Chapter 7/ SS 2

Altorus Phantus: Prince-Consort, Heir apparent, Phantus family head, “Forbidden Fruit”

Two weeks of mentally breaking down and conditioning most of the palace’s staff and visitors MAAAAAAYYYYYY have given me a LIIIIIIITTTLLLLLEEEE bit of a complex….
Yes that’s it! Grovel! GROVEL ON THE COALS FOR YOUR MASTER!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAhahahahaha!!!!!! MUHAHAHAHAHAHAhahahahaha!!!!!!……….
“Dow wit lowewer…….. LOWEWER……… pweaze?”
I was currently watching almost the entire servant staff spend their ONE day off for the month kowtow to me in-mass on red hot coals I had, had placed in the palace garden. Why? Because I wanted to see how far my cuteness bond them to my will. It also gives me lots of data on how tough the average vampire here REALLY is…. And I was bored…. And am apparently a sadist….. And have gone….. MAD WITH POWER!!!!  THE POWER OF CUTE!!!!!!!
I may really need to add intense therapy onto THE LIST, but I am really LOVING THIS SHIT!!! It’s better than anything they were showing me on the T.V. crystal. Plus Fera doesn’t seem to mind, she is just standing next to me and smiling at me when my giggles sneak out, so what I’m doing can’t be THAT bad. I’m sure vampiric nobility do this type of stuff all the time…. And hey when they hear me giggle THEY give a satisfied smile so they must be happy on some level too…
“More blood, my angel?” (Fera)
Fera reached out her arm in front of me and gave me a hopeful smile. I guess I really am just THAT good at the whole giving pleasure while draining victims, vampire thing… though I am kinda cheating…… but hey if other vamps can’t just bite their tongues a little and have their snack melt into a messy heap of “more…. More… Give me MORE! PLEASE MORE!!! ALWAYS MORE!!!!!!….” than that’s just evolution… the laws of “survival of the fittest” just like me more than them, that’s all.
Oh I guess I should say my baby fangs finally grew in. ironically just about the time I decided to give blood a shot. 
Apparently they would only start growing after a vampire comes to desire blood…. Who knew? Anyway these bad boys are sharp, and harden for some reason when I’m excited, or anxious. Which works out cause I wouldn’t want to chip a fang while drinking. That would probably hurt like SHIT. 
As I looked at Fera’s offered arm I thought back to the first time I drank blood.

