My rant about cruelty in B.B.

Once again i remind readers that Alt is NOT a good person……….. he is NOT a hero, and though not out-in-out EVIL he skirts the line pretty damn close. Alt is NOT mentally stable yet as a character, and even if he were he does NOT view the people inhabiting his new world as anything more than pieces in a game, NPCs, tools to be used either for or against him. he is a CRUEL character and always will be, his softer side is reserved for those he deems as “family” or “friend” that’s it.
in a previous chapter he thought that everyone besides those he cared for could fall into the Void. for those unable to grasp the full meaning of that let me explain: Alt is utterly TERRIFIED of the Void, it is quite literally the WORST thing he can even comprehend. for him to say the rest of the world could fall into it for all he cared was the equivalent of……… i got nothing, there is literally NOTHING i have that is bad enough to compare it to in IRL or any other reference i could pull from. think of it as worse than the worst thing you can think of then multiply THAT by infinity and that is what Alt thinks of the Void as………… and he sent an ENTIRE WORLD there because he cared that little about them in general……
Some characters are noble, righteous, good, and honorable. hell there are even a few like that in this story (some who have been introduced already, hint hint) that are MAJOR characters, Alt isn’t one of them. he is concerned with only himself. and those he cares for, that’s it.
so yeah Alt= not a good person. and he only gets worse (better?) as the story continues.
if you didn’t catch it not many people in this entire WORLD are goody-goodys. most are what many would consider twisted, and the good guys are the EXCEPTION not the rule. torture, death, and cruelty are GOING to be a part of this story. sure there is going to be comedy, and light moments because nothing can be ALL dark and twisted all the time, but remember people this world, the MC, and most of the people he will meet are going to be cruel. only the strong can afford to give kindness to others in this world, and not many of the strong are ever inherently kind.
read B.B. at your own risk………..
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