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So i got distracted by Sharknado 4, and my Sally what little plot that survived to sharknado 3 died a horrible death in that last movie….. and what’s sad is i KNOW i’m going to watch Sharknado 5….

Ideas that kept me from sleep last night….

Remember when i said i was going to write a Tamer story? yeah well at 4am after posting D.I.’s chapter 13 my brain decided to be a total asshole.

it went something like this:

“Sleep… Need sleep…” (AaronDragon)

“Yo buddy, what’s good with you?” (AaronDragon’s brain)

“Sleep… so tired…” (AaronDragon)

“Aight, aight… but just listen man, you know that story we were planning? i got some ideas for you…” (AaronDragon’s brain)