Changes, Updates, Discussions, and Q&As….

So the Q&A page should work now by directing you to the appropriate Q&A page for whichever story…. Use the Q&As for any questions you may have as i will no longer respond to Questions asked in the RRL comment section or any other posts about story elements now that the Q&As are up and (Should… my Sally i hope they do….) work now….

The Discusion page is also up now and should provide a place for you all to talk about all sorts of stuff in the comments…. you can even suggest things to me to add or include in one of my stories (Though i might not use that suggestion….) in the suggestion section, or just talk about my stories in general in the AaronDragon’s fictions section…. all sorts of things you can talk about in the discussion page….

Then there are a few fixes i did here and there to make everything run the way it’s supposed to (Comment below if you find any more bugs and whatnot on the site….)

Now i’ve just finished doing stuff for T.o.A:T.o.t.G and helping the newest member of Haltis with their stuff for the project, which unfortunitl meant i really didnt get to do any writing for E.S. today yet, but i figure i can probably power through chapter 2 of that tomorrow after class is over…. I mean it’ll only take….. multiple hours….. multiple hours were i cant let myself get distracted by stuff…. Yeah, i can totally manage that….. Yeah…

Anyway imma probably sign out for today a bit early to try (and probably fail misrably) to get more than a handful of hours of sleep……

Enjoy the new stuff on the site….

AaronDragon out…..

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