With the sudden appearance of my fangs, the bottled blood just didn’t seem to do a vampire’s first feeding the justice I felt it deserved. I wanted to try them out. Use the whole “LOOK INTO MY EYES!” trick…….. 
Feel them sink into the flesh of my virginal prey and watch as the life slowly leaves their body..….
…………………………….. Ok that’s new……………….. Never thought of something like that before….. Yet somehow the fact a WHOLE DIFFERENT WAY OF THOUGHT popped right in mind ISN’T creeping me the hell out, and that’s just wrong. I take pride in my rampant paranoia honed by a year of living like the ONLY cup of coffee on the first day of a caffeine addiction support group…… paranoia saves lives…..
Oh well if it doesn’t hurt me and makes me act more vampiric let’s embrace it. YAAAAY I’M A MONSTER THAT DRAINS THE BLOOD OF VIRGINS (girls preferably) FOR MY OWN BLOODY SATISFACTION NOW!!!!………….. 
Yeah I’m just not feeling it….. Maybe if I actually drank from one? Ah well something else to investigate. Oh yeah, I wonder if Fera would work, she looks like she could be a virgin….. Then again she also looks like she could never hurt a fly and she killed my fourteenth cousin with torture a few months ago sooooo……………. 
Ahhhhhh fuck it. Never hurts to try right?
I stood up in the crib and carefully made my way down to the floor from there. Gathering my balance I executed my most incredibly graceful skill yet. Walking without help or falling on my face. I am really proud of that. Took almost a month to get right…
I walked right up to where Fera was sitting sewing some sort of hidden pockets into the inside of her dresses. They all seemed to be the same stormy grey color, and eerily all matched my eyes perfectly… I reached out my hand and gave her current grey dress a tug.
“Fewa…. Hungy…” (Alt)
“!!! My angel do you want to drink now?! I’ll send someone to go get you a blood bottle right away!” (Fera)
“….. Nwoooo…. Fewa hungyyyyyyyy……” (Alt)
I looked at her, then at her arm where I could see a faint pulse, then back at her. I could see she was starting to get what I really wanted, but wasn’t sure if she should give it to me, that maybe she should check with mom first. It was written all over her face, the way she hesitated and kept tensing like she wanted to get up. I couldn’t have that so I brought out the big guns. I picked my head up tilted it JUST so, and brought out the EYES 2.0 (now with a hint of tears!)…
“Cann’d I……?”
Fera caved faster than a lawn chair under a 600 pound man. She held her arm up in front of my head and turned her head away, but not before I saw the blush.
“Of course my angel…. Whenever you’re ready….” (Fera)
That’s all I needed to hear….. Except I had never done this before. How the FUCK is anyone supposed to do this without it HURTING LIKE A BITCH!!! I mean I’m jamming what are essentially two wide-ass needles into a major vain system then sucking up what comes out really hard. That just doesn’t seem to be the right way. I guess this would be easier if I was one of the Vampeerus with the thin hollow fangs, for them it’s just like a mosquito, stick in-suck out and leave barley a mark. BUT I CAN’T DO THAT!!!! My fangs are mostly solid, and while they are long, their still just slightly harder than normal teeth. Am I just supposed to tear into her arm? That seems like it would hurt. I don’t want to hurt her, I like Fera!
Alright calm down Alt there HAS to be a way!
While I was deep in thought I ran my tongue ever my fangs absently, that was when I noticed that my tongue was totally numb. I could still move it but I couldn’t FEEL with it.
VENOM! Of course my fangs have NUMBING VENOM!!! This makes everything easier…
With that discovery, and the knowledge that any pain Fera might feel would be minor, if present at all, I lost my hesitation. Taking her arm in hand and bringing it to my mouth, I bite into the forearm right on the vain. 
Fera gave a quick gasp then a relieved sigh, as my mouth flooded with liquid. 
Of course I had no idea what I was expecting, but it definitely wasn’t this.
ICE CREAM!!!! Vanilla I think… no wait this is the wrong consistency, the wrong texture… this is almost like… no it is! It’s like I’m drinking a FUCKING MILKSHAKE!!! No wonder vampires rave on and on about blood and how sweet it is, or all the flavors it can have! If the type of blood, and who it’s taken from changes the flavor, it must be like going from the Sweetness of vanilla to the richness of chocolate……….… 
“AHHHHHNNN!!!! MMMMMMNNNNN AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!…………. W-w-wait th-th-this feels l-like………  Ahhhhhh……. AHHHHHNNN!!!” (Fera)
HOLY SHIT DID SHE JUST CUM?!?!?! Wow being drunk from must feel pretty good…… Wait none of the books about Vampeerus feeding habits mentioned the act to be inherently pleasant…. In fact they mentioned having to find/make ways for ones partner to ignore the discomfort…. So why would Fera……
WAIT!!! If I can’t feel my tongue, and was rubbing it all over my new sharp fangs wouldn’t that mean?………. 
OHHHHHHHH so this is what my blood does if it gets into the bloodstream…… good to know. This is SURE to be useful in a VARIETY of ways…. Ah I can’t wait for puberty…. And this is the only time I hope to WANT to go through puberty….
Wow Fera looks like she’s losing it….
I watched and drank as Fera writhed in ecstasy falling almost entirely out of her chair, and her sewing kit tossed aside. 
Her eyes had glazed over and she kept focusing in and out on me and the ceiling.
I had watched as Fera went through what looked like four consecutive orgasms, and as she gradually lost all resistance. I think it flipped some switch inside me I never knew was there because even though I was full, and even though I couldn’t fully… appreciate… what was happening to my slave, I wanted to do this to her more. I wanted to keep her riding the edge until she couldn’t think of anything anymore, I wanted to see the powerful and proud Feraisa I’ve always known humiliated and brought low…..
Basically I wanted to give her the funest torture ever, and because she was utterly blissed out and just looking at me with a big dopey smile and muttering “my angel… love…. my angel…” over and over again… 
I did.
Then I did it again.
Then I waited for her to regain he senses and started all over.
That day neither Fera nor I left my room. There was no bath time. No story time. Just “PLAY” time… all day.
I had nice dreams that night…

