What’s coming next…..

So i’m planing on writing chapter 2 of Ebon Soul tomorrow, i might not finish it but i figure i’ll be able to knock out a decent chunk of it at the very least…..

I also plan to edit the first two chapters of Ebon Soul tomorrow as well….. that’ll be all sorts of fun…… *sigh*

The Site Get’s A Makeover!!!! Dark Palace Productions Reborn!!!!

Well, i’ve changed all sorts of stuff on this site so that it functions the way I want it to now. From now on, Dark Palace Productions wont be a place were you read my fictions but it is the HOME of all of my fictions now. think of it as that nexus hub where all the fans can come together and talk, check what it is that I’m actually righting at the moment, talk with me, and check out all sorts of possible future content.