what Fans should know about B.B.

sooooooooooooooooooooo………………………. i have just read through the comments on RR……………. and honestly everyone is theorizing in the wrong direction on so many things, so i decided to step in. Here is AaronDragon’s “helpful B.B Theorist’s guide” for all those hints and tips you’ll need to understand what the fuck just happened, why it matters, and what could potentially become a major plot point or twist in my story. Careful there be some serious spoilers ahead.


  1. first and foremost, Alt is the first and only of his kind. there has never been a NATURALLY born or created demi-divine before in the history of the multiverse. it SHOULD have NORMALLY been impossible for that to happen, but it did seeing as Alt (the very same impossible being) is our main protagonist.
  2. Alt’s birth has stirred, awoken, and disterbed just about EVERY FUCKING THING THAT HAS ANY DIRECT TIES TO DIVINITY!!!!!!!!!!!!! that means there are A LOT of beings (Gods, Titans, and Divines in general….) who are interested in him. dont automatically assume that anytime i refer to such a being without giving any reason or hint that they might be one you have already met, that i mean one that you ALREADY KNOW……….
  3. a good 1/3 of ALL divines want Alt for SOME REASON. to use him for their own agendas, mate with the new unique being, kill the dangerous thing before it poses more of a threat, check him out cuz he’s new and cool, want him to join them in the divine plains of existence, are pissed because some puny thing woke it up by just existing……………… the list goes on and on.
  4. for Vampeerus, the thought of worshiping something non-Vampeerus (I.e: not your Ancestor or any ancients deserving of respect) is considered a taboo.
  5. Phantus are normally hunted down and killed as soon as they are discovered by ONLY other Vampeerus.
  6. there are only 5 Vampeerus kingdoms, none of them are on the same continent.
  7. wild nexus points pop up as often as bad weather, but usually last just as long. USUALLY.
  8. i have been using A Void, and not THE Void for a reason.
  9. Alt doesn’t know everything, and he ISNT anywhere near all powerful. he IS smart, but there are others that are smarter, Yan is an example of this. he is also only strong to a COMMON Vampeerus and most humans, Arcanes, and other physically “weak” races. against a trained Vampeerus, Were, or even some Sectia solders, he only wins do to his Charm and said solder’s hesitation due to said charm….
  10. the thing that called Alt her “mate” wasn’t a goddess…….. she wasn’t even technically a divine………….
  11. races, their society, and how they find mates/lovers/spouses
    1. Humans and Arcanes are patriarchal races that practice monogamy. their society is basically the same, only the Arcanes are more “magical” and hence have some magical differences. they find a spouse the way you would think. date, mingle, love, hitch…..
    2. Were society is clan based with a central multi-clan leader for every type of Were that rules for that branch of Were society. Weres are incredibly open-minded  about relations with their preferred gender. if a Were likes you, it tells you. no bullshit, no beating around the bush. they are also faithful to the one they chose, even if that one has chosen another. luckily many don’t tend to mate for life, except the three main wolf clans, one of the cat clans, the WHITE tiger clan, bear clan, and the dog clan (DON’T confuse with the wolf clans….. it is offensive as the dog and cat clans are seen as slave clans.), so this problem is rarely permanent. Were’s are open enough about their view on mates that even inter-clan and inter-class couples are common and almost expected. in the relation ship however, the first month or two is spent sorting out who will be dominant to who and who will be submissive to who. then there is HEAT which i wont even touch on, but will say: it’s what you would think…………………….
    3. Sectia (with the exception for single roaming, non-hive/swarm/collective variants) are all sterile (Unless a specific thing happens) females that reproduce by wooing (and if that doesn’t work abducting and raping) a mate that is found suitable for their queen, and to a far lesser extent some of the princesses. queens (And princesses, but more so when they leave to create their OWN hive and become queens) are the leaders of their society. anything they say goes, however they do tend to spoil their chosen mates. queens have been known to have as many as a few thousand mates, but just as many stick with the one they deem as THEIR ONLY mate. even if it is just an elf that was kidnapped, constantly tries to escape, and complains constantly about how he misses his family…….
    4. With no real recognized central society, Dragons do as they please. when they wish to mate, a dragon will go out and make a harem, or join a harem. while the initial choice of candidate is much like that of humans: looks, personality, compatibility, this harem decision is based solely on the more powerful party involved (I.e: if the dragon is more powerful, you join it’s harem. if you are, it joins yours…. even if you don’t want a harem, or even want IT) they recognize many types of power: power of leadership, knowledge, wealth, strength, magic, etc…….
    5. Vampeerus women (Nobility at least) select their husbands by way of who is must eye catching. Males do all they can to catch the eye of the best female by means of dressing themselves up, powdering themselves to make them seem more healthily pale, and in general acting stand-offish. think of a peacock mixed with a tsundere mixed with a wimp. that is the normal male Vampeerus in a nutshell. needless to say their culture, society, and relationships are entirely Matriarchal unlike the patriarchal Arcanes and Humans.
    6. the Elven soiciety is one of equals. if you are an elf, or are in any way (that the ELVES find….) impressive you are accepted without question. they are ruled by a council of elders that make up the wisest and not the oldest amongst their race. Elves find lovers like humans and Arcanes, but they marry for life with a Life bond. the life bond makes the two share emotions and also life force (only elves, and divines could too but why would they?, with a few other exceptions in every race can even feel life force let alone USE it) so that when one dies usually so does the other. this works out since elves will only have one love in their entire immortal lives.
    7. Dwarves……… they do the same thing as Humans, but with a LOT more alcohol and some sort of proof of devotion before any proposal……..  their culture is patrarchal with a healthy dose of female respect. dwarf women may be small and cute, but they WILL kick your ass……. as dwarves look like 7-13 year old human children for most of their long lives, the males put a LOT of respect and honor in having a beard. the women do the same with going grey. both tend to happen for both genders around the latter quarter of their 1250 average life span. they also are kick ass smiths, but that is something that they work towards since childhood like reading or math sooo…….. no shit they would be……
    8. lesser races: not quite monster not, quite high race, all about as united as Alt is with the flavor coconut (which is to say not at all, even the same races dislike others of the same race not in their own community. for different races it’s twice the dislike)…… for mating…………. they are all different, fuck this list!!!! i’m not going into the differences of goblin and hobgoblin mating………………………..
  12. EVERY RACE USES ETTES AS CURRENCY!!!!!!!!!!!! there are: copperettes, silverettes, goldettes, and Verettes. every type is worth 100 of the type that came immediately before it. one merchant family could live comfortably for a year on 1 goldette, a clever poor family could probably manage the same on a silverette.
  13. last but not least: this world is an ORIGIN world. that wont make any fucking sense until Ark 3 (or you know…. until you read this…..), but know that this world wasn’t created by the divines like most worlds are. as such it is larger than any divine-made world, and is also NEUTRAL TERRITORY for ALL divines. if you manage to establish faith there, you have the right to BE there and do ANYTHING you want. as a result origin worlds are MUCH more violent and MUCH more “uncivilized” and PRIMAL irregardless of the inhabitants level of development.

thats about it. now THEORIZE FOR MY AMUSEMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!! THEORIZE AND PREDICT AND SPECULATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MUHAHAHAHAHHAHahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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