I looked down at Fera as she laid in a pool of her own making while she twitched and mumbled things incoherently. Then I looked at the other servants who with their chins to the coals had watched the whole experience with attentiveness bordering on worship. I wiped all the excess blood from my mouth and chin using my shirt, then gave them the brightest most innocent smile I could make.
“Swooooo…….. Twastyyyyy!!!” (Alt)
Although I do have to work on all the splatter, gushing, and general uncleanliness of my bloodsucking, I think I’m getting better… oh look some of the servants just fainted… wow those are some creepy smiles they have… ah well might as well let them sleep here for a bit. At least they won’t be in TOO much danger now that I know fire and intense heat doesn’t straight up kill most vampires…
Today’s been a good day…

Natasha Nosferatusa: Queen-Regent, Nosferatusa family head, Direct descendent of a true Ancestor, “Black Death’s Smile”

It’s just not fair…. That THIEVING-BLOOD-WHORE gets to be with my cute little Alt all day while I’m stuck reminding all these worms who it is who is ACTUALLY in charge, and why turning against ME never ends well.
I was sitting on my throne wearing an alluring gown of my own design that showed off all of my authority, but let me retain all of my womanly allure. Allure has always been a powerful tool in state craft, and one I never overlook. I was supposed to be focusing on the two blustering idiots’ discussion in front of me of how MY kingdom could be separated peacefully into three independent powers if I would just step aside. 
Fools… don’t they realize that the only thing that’s stopping the northern Vampiric houses from assimilating us in a hostile takeover is my friendship and promise with the Tepestia house? The SECOND I am removed from power, Lizote and her kingdom will sweep your “independent powers” aside like silt before the oncoming tide. Maybe when everyone you ever knew or cared about are all made into the Tepestia family’s PERSONAL mind-slaves while you watch, Lizote will let me in on the party to watch. She always did like to share with me…
“For the last time, my throne and kingdom are mine and mine alone to rule as I see fit. If you disagree with that you may always contest my claim….” (Natasha)
I let out the barest hint of the bloodlust I have kept mostly hidden since the old days as I gave them the face that earned me the tittle “Black Death’s Smile” in my youth.
They fainted where they stood while the other officials and nobility present all crumbled to their knees and started blubbering for me not to hurt them.
Weak fools, my bloodlust didn’t even focus on them, and even those two powdered and gilded fools over there only felt a taste of it. No one even died, yet every one of them absolutely REEKS of fear and desperation… Haaaaahhh…. I wish they could be more like the THIEVING-BLOOD-WHORE in that regard. At least the Assassin shows no fear. Even when my bloodlust was fully unleashed, focused, and even when I condensed it on her fully… all she did was vomit blood and fall to the ground, but she still had the nerve to sneer at me before she passed out. I need a 1,000 more of her…………… but none of them would be allowed anywhere NEAR little Alt this time….
ARRRGH I can’t take this anymore!!!! I’ll need to go to my haven tonight…… well how am I to end this farce?….
“Since none of you seem to be able to continue, I feel we must adjourn here for today. I shall hold another meeting in a week’s time, see to it that you are present.    ………. And will someone please help those two fine Vampeerus remove themselves from my halls? They seem to be leaking on the floors…” (Natasha)
I didn’t even bother rising from my throne, I just shifted to the shadows constantly hanging over my throne. Shadow shift one of the traits of my bloodline is so very useful at times like this, as long as there is a shadow, or any patch of dark really I can do all sorts of interesting things, but recently I have only had occasion to use that ability. Not that I should complain about all this peace, but sometimes I miss the old times, when you had to always keep up your guard or someone, perhaps an enemy perhaps an ally, would REMOVE you from the game. The only game that mattered, the game every one of us were forced to play just to survive, the game of the Ancestors’ rule. 
And I guess Lizote and I won didn’t we?… I mean we are all that’s left and we can’t DO anything to each other…. I just wish it hadn’t cost so damn much, that’s all I would change……
I sighed as I appeared outside of my personal office. It was always such a hassle to have to undo all the seals and protections placed here, but it was necessary. While this era might not be as bad as the last, negligence and assumption will still lead to death just as well as they always had. 
And I don’t plan to die….. Especially since I found my little Alty-Walty!!!
As I undid the protections of my most sacred haven I thought back to the time I had first seen the child who changed my world so.

