Fixing Stuff…….

Ok so it recently came to my attention that the links to my RRL fictions were broken (Thanks again tomolone!)….. let me remind everyone that AaronDragon is not very technologically savvy or capable, so if you find issues and stuff please let me know since i myself probably wont notice them…..

In the future just PM me at RRL about stuff that doesnt seem to work right or is broken…. if it’s PMed to me i’ll probably get it withen a day or so and correct the issue as best i can in once i know about it……

in other less fixing stuff related news, Throne of All got an update with the first chapter NOT written by me…. feel free to check that out if you’re curious, I’m sure that Hveórunger would appreciate it…… I’ve also edited out the prologue and chapter 1 of E.S., unfortinutly i’m starting to get a headache after looking at a screen for so long so i’m probably not going to write all that much if anything at all tonight….

Might do some other minor stuff around the site to improve it, but i think everything is mostly set now….

AaronDrago out………

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7 thoughts on “Fixing Stuff…….”

  1. If you ever want a new dungeon in your multiverse i will agree to become one your dungeon mechanics are good

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