SS 3

{Do not be alarmed I am called Hellatia, daughter of Isireya and Moldovaus, goddess of conviction and renewal. I have a task for you to do for me my faithful high priestess………..}

When mother told me that I would be getting a younger sibling soon I couldn’t contain my excitement! When she said that its father wouldn’t be Moldovaus, I was a LITTLE disappointed, but we are divine and sticking to one partner for more than a few millennia usually doesn’t work for us. It’s why I decided never to get involved with any of the divine like that, what was the point when the relationship would just end?
When mom said that the father was mortal, I got confused. I asked how a mortal was able to mix faith points with her, or shape the being they created?
She just said they didn’t, something about not being able to go back to divines any more, and that she would be gone for about a year. Telling me she wouldn’t visit for a year was kinda embarrassing, like she thought I was still 100,000,000 and needed help doing EVERYTHING……
When she came back three years later saying that everything was taken care of, I barely even noticed that she was gone. I was confused why my little sibling wasn’t there with her though.
Mother said that my little brother had to stay in the mortal realm for now, well that was fine. I would just watch over him from my divine plain and bring him to the divine realms when he was ready.
My little brother was weird…. He read and watched all sorts of stuff and seemed really smart for a mortal (of course he was he is MY brother after all), but it was never about stuff that could actually happen in the world he lived. He was never able to hold down a job or relationship of any real value for more than a year or two, and around his quarter century he died trying save his currant date from a thief. His death was in vain though, because the thief just raped and killed her after he was dead.
I gave him a tumor in his brain for that. He would die in immense pain over the course of three months as he suffered from constant and ever more painful and severe headaches.
I decided it was time to go bring my brother to a realm I had more influence in, where I could start to bring him where he truly belonged. Mother even offered to help, but I could do this by myself. I was a reliable older sister now after all.
I put his soul in the void for a while to wipe away all the mortality clinging to it.
I lost his soul. I had only looked away for a century or two, I just couldn’t take all the math he was doing. Who does that?
Most people try to recall their past and get flashes of the important parts of their lives, my little brother did math……..
I looked for him for a long time, and after a few millennia I wasn’t sure if I would ever find him, or if he would be anything more than an empty soul. I had really screwed up this time.
I found him. He was counting now… at least it was better than the quantum theoretical calculus. I was a DIVINE and I could barely follow THAT.
We talked and…….. My brother is an asshole.
I mean yes I can understand why, but he could have TRIED to be nice to me. Sure I didn’t really introduce myself, but HE never gave me the chance. He just made up some stupid name to call me.
Near the end of the talk I had thought we might be getting closer, that this “nickname” thing was just his way of bonding with me. I told him what he should do to get in contact with me and help me gain enough Faith to help him, but he IGNORED me!
He TRICKED me into using all that faith on him giving him powers, powers I would have given him anyway if he had JUST ASKED, and then let some random force reincarnate him.
THAT scared me, it was like the Void itself just kidnaped him. I tried searching the realms I had affixed to his soul, but I couldn’t find him.
That was when he prayed to me, sure it was that “nickname” he gave me, put it was what I needed to find him so I let it slide this time.
I maaaaaaayyyyyyyy have vented a little frustration at him, but I did tell him how to find and use mana. Being half divine and MY brother, it should only take him a few months to use it. Nothing like those other mortals and their years of intense training. Though when he said he would “destroy my religion” it did kinda scare me. Doing all these miracles for him had taken up most of the faith I had at the moment….
I was so HAPPY when brother communed with me, sure he was still using that “nickname” thing, but it shouldn’t become a problem yet.
He wasn’t communing, the idiot thought he was dead, like I would let anything kill him again…. Although that may be a little hard to enforce If I can’t even FIND him. I brought mother, father, and any other divines I could trust in to pool our faith and try and find him, but it didn’t work… We even named him our chosen, that should have instantly let us know EVERYTHING about his whereabouts and actions, but it didn’t work.
That frustration may have leaked out while we talked…
I might have snapped a little when I found out how he was using that “nickname”, but it was only because Divines aren’t supposed to DO that. We don’t recognize gods or other higher things other than our parents, and not even them sometimes. But my brother DID, and he had even given this concept a MONIKER, which was all it needed for the Void to recognize it as a true manifestation of faith.
That conversation was when I meet HER.
That bitch was taking my brother away from me, and even blocked me from talking with him until I APOLOGIZE to her. Like I’ll apologize to the bitch that came between me and my little brother. She ruined EVERYTHING!!! My plan to make brother a full divine will take FOREVER to do now. We can’t even share faith anymore because SHE would siphon it from him while he is still part mortal.
He probably only likes her because she’s a little pretty.
The PERFECT face. PERFECT long, silky, glowing, silver hair. PERFECT glowing, silver feathered wings. PERFECT voice like a choir of innocent children. PERFECT proportions. And those PERFECT. FUCKING. ENORMOUS. USELESS. HUNKS. OF. FAT. SHE. CALLS. TITS!!!!!!
If I had that “mature” feel to me, I’m sure brother wouldn’t have been seduced away from me.
If only mother and father had given me a body that doesn’t look like a mortal 10 year old’s……
Then how she keeps trying to CONNECT and BOND with me, like we should be best friends or something. How am I supposed to BOND with that bitch!?!?!
But I have a plan, I talked to mother and she told me how to do it. She said it should be easy for me……
She also said that I shouldn’t be like her and that I should always wait for true love….. whatever the fuck that means…..
I have JUST the person in mind, she would do anything if I asked it of her……….

{I need you to make a baby. One that shall become my mortal manifestation in this world. Go do so now please.} (Hellatia)
“O-of course my goddess! My chastity was saved for your use! ……Ummm does the partner matter at all?” (High Priestess)
{What partner? I just need you to make a baby for me…} (Hellatia)
“…….. Well I need a partner to…… never mind……. Of course the innocent goddess wouldn’t understand……… I SHALL DO AS YOU COMMAND MY GODDESS!!! I shall return to the temple in two hours.” (High Priestess)
I observed her through the screen displayed by the pillar as she left my temple’s holy inner chapel.
Now I just have to wait… Mother said it usually takes under a year, I’m sure brother can wait that long…. He said his name was Altorus here right? Boys with a name like that born two years ago shouldn’t be too hard to find…..
I left my Pillar of Faith, the thing that divines use to interact with mortals without overloading or killing them with our divine visage. I looked into the clear pool of celestial water it manifests as and I currently stood in, and saw my reflection.
The innocent looking child, with long light grey hair and inquisitive storm grey eyes. The cute face, and flat figure that mother and father gave me. I saw my reflection smile.
Big sister is coming soon Altorus………..I like that name so much more than……………….
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