Chapter 14

I looked around the room. There wasn’t much difference between this one and mine, the only thing it didn’t have was the open air veranda, but I think the bed might be bigger than mine. Over all, I’d put this room on the same level as mine.
And as far as I know this room is reserved…….. then again Lizote IS mom’s friend….. somehow…….
I looked at the woman who tricked mom into leaving me all alone with her. Lizote was sitting on the bed facing me with a smile. Her daughter was sitting on her lap trying to make herself smaller.
“Now let’s start this little discussion off with an oath of truth. Repeat after me Altorus. ‘I do pledge to tell no lies, nor create fallacy for as long as this oath does bind me.’…………… oh good! Now the release is when you leave this room, so you don’t have to worry so much!” (Lizote)
I looked at her. This woman was serious, she had me agree to an unbreakable oath before we even really started talking to each other.
Somehow I doubt I’ll like how this “little talk” is gonna go……..
“So what did you want to talk about Auntie Lizote?” (Alt)
Lizote just looked me directly in my eyes. After about a minute of intense staring she seemed to have found the thing she was looking for, and droped her happy-go-lucky attitude. Her face lost the easy smile and turned serious, and she noded.
“Look Alt I know that your different, thinking about things like ‘my old world’, the references you use in your mind to things I have never even heard of, the fact you seem to be capable of mature intellectual thought and seem to be aging like a human would when most Vampeerus would still be small babies at your age, that you are able to control the urges of your bloodline. All that clued me in to it. I think you’re a chosen like from the old legends, before all the major powers developed their versions of divine summing techniques and started summing these ‘Heroes’. A chosen of the divines themselves, that was not summoned, but BORN into this world to champion their will. You being a chosen is the only answer I can think of to answer those points….” (Lizote)
I just stared at Lizote open-mouthed.
“How the FUCK do you know all that about me?!?!” (Alt)
“I’m the greatest mind-manipulator to ever live besides my mother Alty, you HAVE no secrets from me. But don’t dwell on that too much Alty, I’m not your enemy just the opposite really, I’m trying to become family. Plus it’s not that hard to connect all the dots when you have lived as long as I have, hell I’m pretty sure Natasha figured most of this out about a year ago too, we just don’t really care about it that much. Now as interesting as you being a chosen is, it’s not what I wanted to talk to you about.” (Lizote)
“Well Natasha and I have lived for so long that we only bother counting centuraries now…… So yes we don’t really care about you being a chosen, besides we both were there to SEE the days when chosen were as common as ‘Heroes’ are now, so what you are isn’t really new to us…….. What I ACTUALLY wanted to talk to you about is FAR more important, and right now Natasha should be reading through the letter I left next to your dispelled marriage contract, so she should realize what I’m doing now.” (Lizote)
“I was motivated to. Now Altorus I need you to marry my daughter, but honestly I doubt my little Tessa here is ready to get engaged right now, I mean she needs to get to know you for a year at least before she will even TRY talking to you…… so all THAT can come later, I don’t even mind if she is your second, third, or even fourth wife, but she WILL be among the first five you take……………” (Lizote)
NO SECRETS from Auntie Lizote, remember? Now do try to stay focused Little Alty, this is where we get into the important stuff. I don’t need you to marry my daughter right now, but I DO need some of your blood.” (Lizote)
My face shifted to a look of utter shock, not even Empathic Acts could keep the look off my face. i did NOT see THAT coming.
“My blood? Ummmm…… you DO know what it does right? You should if you know ALL my inner thoughts and Secrets……” (Alt)
She smiled a little, a REAL smile this time though. That happy-go-lucky mask she was wearing was still nowhere to be found.
When she smiles like that, It actual makes her look amazing…….. FUCK!!! She just heard that didn’t she? LET ME THINK IN PEACE AUNTIE LIZOTE!!!! A MAN’S THOUGHTS ARE SACRED!!!!!
“Yes a “HANDSOME” and “AMAZINGLY RUGGEDLY HANDSOME” man’s thoughts are sacred little Alty. I should really let you think about all those perverted thoughts you just had featuring me, Natasha, and chocolate, privately. I’m sorry, it’s just that my talent is mostly automatic now, and actually takes MORE skill to turn off. Don’t worry little Alty, I’ll keep all your secrets until I learn how to stay out of your head, but maybe in a few years…. You…. Me….. Natasha…… Some chocolate……… Seems like it could be fun……..” (Lizote)
THAT WOULD BE AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!…………….. Ummmmm…. Fuck she’s still reading my mind isn’t she?……………
“Sorry Auntie Lizote, but I have to go lock myself in my closet of shame for at least a day, now…………”
Lizote just gave a big sincere smile as she looked me up and down.
“No need to be shy now. Maybe….. no, DEFINITELY in the next few decades I’ll see to it THAT little fantasy comes true……….. but for now I just need your blood. No need to worry, I won’t be DRINKING it, at least not as it is now. I’m an alchemist, and I need noble Phantus blood as the last reagent for the most IMPORTANT potion I will ever make. Please little Alty, getting the blood from a WILLING Phantus would make the potion SO much stronger. I may not be ABLE to find another potentially WILLING Phantus. I’ll owe you two, no THREE Favors, bond on my very being if you would do this for me!” (Lizote)
Lizote was leaning forward and staring at me like I was her last hope. I almost expected her to bring out the “Help me  Alty-Walty! You’re my only hope!” line.
