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So i totally did not get as much written as i wanted to today…… a mix of dogsitting, youtube, and the let down of Batman v Superman saw to that….. I wrote about 1300 words and finished Darek’s POV for chapter 13…. now i just have to write Loria’s POV and Feris’ POV to finish out the chapter and the tour of Waynor’s dungeon’s first level……

Something imma totally try to do tomorrow since i’m tired now and i dont feel like writing until like 4am tonight just to finish this chapter in one go……


Oh and Imma probably try making an idea sharing, debate, and story development page tomorrow….. that way you readers may give me some ideas on what you’d like to see in a story, pitch a few ideas on new stories you’d like to see written (Though i’m not going to write them, just help you develop them if you want and give you a place for other people to look at it and give some opinions on the idea…..), and debate amoungst yourselves the complicated and interwoven mess of lore that is the B.B./D.I./E.S. multiverse…. should be a fun tool to help kick-start the fan comunity into being a bit more active and to hang around this site…..

anyway thats all for today…. or i guess it’s kinda tomorrow now….. or still today since it IS today right now and only tomorrow from yesterday’s perspective….. Time is weird like that…

AaronDragon Out…..

P.S: here’s a little sneak peak of Chapter 13 for all you nice people who are here on he site before i make any real sort of anoncement about it (Unedited though….):




As i watched Erica knock Feris unconscious for the fourth time since she tied him to the back of one of these insect creatures i turned to guild master Johana. Johana seemed to be cautiously suspicious of this dungeon and everything that was in it, and honestly i was beginning to think that her suspicions were justified. My conversation with the monster called Ralt reminded me just what sort of place was and what sort of things normally lived in it, this was a dungeon and no matter how nice this one may seem dungeon’s weren’t places for people to live.


I had been through many dungeons in my career as an explorer, and the only times people lived inside any of them was when they were being farmed by the dungeon. I had grown fond of Miss Hanna, the girl reminded me of my own daughter even if they were utterly different in almost every way. There was no way i would allow this girl to end up like some of the people i’d seen in dungeon animus farms, i would destroy this dungeon’s core before i let that happen and if the monster Ralt thought he could stop then i would destroy him too.


But at least for now Miss Hanna doesn’t appear to be being abused or held against her will here, she even seems happy to be in this dungeon… And the Dungeon will, Waynor, seems to be kind… Hopefully things won’t have to come to my taking on this dungeon and Waynor turns out to be as kind and innocent as he seems, i would hate to have to go against the guild again…


Making eye contact with guild master Johana, i leaned in and resumed our whispered conversation.


“Are you sure we really can’t just take Hanna with us when we leave? Are we really just going to leave the girl in a dungeon like this?” (Darek)


“I told you Darek, we’re here to negotiate with this dungeon and nothing else. We aren’t here on some rescue mission for just one girl, and we certainly aren’t here to pick a fight where there doesn’t need to be one.” (Johana)


“I Understand that guild master, but if this dungeon is using people for animus farming then we should stop it and try to help and free the people it’s using. That’s part of our job as explorers isn’t it, or has that suddenly changed here guild master?” (Darek)


She pulled me even closer showing that she more than had the physical strength to be an A rank regardless of her thin and smallish frame. The look in the guild master’s eyes was so cold and hard i thought for a moment that she might actually be planning to kill me right here for a moment and had my hand stray towards the hilt of my axe.


“Now let me be very clear since you don’t seem to be getting this explorer. We won’t intentionally do anything here that could in any way compromise negotiations with this dungeon unless we are in serious mortal danger. The sheer level of potential loss of resources and opportunities for the guild our doing so and having negotiations break down could cause is beyond imagining, and i’m sure the guild’s first move would be to see if offering this dungeon our heads on a silver platter would lead it to reopening negotiations. Even if this dungeon, if Waynor, is really using people for animus farming here we are going to smile, ignore it, be polite, and play nice until the time that we have secured a contract and return to the guild. After that you can do whatever the fuck it is you want and it won’t be my problem or my ass potentially on the line, but until then you keep acting like the polite guest you are here and forget any notions that could be detrimental to our goal here. Is that clear enough for you, Darek?” (Johana)


I felt my heart almost stop a few times while she was speaking, a threat from someone on the level of Johana was nothing to take lightly at all and the implication of the guild itself getting involved was absolutely terrifying. I had crossed the guild on quite a few occasions, but never on something that stood to gain them so much potential profit. Only the suicidal or the truly foolish would ever do something like that.


I looked away unable to meet the woman’s hard gaze holding its grim promises anymore, i knew that this mission was important before but i never would have thought it would be so important that it could cause the normally lax guild master Johana to act like this. I had no doubt that she was prepared to kill any of us if we stepped out of line and tried something that could jeopardize the goal of this mission, something that taking Hanna with us when we left would certainly constitute as.
“…Yes i understand guild master… i don’t like it, but i understand.” (Darek)

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