I was incredibly bored. I was invited to some Duchess’s child’s birth and naming ceremony and because she was from the Himalliss family, a family who were strong supporters of my faction in this idiotic power struggle for MY throne, I was obligated to attend. Even still I had nothing to do here. I had already spoken with and refused my repeated suitors advances, the men were meek, weak, and quick to back down, but the woman ALWAYS want to push it…
Maybe if I were to claim one of them offended me I could just slaughter the lot of them and be done with this…. No that would only cost me loyal supporters and give one of the other factions something to rally to. I guess this is just going to be another painfully long and painfully dull eveni- WHAT IS THAT SCENT!!!! IT’S AMAZING!!!
Perhaps due to my superior senses, or maybe just due to the fact I had nothing else to hold my focus, but I noticed the scent before anyone else in the room did. From my place at the head of the table I looked at the far door that the duchess Cellafor Himalliss and her child were supposed to enter through. There was no movement near or behind the uselessly grand entryway, but that was fine.
Something had finally peaked my interest, I would wait patiently as long as I had to.
Turns out I had to wait for an hour, why it is that I could make out a scent that was so far away it took an hour to even arrive was made clear when the duchess entered holding the newborn.
Everyone was looking at them, or more specifically him, as by the baby’s strong scent it was easy to tell his gender was that of a male. The boy smelled DIVINE, better than the aged honey-fermented blood Lizote and I would share on milestones. I could see many of the Vampeerus around me drooling, something that I would normally find both disgusting and slovenly if it weren’t for the fact I had to fight off drool myself. I motioned for the duchess to take the seat of highest honor, at my right hand, and watched with a strange sort of trepidation as she and her child came closer then finally were seated.
I spent the entire ceremony watching the boy. At first it was his scent that intrigued me, but after long observation I noticed he seemed to have clear intelligence, and even met my stares on multiple occasions.
I think he might be fond of me that’s good… I think I’m fond of this child too… perhaps, since I refuse to birth a child of my own and have Lizote gloat about how I caved to her demands for eternity, perhaps I can have this one? …….. Yes I must… I must have him! He WILL be MY son and I REFUSE to let this dull harlot take away his CLEARLY impressive future by teaching him to dance and dress himself prettily to attract some silly noble rich girl. I. REFUSE. TO. LET. THAT. HAPPEN!!!!
I started to speak with duchess Cellafor, all the while planning how to become the greatest mother to walk the surface of Quellios. Lizote will have to suffer through MY rant about how MY child is so perfect and amazing for once, not her’s. And once I show him to her, and show just how amazing MY son is she’ll know I’m right…. 
….Wait what if MY son has a father? Does he need a father? Can’t I be his role model on how a male should act? Yes I don’t want him to grow attached to some random MALE who is probably just as shallow as he is pretty… but I don’t know ANYTHING about how to apply powder to someone’s face, or what colors get the most attention while still being subdued… 
ALL I KNOW IS WARFARE AND POLITICS!!! I can’t fill in any of the traditional MALE roles, I’m a proud woman for the Ancestors’ sake!!! I never HAD to learn those things… Wait… who says I have to raise him as a traditional male Vampeerus anyway? Human males seem to rule the human kingdoms and do all the fighting… they don’t do it WELL, but MY son won’t HAVE to fight well. His Mommy will always be there to keep him nice and safe…
THAT’S IT THAT’S WHAT I’LL DO!!!! I’ll raise MY son MY way and may the ABYSS take ANYONE who stands in my way!!!   Besides there is no one here who shares MY sons strong scent, if MY sons birth father isn’t even here for MY son’s naming ceremony, then he doesn’t even deserve to bare consideration! 
“Tell me Cellafor Does this little one still have its father? I do not find anyone here that share his… unique… allure…” (Natasha)
“Oh no, this little one’s father tried to leave when he found out I was expecting. Something about furthering the bloodline, or some nonsense like that… so I took care of him.” (Cellafor)
WELL DONE CELLAFOR!!! Perhaps you are not as foolish as I first thought… for getting rid of all the competit-………. INSECT!!!! Yes the INSECT that would DARE to deceive MY son into splitting his love with someone other than his RIGHTFUL mother, I will grant you suitable recompense. WELL DONE INDEED DUCHESS CELLAFOR!!!
