on D.I…..

and i’m also tired as shit…

Oh well, stuff to do and things to write….. I’ll probably be posting some pantheon and mechanics to this site for the new story today so i have another place i can pull them from since Word is being all buggy and not actually saving my saves….

oh and i guess i’ll make D.I.’s outline today as well…. and do some work on chapter 14 tonight….

AaronDragon out……

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