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4 thoughts on “Fan Suggestions”

  1. suggestion for Dungeon Instinct

    here’s an ideal for another level. have it like a cave with crystals, gems and different kinds ores everywhere and the monster can be golems and monster with crystals, gems or ores coming out or on there bodies or have it parts of there body made of crystals, gems, and ores like there bones, teeth, and claws. I think it will match Waynor because crystals gems and ores can be beautiful and will attract a lot of people.

    1. I am Planning for their to be a golem and Automata level, but it’ll be more of a ruins theme than a cave theme….

      and the ores and stuff i have an idea for you will see coming up fairly soon in the negotiation chapters….

  2. Hi Reflex here. Just want to say it first. I love your stories man. Reading BB and DI for now and will read the others when you have more chapters posted. Especially love DI as I find it the best dungeon story I read so far ( I don’t think overseer on RR is really I dungeon story so it doesn’t count).

    Now that I have this out of my system you asked for some suggestions at the end of chap 13 of DI. What I think would work well for Hanna after the murder of her brother by Feris (the puppet) would be her complete mental breakdown and in that spur of the moment she could murder Feris. (because I believe you enter to kill a character in vol. 1 and I so don’t want it to be Loria’ who’s personality you so well showed and who could play some important roles in the developments of other characters later on. You already broke Feris mentaly I don’t see his further development as a character anyway, plus I love antiheros 🙂 The murder of a human being would be the the last drop she needs to forsake her humanity and let Waynor change her. Waynor is obsesed whit beauty and one of the natural elements that I find has alot of beauty would be ice. Ice could also represent Hanna inerself after her change as she could cage her heart in a ice cage as a protective mechanism and become cold to humans who she will dispose for ruining her life twice ( killing her family and then her brother ) and only show some feeling to her new family AKA Waynor’s dungeon inhabitants. (Also opens the path of having an ice themed lvl 🙂

    I don’t see Hanna as a melee combatant or a rogue. She mostly uses her intellect and is good at using words. So I would make her into a creature that manly relies on magic and avoid head on fights ( an allegory would be a spider using treads to trap it’s prey and use all it has to gain an advantage over the it). Maybe because she has to deal with dungeon’so customers she could become something akin to a master of deseptions.

    Those are all suggestions and you are free to make any changes as you see fit or even go in a completely different direction. I am sure I will enjoy your but in any case.

    P.S. plz don’t get reed of Loria. I REEEEEEALY like her.

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