Dungeon Instinct Q&A

Ask about D.I. in the comments below….. if the answer to your question isn’t a spoiler then the mighty AaronDragon will probably answer you…..

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2 thoughts on “Dungeon Instinct Q&A”

    1. that’s something that is based soley off levels, and it’s what the races of people mistakenly consider a dungeons “Level of Danger” since that’s what dungeon dice actually measure…
      basically ranks are there just so a dungeon can unlock new powers or features it didn’t have before because it’s parents/creators sealed said things away since they might endanger the dungeon (like say name bestowal, and some young dungeon being stupid or insane enough to try naming itself…. that’s killed plenty of dungeons in the past…).
      Waynor doesnt have any of those constraints (Due to the weird way he was born…) so ranks really don’t mean anything to him other than being another way to track how many levels he has.

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