“Ah… yes that makes sense. I do believe that we should begin the traditional naming ceremony now.” (Natasha)
“Very well my queen… I present to all of you my first-born, does any refute his birth?” (Cellafor)
Cellafor stood up and walked to the middle of the room all the while carrying MY baby, then held him up as if HE was some SORT OF PRIZE while everyone watched. I can see some drooling while looking at MY little baby boy, but I control my urge to eviscerate them where they sit for their insolence.
“Then I ask if any have a name noble and worthy enough for this little one?” (Cellafor)
“Dartus!” (???)
“Vladimar!” (???)
“Francisco!” (???)
“Mort!” (???)
Everyone starts calling out names, apparently they think I will allow them to NAME MY PERFECT SON!!! And the shear AUDACITY that shallow, garish, and plump male in the orange overcoat showed to suggest a name as IGNOBLE as MORT for my beautiful baby boy….. 
Calm Natasha… he dies for this later, but now is your child’s only naming ceremony and I REFUSE to ruin it with THAT things death, wouldn’t want to cause an ill omen for my darling baby!!!
“I like Mort…” (???)
“Yes a fine name for this little one.” (???)
“Francisco is still better, but Mort is good too I guess….” (???)
……………………………………………………………..NO I WILL NOT LET YOU NAME MY LOVELY CHILD FUCKING MORT!!!!!!!!!  WHAT IS WRONG WITH MALES?!?!?!?!    THINK!!!!! What’s a noble and strong name? A name worthy of my son? Oh I got it!!!!!!!
“He shall be named Altorus… that is final.” (Natasha)
I stood and walked as calmly as I was able to MY child and the woman holding him.
“Cellafor, come this ceremony is over and I have matters I wish to discuss with you.” (Natasha)
I turned and left the hall with full confidence that Cellafor would follow me. She had no real choice. I was her queen and I had given her an order.
Cellafor met up with me shortly, and I grabbed ahold of her and MY child as gently as I could and shifted to the shadows cast by the Crystal lights. 
I brought us out in the North wing of my palace, where I quickly flagged down a servant. She was staring at MY child in a way that I did not quite like, but I had no time to discipline her.
“Equip my old chambers with everything a child could want or need for the first three centuries of its life.” (Natasha)
“………Male or female?” (???)
It is a credit to the training that servants must go through that while this maid was obviously focused on contemplating MY child as if he were some luxury blood-slave, she still answered rather promptly…. and raised a good point.
Hmmmmmm…….. True I don’t want to raise Altorus to be a TRADITIONAL Vampeerus male….. better just go for the safe option. Just in case….
“……..Both. Do so now, I want it ready within the hour.” (Natasha)
The servant maid-servant only bowed and left quickly to see to my orders, though she did cast glances back at MY son as she went…
“I see you are preparing for a child of your own, my Queen. Does what you wished to discuss involve my experience as a new mother?” (Cellafor)
I wish she would not refer to herself as a mother while she is holding MY little Altorus…
“I shall be the one to raise Altorus, however for your troubles bringing him into the world, as well as your foresight in removing the father I shall offer you recompense.” (Natasha)
She seems shocked, however I’m not sure why. Of course a mother should be the one to raise her child, and I AM  Altorus’ mother…
“You’re asking me to give up my first-born, the child who has ALREADY gained the honor of bearing the name YOU have chosen for him at such a young age. How could you ever ask me to-…” (Cellafor)
I cut her off In the middle of her false words of feigned offense.
“Name your recompense.” (Natasha)
“I want 10,000 goldetts, 10 HIGHLY trained servant-guards, and a permanent seat on the high council coupled with a new tittle and the large land grant that comes with being named head of one’s house.” (Cellafor)
Finally the beast shows it’s true colors… though if that is all the value she can see in MY little Altorus than she never deserved to have him in the first place….
“Done. Now hand me MY child, GRAND-DUCHESS Cellafor. Very good, you may leave my palace grounds now, don’t bother to come back I will send your other promised property to your estate in the morning.” (Natasha)
I turned and walked towards MY child’s new room, I didn’t look back at Cellafor, she no longer mattered as she had served the only purpose that her life ever truly had that had any real value. She had given me MY child, and now little Altorus and I needed to bond.

