SS 4

Tiffany: First daughter of Gerald, Herald of true ends, sacred beast of the {Ascendant Angel}, Fluffy-Cuteness-Of DOOM

I am a Destroyer.
I am Doom.
I am an unstoppable force.
A Huntress.
The daughter of Divinity.
I am a sacred beast and my destiny is to-…..
“Tiffy-Wiffy, your Papa was being mean to meeeeeeeeee…… Come here and give me FLUFF FLUFF to console me!!!!!” (Sally)
Oh! The creator needs my mighty powers!
“Yiiiiiip! COMING! I’m coming!” (Tiffany)
I looked up from the jungle realm I was roaming and hunting through and ran to meet the creator. It was hard to keep track of how to shift through all the realms of the creator’s divine plain, but I was the best at it out of everyone.
Papa Gerald doesn’t count though…….
“Papa can do everything perfectly anyway so comparing isn’t fair Yip.” (Tiffany)

I finally came to where the creator likes to stay, it was a strange place like always.
There was nothing but grey barren wasteland with countless weapons and gravestones embedded into the ground as far as the eye could see. Everything was covered in dark storm clouds and it rained constantly here. The only part that was clear was the part the creator always stayed near. It was where light shined through the clouds and the rain, weapons, and graves stopped in a circle around the big statue and throne. The statue looked like the creator, only she was in armor not her remnant and she was crying.
Whenever the creator looks at it she always seems so sad, so I don’t know why she doesn’t just move.
Papa says it reminds her of the past…. Back before the creator got a new name and new purpose, but I don’t know anything about that…. I just don’t like seeing the creator sad……
I could see the creator, she was staring at the big sword, the one that looked in perfect condition compared to all the others, and the one embedded closest to the throne. The one that shows Alty on it all the time.
“Creator!!! Yip!” (Tiffany)
The creator turned and had a big smile when she saw me. My powers are at work already. I ran up and leapt into creator’s lap, snuggled, and started to purr.
“AAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWNNNNNNN!!!! TIFFY-WIFFY YOU ALWAYS MAKE ME FEEL BETTER!!!!! Your nothing like your big-meanie papa are you? No my Tiffy-Wiffy is better than mean-old Gerald isn’t she?  Oh geez you are just the cutest little puff of fluff EVER!!!!!” (Sally)
Ahhhhhhh the creator knows JUST how to pet me………. I am soooooo lucky I am the one she picked for the special duty, I get Alty AND the creator….
I looked at the sword showing Alty, but I couldn’t understand what he was doing.
That’s not how Papa explained mating…….
“Creator Yip? Why is Alty putting that hot metal thing in that female’s special place Yip? Why are the other ones holding her down Yip? Is she a prey or a mate?” (Tiffany)
The creator made a face I had never seen before. It was funny looking, like she was worried or amused, but couldn’t pick one to be. The creator is silly sometimes.
“Oh, ummm…. It’s because her blood tastes like coconut…………. Ummm…….. I don’t think you need to know more than that right now Tiffy-Wiffy. You’ll understand more when you get bound to Alty later….. Don’t tell Papa Gerald about seeing this ok?…..” (Sally)
The creator is so silly sometimes Papa has been behind her for a while now, I don’t need to tell him. He has seen what we’ve seen already……
“Oh what are you teaching my first daughter today mistress Sally?………..” (Gerald)
Oh look creator made another silly face! That one looks scared but smiley! The creator should really learn how to pick only one face to try and make….
“H-h-how long have you b-been there Ger-Ger?…….” (Sally)
“ ’tastes like coconut…’…. So how do you wish to plea?” (Gerald)
The creator turned and smiled at papa, she looks really pretty when she smiles like that….. I wish she would do it more, we all try to get her to, but none of us more than Papa. He says she needs to smile to help her forget…
“Innocent of all charges your honor!” (Sally)
Papa smiled back, but for some reason he showed all of his sharp teeth instead of retracting them…. I thought we weren’t supposed to do that to non-prey though Papa?
“I see………… I find you guilty of all charges. Your punishment will be non-fluffy-hell-mauling for two hours….” (Gerald)
Creator and papa disappeared, probably to that open field realm they like to play in. The one with all the flowers and butterflies and lack of prey.
I hope they are having fun….
I looked at the runes carved into the base of the statue.
Sally needs more fun…
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