Changes, Updates, Discussions, and Q&As….

So the Q&A page should work now by directing you to the appropriate Q&A page for whichever story…. Use the Q&As for any questions you may have as i will no longer respond to Questions asked in the RRL comment section or any other posts about story elements now that the Q&As are up and (Should… my Sally i hope they do….) work now….

Fan Suggestions

Do you have a Suggestion for a specific story?

Is there an idea that you feel should be included in one of my fictions?

Are you creative and imaginative enough to come up with something i will shamelessly poach from you and add to one of my stories?

Find out by commenting with story suggestions below!!!!!

AaronDragon’s Fictions

Talk about any and everything about any of my stories…. Sometimes i myself might even weigh in with my thoughts…..

Caution as their might be spoilers ahead if you aren’t up to date on all the stories…. then again there might be spoilers anyway…..

Let the commenting begin!!!


Debate anything you’d like here…….

Which of my stories is the best?

What’s the meaning of life?

What actually is going to be the big Multiverse ending i’m building up to?

Which is the true best gaming console?

Dubbed vs. Subbed?

Any decent debate you can think of, let the debating begin!!!!

Delays IRL……

…….. So i really haven’t had much time at all to actually write anything…….. and even now i only have like 5 minutes to write this, so i guess this will be my only post today….

basically i’ll write more today when i get the time, but i’m probably not going to be able to finish it today…. or tomorrow now that i think about it….