Delays IRL……

…….. So i really haven’t had much time at all to actually write anything…….. and even now i only have like 5 minutes to write this, so i guess this will be my only post today….

basically i’ll write more today when i get the time, but i’m probably not going to be able to finish it today…. or tomorrow now that i think about it….

anyway here’s a taste of the few hundred words i managed to write so far….

I awoke on something far softer than the rocky cave floor with a strange metallic taste in my mouth. As i rubbed the sleep from my eyes and tried to remember when and why i fell asleep in the first place i heard the voice of a girl as clear and as beautiful sounding as a bell.


“Did you have a nice rest, my master?” (???)


Acting out of fear and instinct i moved. Before i realized it i found myself crouched on the far side of the cave away from where i heard the voice come from, looking around carefully to see if i could spot the speaker. There was no one in the cave, but there was something new that shouldn’t be there. I looked at the set of folded black clothing that was placed scarily close to where i was sleeping that i knew for a fact wasn’t there before, that meant that someone had to have put it there.


…That means that some stranger had to have been that close to me while i was sleeping…


Shaking my head to cast off that disturbing thought, i looked around the cave once again to see if there was anything else out of place. After carfully looking for anything else that might indicate that someone had been here and finding nothing, i decided that all that was left was to try calling out and seeing if anyone replied.


“I-Is anyone there?” (Ark)


Once again i heard the beautiful bell like voice.
“The only one here besides you is me, my master. Could i be the one you are referring to?” (???)

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