Chapter 13

Fera, Yan, and Till were made to wait in another room, apparently mom only wanted “the closest of family” to be here. I think she was including her yet to arrive best friend, but renouncing the girls all at the same time. I not sure I would  put Fera, Yan, and Till at the same level as mom, but at least they were family to ME. In a weird, lusty, cant wait till I get older type of way sure, but FAMILY none the less.
I have no idea what I was expecting when I first heard mom talking about Queen Lizote Tepestia, but THIS wasn’t it.
She strolled up to us as if this was HER palace and WE were her guests. Her family… or… just her daughter really… trailed along behind her. It was like the poor girl was just being pulled along by her mother’s wake.
I looked out at the woman that walked into the greeting hall, and was shocked by how much she looked like mom. Sure she didn’t have moms…… assets….. but other than that she looked like mom if she was made based on a different color palate. Where mom was black: black hair, eyes, clothes, and aura. This woman was pale white. The only way I could describe the effect of seeing them hug each other was, eerie. It was like watching mom hug her own ghost.
“Its sooooo good to see you again Natasha! How long has it been since we last met? 2, 3 years?” (Lizote)
The women broke away from their hug and smiled as they began to talk.
She even sounds like mom…….. That’s just fucking creepy. I thought mom said Lizote was her FRIEND not her fucking twin SISTER!!!!
“Lizzie it has been a while, but the constant letters don’t make it seem like it’s been THAT long. Then again I admit I have been slightly preoccupied with something lately….” (mom)
“Yes I remember reading about this “Amazingly Perfect in every way” son of yours. I assume this……..” (Lizote)
Lizote trailed off when she looked at me, her expression turned from friendly excitement to shock. From shock to awe. From awe to desire. And from desire back to the happy friendly excitement look she had before, only this time she seemed to be slightly MORE excited.
I quickly constructed the empty front to conceal my true thoughts just as mom had taught me. The Tepestia family’s gift for telepathy and mind reading, and sometimes even control for the noble portion of the bloodline, was not something I was willing to test out. While mom might not have anything to fear because of some deal she worked out with Lizote, I didn’t have the same assurances.
“My, my. Natasha you don’t seem to have entirely exaggerated about your son in the letters you sent me. He truly is an…. impressive….. child, I almost couldn’t even tell he was a male. Even his scent just seems alluring, if I wasn’t a direct descendant I doubt I would’ve picked up on the underlying scent of male in it. And to be able to construct a  proficient mental shield at his age is unheard of…….” (Lizote)
Ok is it weird she’s talking about me like I’m not even here?
“Yes my son is just naturally superior, he is not even limited by his gender. He has already shown that he is proficient in matters of state craft, torture, resource management, calculation, and manipulation. He has even begun to attempt combat training.” (mom)
Mom was giving the “everything I do is naturally better than you” smile again. I couldn’t help but look at queen Lizote’s daughter and think that our parents were doing some type of competition using us. Like who’s kid is better or who was the better mother…
I looked over my apparent competition in this match of theirs. She was like a smaller softer version of her mother, only she seemed shy instead of constantly exuding the aura of charisma and outgoing nature her mother gave off. She hasn’t even tried to speak once, it’s like she is actively TRYING to go unnoticed. I guess she most just be REALLY shy….
She’s kinda cute, not as much as I am though……….. I did not just think that! I DID NOT JUST THINK THAT!!!! You’re not cute to yourself Alt, you exude a manly charm so high only you can perceive it! And sometimes so high even YOU have trouble finding it! YES THAT MUST BE IT!!!!!    HA!!!!! HA HA!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!
“Yes that is very impressive. Very impressive indeed….” (Lizote)
Mom’s smile just kept getting bigger, but for some reason I had a feeling that Lizote was happy for an entirely different reason….
“Isn’t he though? Of course my Little Alt has always been perfect, but I raised him to be even more perfect than perfection itself!” (mom)
“Yes he shall make my Tessa a PERFECT husband.” (Lizote)
“……………………..What?” (mom)
Mom’s face just kinda froze in between pride and shock. Meanwhile Lizote gave the shiteating grin hungry wolves probably have when they find a deer who managed to break all of its legs.
I don’t look like this when I smile while torturing people right? No that can’t be I’m too beautiful to ever ma-………….. HANDSOME!!!!! TO AMAZINGLY RUGGEDLY HANDSOME!!!!!! to ever make an expression like that. Get it together Alt, you’ll end up one of those weirdos who needs to take a mirror with them everywhere just to stare at themselves if this keeps up…. Although………… NO BAD ALT!!!!!!!!!!!!! DON’T GO THERE, DON’T EVEN THINK THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mom still hadn’t moved or reacted in any way. It was like her operating system or whatever really HAD crashed at this point.