“Help me Alty-Walty! You’re my only hope!” (Lizote)
Wow…… that’s a weird-……….. Oh, mind reader… right…..
“You said you were an alchemist? I’ll give you as much of my blood as you need, if you agree to teach me alchemy as one of those three favors. Deal?” (Alt)
Lizote’s face lite up, and she practically leapt with joy. Maybe because she was tired of her seat’s constant movement, but Tessa left her mother’s lap and hid behind her on the bed.
“DEAL!!! Was that phrase so important? You agreed so quickly after you heard it….” (Lizote)
“What fan in his right mind turns down Leia’s plea? So do you need it now? How are we doing this thing, just cut a vein?” (Alt)
As I was bringing my arm to my mouth, Lizote suddenly appeared in front of me and stopped my arm from moving. Her face seemed slightly panicked.
“NO!!! No, Tessa here is to young and inexperienced to control herself, and I haven’t begun making the potion yet and I’d prefer for the blood to be as fresh as possible…. Let me set up all of my equipment here…. A DAY!!! Give me one day! I’ll be done by then!” (Lizote)
“Oh, ok then…. So when do you think you can start teaching me alchemy? All mom and Fera were able to ever tell me about were poisons……” (Alt)
Lizote calmed down and let go of my arm. She moved back a bit and looked down at me and smiled again.
“We can start next week if your mother approves of it, I plan to stay here for a year or two anyway. I’ll teach you all the basics, and even some of the more advanced rules and tricks to alchemy. I’m sure that Natasha won’t-……….” (Lizote)
Suddenly the room got really dark. It felt like the darkness was pressing down on me and crushing into my very soul. I also heard some heartbreaking crying.
I looked at the newest addition to this room, the crying mom in the corner, and felt pretty bad.
I mean sure I’m not the one who tricked her and destroyed her magically-binding-love –contract thing, but I didn’t want to sign it in the first place…..  Maybe Lizote will-……
“Oh Natasha your back! I see you found my letter and your contract, don’t worry so much. Turns out that little Alty here WANTS his own harem, so breaking that contract that bound him to you and only you WAS the best choice for my future son-in-law!!! Isn’t that wonderful!!!” (Lizote)
Wow now mom is rocking, shaking her head no, and hugging the contract to her chest. This is heartbreaking for me to watch… I HAVE to stop this.
Great now I feel like an even bigger piece of shit………. Ok time to fix this.
I gave Lizote a Please-stop-your-not-helping look, and walked up to mom. I crouched down and met mom eye to eye. I put a hand on her shoulder and made sure I had her complete attention.
“Mom, you have to stop crying. You are the Queen of this kingdom, the most powerful person I have ever formally met, and my one and only TRUE mother. The contract might not be binding anymore, but I’ll ALWAYS love you. I AM going to meet other people, and honestly I’ll probably grow to love them too, but no one will ever replace you or take your place in my heart. You know that right?” (Alt)
Mom started to nod, but she just seemed to be crying harder now.
SHIT this isn’t working, ok Alt time to bring out the nuke….. C’MON MAN YOU MADE YOUR DECISION AFTER THE FORTH TIME IN MOMMY-BATH-BONDING-BONDING TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JUST SAY!!!! THE!!!!!! DAMN!!!!!! WORDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I got down on one knee, I wasn’t sure if they did that here…. Hell for Vampeerus the WOMEN were supposed to do this, but I was gonna make this as special as I could for her to pull here out of this hopeless-depression-crying thing she was doing.
“Mom, if you can swear to accept me and any others I chose to love, I will marry you……… in a decade or two…….. You know AFTER Vampeerus puberty hits…… whenever THAT is, I’ll marry you. We can even have a huge wedding and announce it to the whole world if you want, but if you’ll swear this to me than I’ll be HAPPY to marry the woman I love most.” (Alt)
Moms face went from confused to happy. From happy to slightly angry, from slightly angry to Ecstatic, and from ecstatic to MANIC. She leapt from her position and hugged me tighter than my body, with it’s small endurance, could take.
“OF COURSE I SWEAR ALTY!!!!!!! I SWEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I SWEAR!!!!!!!!!!!! I SWEAR!!!!!!!!!! WE’RE GETTING MARRIED!!!!!!!!!!! OH ALTY I LOVE YOU!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOOOOOOVVVVVVVVVEEEEEEE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” (Natasha)
Oh look…….. My good old friend Suffocation-by-tits is back…………. Unconsciousness here I come!!!
My last sight was Lizote joining in on our hug and smiling with real emotions.
“That’s great Natasha! And now I can even make our other dream come true! WE’RE GOING TO HAVE A BABY!!!!!!” (Lizote)
…………………….Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm………………………………………WHAT THE FUCK DID SHE JUST  SAY TO MOM!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
Everything started to fade out…
OH SHIT!!!!! I need something to focus on if I’m not gonna talk with Sally!  OPEN STATUS!!!!
My vision went dark.

{ Name: Altorus Phantus    [abilities] [THE LIST] }
{ Race: Vampeerus (Phantu)    [traits] }
{ Age: 6 years }
{ Faith: 13 }
{ Strength: 17 } { Dexterity: 270 } { Endurance: 23 } { Survivability: 600 }
{ Intelligence: 1074 } { Wisdom: 875 } { Charm: 99,783 } { Leadership: 50 }
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