D.I. gets it’s chapter 13 early and new features to this site…..

Ok, so i’ve decided to write chapter 13 of D.I. so that i can add a link to this site without having to post another informational post and further annoying the crap out of my readers….. i’ll put a link in the author’s note at the top and bottom of the chapter, and maybe go with a blurb about why people should come here and bookmark this site…… i figure the chapter should be out by tomorrow at the latest, imma just read some Lazy Dungeon Master to build up my motivation to write D.I…..

in other news, i’m procrastinating editing the E.S. chapters….. i’ll probably get to those before i start working on chapter 2……

In OTHER other news, i gave this site some new features…… it now has poll capabilities, YAAAAAAYYYY!!!!!! POLLS FTW!!!! the poll of the month will be on the side bar, and might sometimes involve prizes if the right answer gets the most votes… this months is kinda just a place holder, but feel free to answer it all the same so that i can see how these polls work. They are pretty different than the ones on RRL..

there is also Art on the site now, i FINALLY figured out how to get it on…… Anyway please feel free to send me fan art and what not, i love to see it and if it’s good it might get shown here on the site…… and once i find a way to get a dedicated gallery page type thing going, all art sent to me will be put up there….. the art doesnt even have to strictly be of my stories (Though i will say those will get my immediate attention and favor), you can just send me art that you think i might like or want to share….. send it to me by either using my email that can be found in the Contact Us page, or you can PM it to AaronDragon on RRL…. either way it’ll get to me…..

anyway i’m off to do some reading, some writing, and to keep my family’s puppy from humping the golden retriver we’re taking care of for the weekend….

i’ll post again with the link to the new D.I. chapter when it’s out…..

AaronDragon Out…………………

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