I think she just gave mom an error……….. I wonder if divines can reboot a living thing like a computer when it crashes. Huh……. Something to ask Sally later if I can remember…………
“Oh yes, remember our deal, the one we both sealed our lives and the lives of all in our kingdoms on? Your first child would wed mine. You remember that don’t you Natasha?” (Lizote)
Mom had a look of fear that I had never seen on her face before, but then sudden confidence replaced it.
“HAH! Nice try Lizzie, but we made that oath to unite our bloodlines, and little Alty isn’t of my blood! Plus he’s already engaged to be married and his future wife will not allow him to take another!” (mom)
Now Lizote looked like a certain fictional disappearing cat I remember from some story of my old world…. It was damn near frightening……
Oh look the grin CAN get bigger….. It is also kinda sad that mom brings THAT up as a valid reason for me not to……… have…….. a………. fiancée?
“Yes that was ONE interpretation of our oath, but we never specified our first children had to be from both of our BLOODLINES now did we?” (Lizote)
I watched as mom, the woman who I had read about in history books described as certain death. The one who rules her kingdom with an iron fist wrapped with barbed wire and coated in titanium. The one who had slain an ANCESTOR ON HER OWN on MORE than one occasion, trembled and gave Lizote an almost pleading look.
“B-b-but Alty is already p-p-promised to a-a-another?” (mom)
She didn’t even have the confidence to make that sentence sound like a statement. This was just…… sad…… it’s like watching a cat toy with a mouse, no that’s to tame to describe THIS, it’s like watching MOM toy with an annoying MALE that she found……… I almost wish Lizote would just take mercy on mom and say the rest of what Empathic Acts says she’s holding back….
Lizote’s grin finally crossed over into demonic and terrifying. I almost wanted to go wait in another room with Fera and the girls……….
“Oh Natasha are you talking about that silly binding contract you wrote up? The one you kept in the warded case above your office door?” (Lizote)
Mom flinched like someone had stabbed her.
“H-h-h-h-h-how?” (mom)
“’How’ did I find out? Or did you mean ‘How’ do I know exactly where it is? Well I guess it would be more accurate to say WAS, wouldn’t it?” (Lizote)
“W-w-w-w-what?” (mom)
“Yes I came a day early to inspect the palace, you know to make sure it was safe for my little Tessa, and when I got to your office I saw that hanging up. I was sooooooo surprised. Obviously you must have forgotten our OATH to each other, that’s understandable it HAS been quite some time since we first made it, but the way the contract was made didn’t allow either party to undue it once it was signed. I took it upon myself to have some of my best contra-mages destroy the wards and enchantments making the contract a permanent seal. It was very powerful magic binding it, but not absolute. They should be done destroying all those intricate inner bindings riiiiiiiiiiggggggghhhhhhht abooooouuuuuuuut now, just in time for Tessa and Altorus’ engagement. Isn’t that the most wonderful coincidence?” (Lizote)
Mom’s face turned to absolute horror as she heard Lizote talking. After Lizote finished speaking she suddenly collapsed and just screamed. Her own shadow ate her, a process I now recognize as moms teleporting ability.
“Heh. Ah poor Natasha, with your powers you might’ve even been able to stop it in time, that is if I had actually taken it only yesterday……………………… Now then Alty, now that your mother isn’t here to lord your very presence over me,  want to have a little chat with your Auntie Lizote?” (Lizote)
OH FUCK NO!!!! I SAW what your last “little chat” did to mom!!! No way in HELL I’m volunteering for something like THAT!!!
Lizote just looked at me and gave the scary demonic grin again.
“Oh little Alty I’m afraid that wasn’t really a question. More like a polite demand.”
Polite demand my cute little ASS!!! Lets see if I-……………… Wait…………Ummmmmmm…… didn’t I THINK that?………………… I’m fairly sure I only THOUGHT that, but if she heard it then…………. OH SHIT!!!!
“Yes Alty, your mental shield IS impressive, one of the best I’ve seen in fact, but that isn’t enough to stop ME. How do you think I was able to survive against your CLEARLY more powerful mother in the old days? Come on, I KNOW your a smart boy and you read lots of Vampeerus history, take a guess.” (Lizote)
“………………………………… Of course Auntie Lizote. I’d love to talk with you!” (Alt)
Lizote walked up to me and clapped me gently on the shoulder. Then she began walking towards the luxury guest quarters, and motioned for me to follow her.
I did.
Mom, come back soon. I can’t handle Auntie Lizote all on my own……………..
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