Chapter 16

Finally! Without having my days filled with painful and unending “lessons” I have the time! Finally I can begin my opining move! MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAhahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I sat in my comfortable arm chair/mini throne overlooking my new office, which I had upgraded with an attached fully equipped alchemy lab, from its place behind my heavy black elm desk table. Yan sat beside me in her much smaller, but still elegant, chair. She was going over and sorting all the paper work for me, stuff like schemes, plots, construction plans, documentation, work forms, and all sorts of legal documentation needed for me to put my plan into motion.
“Yan is everything in order?” (Alt)
Yan looked up at me from her paper work, she gave me the “our plans are progressing flawlessly” smile I have come to expect from her. Truly Yan was a blessing Sally sent to me in the form of a woman, she did EVERYTHING I could want of her, and did it well. Yan is probably smarter than I am, no she WAS smarter than I am. The woman is capable of memorizing and keeping multiple plans, plots, schemes, orders, and the next round of scriptures for her holy texts organized and ready for retrieval in her mind. I’m almost positive she has the closest thing to perfect memory a person can have without it being photographic. I even tried testing it by asking her questions about what I have said or what she has seen, she only got two wrong. Those two were from YEARS before the question was asked to her.
Needless to say Yan became my right hand in all things not combat related, immediately…….
“Yes, Alt. From Till’s reports on the movements of the various underworld factions, the support she has been able to gather, and the resistance she has dealt with, we are progressing within my estimates. Have you perfected the merchandise you decided to deal in initially?” (Yan)
I smiled as I thought back on my long talks with Lizote on perfecting my alchemy. Apparently I was a natural, something that she said is due in equal parts to my hold over memories of biology and chemistry, and my natural ingenuity and curiosity. I was still far from her level, but I was a passable master alchemist now, and really that was more than I need at this point.
Yes……… I still have plenty of time to improve if need be. For now I have all the skills I’ll need to begin building my empire and starting a monopoly on the one thing every race will want. Drugs………
“Yes: addictive products, pleasure products, healing and restorative products, even mana generating products, and of course many products which combine or mix these effects. I have also personally trained a large retinue of completely loyal servants in the creation of these items, so production should no longer be as large an issue as we initially thought.” (Alt)
Yan looked at me with her calculating expression, the one she uses when she is adjusting her plans and thoughts to new information.
“You are sure these servants are loyal? Unquestionably loyal? The leakage of our production process could be a major problem if left unchecked long enough, a disloyal servant would be in the perfect position to make this a reality. Or they could be tortured for information…” (Yan)
“It’s fine. Not even a Phantus noble could break them now, I gave them the serum that Lizote created. It was one of the most useful things she has ever taught me, now Phantus blood will have no effects on them other than its above average taste. And after the training I gave them they won’t be able to ever even form concepts that may go against me. Torture would be less than useless on them as well, they would just endure until they had confirmed I have abandoned them, THEN they would kill themselves.” (Alt)
Yan’s eyes widened, and there was the barest hint of horror in them as well.
“…….. Lord Alt, did you do THAT to them? All of them?”
“Yes. They will always be unquestionably loyal to me, no one else. Even a direct order or torture session from someone like mom or Lizote won’t change that, I’ve tested it, and they provide a decent amount of faith as well. It was worth the time spent.” (Alt)
They really can’t even consider an alternative to total adherence to me anymore, they will be loyal……… though I must say, I scare MYSELF sometimes with what I’m willing to do and capable of for my goals……..
I had put my new personal servants through my specially designed training program, the one even mom thought was genius, but also one of the cruelest and most evil things ever to be devised. She couldn’t have been prouder when I told her about it.

The process was simple really, even elegant in its simplicity, but I think only someone like me could even THINK of it, let alone calculate all the countless necessary variables to pull it off. I based it off the Void. Basically I warded and enspelled a few rooms to alter the flow of time. A process that took me five years of hard research to even adapt into a usable format, and I still wasn’t happy with it, as the intricate works were easy to see and undo from the outside.
The person placed inside experiences the passage of time at an accelerated ratio of:
1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000    to 1, basically an eternity for every minute that passes on the outside. A person placed inside is tortured with the cruelest method of all, time. It rewrites who they are, what they believe in, and their very identity. If the process is successful they usually go from insane to sane repeatedly within the first minute, after that is just calm. They become empty shells filled only with a consciousness and will.
That is when I incorporate periodic visits over the course of an hour to build within them a need for my attention and contact. They easily accept me as their new reason to live, and the attachment that they build for my very presence easily grows as I’m essential their only form of contact in that place. I become what they use to keep themselves happy, what they use to keep whatever sort of will they have left alive and in some semblance of sanity. Essentially I become the linchpin to their very existence. It turns to total worship and submission after I tell them about their new purpose and give them the potion that makes them immune to my blood’s nastier effects.
