Q&A for Dungeon Instinct

If you have any questions on the story, comment below. If the answer to your question isn’t a spoiler, I’ll answer it in a reply……

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2 thoughts on “Q&A for Dungeon Instinct”

    1. Dominion level has to do with the amount of dimensional size and power within a dungeon as it compares with the higher beings of that world and the world itself… Essentially the higher a dungeon’s dominion level, the more influence a dungeon has over its own space-time without being limited by such things as the laws of the multiverse… When a dungeon gets a dominion level of 100 it’s basically its own universe, and as such can make its own rules and laws without being confined to any others outside of itself…..
      The class thing is a BIT of a spoiler, but i will say that a dungeon’s class reflects what type of dungeon it is and what that dungeon’s mentality is to an extent…..

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