fighting writers-block and life……… and losing…………

so the combination of school, hobbies, and burning out on writing in general is starting to get to me, i’m starting to see making a chapter as more of a chore than an actual fun thing to do, so imma take a step back and look at my story from a new perspective. i’ll reread it, maybe restructure its future plot, and in general NOT write everyday to the point that i start resenting the story itself. i almost hit that point yesterday when i thought that i had to release a chapter today….. wasn’t pretty…. luckily for my fans and the story itself i cooled down and watched Angel Beats again, had some feels again, and now feel that humanity is inherently good again….. and that i should be an organ donner………… but anyway doing that yesterday made me release that doing something crazy like dropping the project would be a serious dick move, so i decided not to. though i do think i should take some time away from the story periodically so i don’t go insane again.

the story is no longer my END-ALL-BE-ALL cuz i was starting to resent it for it taking time away from hobbies. no one wants an angry resentful Author, that’s how main characters die….. so don’t freak out to much in the comments, i also decided that limiting myself only to my official site wasn’t the best move, since i actually like the process of posting to RR first so i’ll go back to doing that.

to combat any pressure or other shit that may cause another break down like this i am destroying any release schedules i may have. you could go a week/month without chapters only to get flooded with them later, or have a chapter every week. or if i feel like really getting into writing again, you all might get that 2-3 chapter a day bullshit i started out with when the motivation to write was still fresh.

so long story short, B.B. might not get a release for today. it will probably get one sometime this week. looking at fan-art and reading nice comments/plot theories increases my writer motivation, reading about people dropping the story or hating on it does the opposite, so comment carefully. oh and check RR for the editor contest winner

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