Alt was an interesting child, wonderful and perfect, but he could be a little strange at times. Like when I gave him the tour of his room, he paid more attention than I think most of my court retainers are capable of showing. Or when he kicked up a struggle in the bath… seeing him try to wiggle away from the water was so CUTE! He acted like it would hurt him if he touched it, but settled down really quickly when I got in with him. He was watching me the whole time we bathed together, so I think he really likes me. Or when he tried to hide behind my heir when I brought him out to the veranda, that’s when I KNEW he saw me as his mother. He was looking to ME for protection from the big scary world. I was so GLAD… but the fact I had to repeat: “Don’t-drink-your-baby’s-blood-don’t-drink-your-baby’s-blood” in my head to get through bath time and the tour will be my liiiiiiiiiittle secret from baby Alt. no one but Lizote could ever know about that, and if she pulls that secret from my head I’ll shun her for the nest three centuries… poor boy is so shy around people already it might make him develop a phobia if someone told him the mother that LOVES him had ever thought that.
All In all I have a theory about little Alt’s strangely… alluring… CAPTIVATING… scent. I’ll have to do some research into old Vampeerus houses, but if I’m right it would explain a lot about why I want to drink the blood of the Baby I love more than my kingdom… until then I’ll just keep him away from people. 
It’ll also give us more alone time to BOND!!!!! I’m such a great mother….