Needless to say these servants won’t turn against me. They are unable to even contemplate it without confessing to me and then attempting to kill themselves for the mere thought. It has only happened once, and even then it was a minor thought of them considering prioritizing their hunger over attending my temple early. It was hard to stop her from killing herself as all the servants who have gone through the “training” process can die suddenly at will, they say that they just try not living anymore. It makes for a useful tool in a servant, but I quickly gave them rules limiting the use of that ability, no point in having them if they just die after the first minor perceived offense to me.
I find them to be over-all a more than adequate replacement to my no-blood-slaves-or-my-soul-corrupts problem. The only issues are that few are able to withstand the “training” process. Out of the initial 5,000 slaves and servants I was allowed, only 37 were able to survive the process. The others became braindead or just totally blank during the process, some mom and Lizote were able to save and give new identities they could embody, the others became test subjects to my drugs other projects of mine. Many of the deaths occurred before I refined the process, but the last ten were all converted without problem, so I see that as improvement on my part.

Sure they could have all just had stronger wills, but I like to think of it as my own improvement….
Yan looked at me and just nodded, she would factor the new servants’ loyalty into her plans now and in the future. Yan was always dependable and adaptable like this, I wish I could process information half as well as she must….
“Can Till confirm the loyalty of her currant little gang? The last ones had to have Fera recondition them, and I don’t want every person to be utterly loyal in our organization, just not outright hostile or an upfront problem. We can’t just recondition EVERYONE who joins us, THAT would make creating intentional information leaks so much harder, and invite assaults from rivals who were unable to secure an inside-man in our organization. In other words: cause lots of needless trouble….” (Alt)
Yan smiled again.
“Yes, she says that they are sufficiently loyal to our money, and the protection we can provide them. They should be at the same level as the other groups we have let through without ‘processing’, and should be just enough to push our numbers into our target range to begin major operations. Essentially all we need to do is get these documents approved for your new property acquisitions and we can begin carving out the “Underworld Empire” you desired Alt.” (Yan)
I smiled. Everything was going perfectly. I have never desired total world domination, it never seems to be a reachable goal, and even if it were to be realized I can’t imagine it to be much more than boring management of an overly large kingdom until I die and everything collapses. That path has too much responsibility for others, and too much pandering to warring factions who used to be warring nations for my taste.
No, it is much easier and much more my style to just control my own slice of this world, make it powerful, and play the game of dominion against all those others with their own slices.
I’ll win of course, but where is the fun of crushing ALL resistance? Much better to quell them momentarily and allow them to rebuild and try again, instead of freeing up room for a new unknown to rise and potentially defeat me…………… Plus it will be SO MUCH FUN watching them try to beat me, especially when I can end them at any time…….. They’ll be SUCH fun toys, and I have ETERNITY to play with them…..…..
“Good, see to it that they are processed under entirely different personas. I want NOTHING linked back to me directly yet, so just do the usual Yan. I’ll go see to the pets while you’re gone. ……..Oh! And inform me when Fera’s next report on the Arcane’s position on the upcoming conference, comes in. I want to be completely informed about the nation and people who think they can go to war against this kingdom….” (Alt)
“Yes, lord Alt.” (Yan)
Yan gathered her papers, bowed, and left my office. She really was the perfect right hand/assistant/secretary, the woman was damn near limitless in her fields and did NOT accept failure as an option in her work. I think Yan could probably take on ruling the ENTIRE world if that was the path I had chosen, sure it may end up killing her, but she would see to it that she would only die AFTER her job was done.
Oh look, another reason to not take over the world. I LIKE Yan, no way in hell I let THAT happen to her………  
I got up, left my office and then my upgraded room, and started walking towards the kennel.
Damn even if she wasn’t family I don’t think I can ever AFFORD to lose Yan……… the woman is like the perfect vice-everything I could ever ask for. And those tits……. And ass…… and everything really……… deciding to convert Yan was probably the best decision I have ever made. It’s just a shame Till doesn’t think that far ahead, sure she’s a good fighter and her instincts are unbelievable, but when she’s always around Yan she just seems…….. like dumb muscle……. Oh well, when she gets more free time to devote to more instinctual combat practice and some of her…. Other talents……. I’m sure she will be just as helpful as Yan is. Plus she is just so damn CHARISMATIC, I’m sure she has a bright future ahead. And Fera is just…….. Fera. I don’t think Fera is unable to do ANYTHING really…….. she seems to be proficient at a bit of everything, and her devotion is at a WHOLE new level now…………. She is spreading this faith of hers at an unreal rate………. If I give her another decade the entire kingdom will probably be worshiping the {Ascendant Angel}……………

I looked at the walled of and barred stalls that lined the entire long-house style building that was the kennel. It was where animals, beasts, monsters, and some slaves or servants were kept. It was also were I kept my two pets. They were the pieces that I chose to serve me in any way I might need. I had trained them to be totally loyal, dedicated, and deadly. I planned for them, and their future sisters, to be my eyes, ears, arms, and blades out in the world. They would be spies, assassins, soldiers, slaves, ad anything else I might need them to be, and they would see that purpose as the greatest blessing and gift they could ever or would ever receive.
