How i’ve decided i’m going to release E.S…..

so this is going to seem weird, and it means that all 70 of you E.S. fans are going to have to wait for a good bit, but i’ve decided i’m going to release chapters 2-7 all at once in one massive chapter flood….

Why am i doing that? in a bid to gain some popularity for the series by having like 5 or so chapters get added in just one day…. I figure it might work, and the worst case is that it just doesnt and i’m back to slowly waiting for the fanbase of that story to grow….

anyway i’m probably going to sneak working on D.I. in while i’m writing all these chapters so there is a chance D.I. will get its chapter update before E.S. does….

in other news, DarkSun, one of the authors partnering with me in Haltis, has finished her first chapter of T.o.A:T.o.t.G….. So yeah, that should be out soon, and when that’s posted i’ll post Nick’s chapter 4 as well….. that gives you all something to read in the meantime at least….

oh and Lair finally got an update with three new chapters, so if you like Lair or dungeon stories there’s that to check out too…. you can find a link in my dungeon stories list recommendation thing….

anyway that’s it for today, probably going to write after my next class ends, and will try to get some writing time in for tomorrow as well…..

AaronDragon out…..

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2 thoughts on “How i’ve decided i’m going to release E.S…..”

    1. I’ll be posting bits of stuff on this site, but for the most part the releases them selves are going to take a while…. i got finals coming up IRL and i really want to try my mass releasing plan…
      have patience and the chapters will come, but they may not be here “soon”….

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