At least her condition confirmed that Altorus has the Phantus blood running through his veins, so I guess she served SOME purpose… now I just need to find some way to bypass or negate the effects Alty’s blood has on me somehow…. URGH I maaaaaaaaay need to talk to Lizote, she was always better with counter magic than I was…. But what to do about the BITCH who almost got me to accidently POISON my ENTIRE WORLD AND EVERYTHING THAT MATTERS… so I would be FUCKING UNHINGED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
………………………………….It’s alright I doubt she’ll be able to take out her ENTIRE guild without SOMEONE killing her… and after she’s dead I can find out who ordered MY SON’S DEATH, and make them suffer for a millennia before finally allowing them the escape of death, but only after I have them kill their family, who I will probably need to find a reason to imprison in the meantime…, in the most vile way I can conceive of at the time… NO ONE HURTS MY ALTY-WALTY AND WALKS AWAY!!!! NO ONE!!!!!!!

I finally undid the last seal, the memories of the last year and a half with my precious little Alty-Bear bringing a bright smile to my face. 
If ONLY I hadn’t underestimated the THIEVING-BLOOD-WHORE they would have been a perfect memories…
I looked towards the crystal that was attuned to always show Altorus in real time as long as he was on palace grounds, and saw he was playing in the garden with some servants.
Its good he is becoming more outgoing, as much as I want to keep him all to myself, it’s a mothers duty to foster her child’s independence after all….. I just never thought it would be this hard…. Ah well at least I have insurance.
I looked at the document hanging prominently on the wall of my office, just above the door, in ITS OWN reinforced and magically warded display case. It showed the vows of love that Alty and I signed together.
I still can’t believe he signed it all by himself! MY LITTLE ALTY IS SO CLEVER!!!!!!
“My Queen there is an urgent message for you from Queen Lizote of the Northern Vampiric Empire! It says-………….” (???)
“Shhhhhh! I was trying to watch my son play before you, oh so rudely invaded the sanctity of my haven………. How were you able to get in past the wards anyway?”
“You told all of your PERSONAL servants that if there was a message from Queen Lizote to always bring it to this room, but to never enter it otherwise, and you have them train any new servant that joined their ranks to do the same. I-I’m new mistress.” (New servant girl)
I think she may be trembling… oh dear it seems that no one explained to her that my PERSONAL servants are usually exempt from any sort punishment except in the most SEVERE of cases…… well Alt does look to be having fun with the THIEVING-BLOOD-WHORE, and she CERTAINLY seems to be enjoying herself… it’s almost a shame I can’t let Alty-Walty do that to me and can only watch… Oh well…. Focusing on what I CAN do is the best way to raise Alty anyway. No use in wishing for what can’t be right now…..
“Oh, well that explains why I didn’t recognize you. You can put the letter over there, I have need of something else from you right now. How good are you with your tongue?…………” (Natasha)


Feraisa Dragovich: First servant of the Phantus family, (Former) Daughter of the Dragovich family, first priestess of the {Ascendant Angel}, “Innocent Ice Assassin”

My life has had real meaning since I have started serving beside my angel. The first time he feed from me I was allowed to taste heaven once more, only this time it was so much… BETTER……
I honestly can’t tell what gives me more pleasure anymore, the feeling of him giving me a hit of his blood at every lick of that gentle… soft…….. warm…………. Tongue………………..
Or w-when he j-just TAKES my arm, like he KNOWS it’s HIS!!! O-o-o-r-r!  Or! When he is drinking from me and I can FEEL that I am just being USED!!!!!!…………
I looked up at my angel, unable to stand under my own power and reach my arm out so it’s in front of his mouth
“M-my a-angel? W-would you l-like some of my….. Hah-hah….. b-blood….. A-again?” (Fera)

Things have gone well with the angel since he went out to the garden. He seems so happy all the time now, I wonder if it’s because of my prayers to him…….
I have accepted the angel as my new god. My only god. The TRUE god. I never feel more fulfilled than when we are together, and soon I’ll be able to tell him how I feel. Tell him everything about who I was and who am now, and how happy I am that I discovered him.
Thinking back on the time before the angels grace makes me feel physically ill, and the fact I once tried to KILL the angel……….
I don’t like to think about it because it makes me cry, and when I cry the angel gets sad…….
The only thing stopping me is that Natasha somehow found out that I allowed the angel to leave the palace to visit the gardens.
As if she was the one I was supposed to serve, and not the angel!!! The living GOD right next to me….
Unfortunately she altered my blood seal slightly so that certain thoughts and actions are forbidden, and if done are  punished by extreme mental and physical agony……..
But that’s ok as long as I can be with my angel.  
We are almost always together and the only times we weren’t were when the incestuous bitc-….. 
When our noble, caring, and unfaultablly compassionate queen, Natasha, does not take him away from me for no apparent reaso-………
I mean takes my angel away from me for HIS own good and safety………
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