They were my trump cards against this worlds stacked deck. I had no illusions to how cruel and deadly this world truly was compared to what I can recall from my memory fragments. This world treated the strong torturing, enslaving, violating, and basically just doing all sorts of bad stuff to the weak as the fucking NORM. You were either one of the strong, served the strong, or were dead here. I had no intention of ever being the latter two.
“Philas, Carmen come here. Now.” (Alt)
Two of the closest stalls barred doors opened and the two women stepped out. They both walked slowly towards where I stood, then knelt at my feet where they kissed the ground before me. They were ready, well they had been ready for a while now, but now I NEEDED them.
Carmen was an attractive caramel-blonde that I had found starving in an alley out on one of my weekly guarded walks outside. Like any responsible prince, I took what I found back home and begged mom to let me keep it. After a month of food, rest, and care Carmen’s figure filled out to a respectable degree. She didn’t have as much as mom, or anywhere near Yan, up top, but she did have an amazing ass. One of the best I had ever seen, really. She was of average Vampeerus height of around 5’5, 5’6, and had a pretty face. She was also the second and last pet I made after Philas.
Philas had changed a lot since we had first met, not in appearance, but in mentality. It had taken quite a long time to train her to this level, whatever mom did to her a few years ago REALLY fucked her up. She was afraid of EVERYTHING except me, and even when I would hurt her she would rather be around me than left alone ANYWHERE. After I had made the first time-flux room, I stuck her in because she was just starting to annoy me. I actually forgot about her in there for a day until I picked up Carmen to test the thing, she was an utterly blank slate. Nothing in here except for the knowledge of how to live, so I started over her training again. Turns out all that time alone did something to her, she had the learning capacity of…… me to the power of Yan multiplied by Lizote….. If we were at our best……. It took her an hour, a FUCKING HOUR to relearn our language both in its written and spoken form. When I left her in the library to do other stuff, she just read books. When I came back in three hours she had read them all, she didn’t retain everything, but she did learn a FUCKTON.
After the testing and refining of the time-flux room, I put Philas back in with Carmen, after she had gone through the same process as Philas after the initial testing of the room, to ensure their loyalty. They were FAR more adaptive to it and didn’t show any signs of going insane at all, but still grew the attachment I needed from them to ensure their total loyalty.
I then had them learn to do the instinctual form of combat, they did it in a day……. In one day they were capable of equaling Fera, and even winning when they fought together…..
I put them back through the whole time-extension-torture-loyalty-training thing for a week after THAT little shock. They also got some of the anti-Phantus potion. And I had Aunt Lizote train their mental defenses……. I was fairly paranoid, and somewhat scared of what I had made turning against me at some point. They were THAT impressive. Only AFTER the detailed mental examination, the one that laid to bare their entire being, showed that they looked at me with nothing less than the most absolute of ABSOLUTE loyalty and devotion, I relaxed.
Then I immediately thought of what useful tools they could be. I also began to plan to make more like them, but so far there have been no successes, and mom has stopped giving me new servants or slaves to test since: “Toys that you just break and throw away aren’t appreciated.” And that: “If you want more acquire them yourself.” Those that I have been able to afford on my rather large allowance, or I have had Fera and Till quietly abduct haven’t reacted the same way as these two either. Since then I have stopped trying until I can narrow down some of the variables to increase the success rate.
………..But these two on their own are enough right now. I need to extend my reach and influence. My new empire will do that for me over time, but I don’t want to wait. Bad surprises spring up on those that do stuff like that, Game of Thrones taught me that much at least………
I looked down at my two pets and raised Philas’ head by her chin, this way we met eye to eye.
“Philly I need you to go to a new place. The closest human kingdom. I need you to assimilate into it. Blend in by pretending to be human, sell yourself as some influential nobles slave, take over a portion of its underworld, or seduce the entire fucking royal court…. I don’t care, but you WILL get in. you will gather any and all information I might deem useful or relevant, and you will relay that to me or Yan via your mind-crystal implant. You are not allowed to die or fail. Am I understood?” (Alt)
Philly just looked at me with calm devotion.
“Yes, you are understood. Your will shall be done master. Neither death nor damnation shall sway me.” (Philas)
I smiled as I released her and took a step back.
Ahhh…. Funny that the pets made their own creed and motto…. I like it, makes ‘em sound all serious and deadly, like they’re from some ancient assassin order from some game or movie… or a cult….. Could be a cult too……
“Good. You may go now, make any and all preparations you need to quickly then leave immediately.”
I looked down at Carmen as Philly got up and left the kennels. The entire time she has not looked up, nor stopped kissing the ground before my feet. She didn’t see a need, I hadn’t addressed her.
“Carmen, I need you to do something else for me, I need you to become the figurehead of my new empire……………………” (Alt)
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