Chapter 12

I have learned a lot about myself and my new world in these past four years. Firstly this world.
This world is fucking HUGE! I mean I’m not really sure how big my old world was, but this place has 13 continents and only four of them could ever be called “small”, and even that’s only if I’m comparing them to the others. It seems that each continent is connected by something called the nexus, which if I understood mom right, is just basically a system of linked special points that had a dimension arch constructed on it to further link them. Whenever she was talking I kept thinking of something similar in my memories. Now I just wish I remembered the premise of Stargates…..
Another fun fact is that this world is filled with different sentient races and kingdoms. I mean I KNEW there were humans, and I expected elves and dwarves and other fantasy races, but this, THIS is ridiculous.
There are: the Weres, people with animal features. The Arcane, like humans, but BETTER and made of magic. Sectia, basically bug people, mom said that they are CONSTANTLY at war between tribes, and they are the only race that has THEIR OWN content all to themselves…. There were probably more than that, but I couldn’t remember all the forgotten, hidden, and extinct races, and DON’T even START on the variants for some races…..
Mom seemed to figure out I was hiding how smart I was, after she came back from doing “Mommy things”, she sat me down and gave me the classic “I know, so just confess and make it easier on yourself talk.” Turns out my vocabulary and understanding capability didn’t really surprise her much, she just said “As expected of my little Alt.” and moved past it. Apparently my having the mind of an obviously postpubescent doesn’t stop Bath-Time-Embarrassment-Hell though…. One can apparently never be “to mature to bond with family”………….. Mom thinks in a weird way……… she was more concerned about Yan and Till hanging around me than the fact her toddler son was capable of having post-graduate level conversations with her………………
Fera seemed to not change that much when she went into the final stages of my bloods effects, although she did stop having those weird pain seizures, and converted Yan and Till to her religion of me…… they even convinced mom to build a house of worship and have it recognized by the state. We now have a little temple next to the palace, and Fera and Yan are working on the “holy texts”……….. I would have been seriously freaked out if I didn’t get 10 more faith points after the temple was finished, after that I just accepted it and helped them plan to spread the word of the {Ascendant Angel}. But only for the faith points……… Yeah……..
Then was the discovery of the biggest weakness of the “Power of Cute”, it doesn’t work NEARLY as well on those young, or with low impulse control. I learned THAT little factoid when mom said I needed to start developing my supporting factions, read MINIONS, at an early age and put me into vampire preschool. Everything was fine, even if it was boring as all hell. that is until I cut myself during play time. That was when I learned even using Black Blood’s upgrade to lower its allure to the minimum and putting all my cuteness to the max wouldn’t stop a horde of vamp kids. A horde of fast moving, relentless, dead eyed, wont-fucking-stay-down, Vampeerus children.
Needless to say when Yan and Fera came to pick me up that day and saw me huddled in the corner hiding behind the teacher crying quietly and rocking, preschool came to a stop. It took a lot of explaining to stop the mass murder of children that day…. Mom was the worst out of everyone, and she still shut down the school.
It was decided that we would wait until I was old enough to attend a mixed race school before mom outsourced my education again. I argued that time down from 300 to 12, the cost of THAT little win still haunts me when I see frilly dresses or recording crystals…..
Oh and I learned to sew……….. then I made maid outfits for the girls, for purely therapeutic reasons…. For some reason a week later they changed from the classic black to storm grey…. I didn’t think too deeply about how they were now matching my eyes and hair….. or how they multiplied……
I had also gotten a lot of lessons from mom after she took over my education, and I gotta say that lady is fucking TERRIFYING! Most of the lessons were ok, but then there was “the fundamentals of torture” and “evidence removal” or “basics of training and mind breaking” that last one was where I met Philly again. When she saw me she cried and cowered behind me whimpering and wouldn’t even LOOK NEAR mom…….
I’m glad that I’m her son and not some random male she met out on the street, mom seems to hate all males on principle, I picked that up over the six years of rants featuring them as a gender in general, with the sole exception of her Alty-Walty……… I am totally fine with that, especially as it means she won’t be using her SCARY-DARKNESS-TORTURE-DEATH powers on me…………………..
Another fun discovery I made was when mom talked to me about being a Phantus Vampeerus……… Apparently our kind are usually killed on discovery because we tend to, well, go insane and attempt to enslave any and everyone around us into blood worshiping slaves…… Oh and Phantus are heavily possessive so when they reach that stage they usually attempt to conquer the world……. Yaaaay!!!!
After a quick prayer to Sally and a long chat with mom I was able to narrow down the reason for all that crazy in my bloodline. Apparently it happens because Phantus siphon a bit of soul from those that drink their blood, which eventually overwrites their own soul permanently corrupting them and driving them mad……… Sally said I have a much bigger soul than normal due to me being some sort of Demigod-Vampeerus hybrid. Apparently it draws my victims into worshiping ME and not my blood, but I wasn’t in anyway immune to the side effects. I agree with mom completely when she said I should only permanently effect people as a last resort, much easier to just make my enemies powerless and willing to die for me, THEN kill them. Problem solved………… except I have to wait for my soul to cleanse itself of their soul remnants……. Which from some experimenting I found takes about a month on average. Needless to say I paid MUCH closer attention to mom’s “basics of training and mind breaking” lessons after that………..
I will say this for learning about my bloodline, I found some hidden abilities in between all the bad news.
{ Black Blood [Ancestral]: with the sudden death of the previous Phantus Ancestor, you meet the requirements to inherit a portion of her power. Caution, you have not been chosen as the new ancestor, position increased to (eastern) recognized family head. }
{ Black Blood’s Allure: your blood is irresistible to races that feed on blood, and will crave it more than any other. Races that do not feed on blood will still crave yours, but to a far lesser degree. Increases your charm by extreme amounts.  [Now able to actively lessen its effects, permanently lowers mana pool 50%] }
{ Black Blood’s Consistency: with the consumption of your blood a creature will find it to be the best thing they have consumed. Races that feed on blood will experience feelings of extreme ecstasy, satisfaction, and happiness while also restoring them in mind and body. Other races will experience these effects, but to a lesser degree. Regular consumption over time or overconsumption of your blood will cause irreversible effects of: loyalty to the Phantus drunken from< obedience to the Phantus drunken from< devotion to the Phantus drunken from< obsession with the Phantus drunken from [< worship to the Phantus drunken from< other overriding effects chosen by the Phantus who next gives blood, if not the Phantus who has brought the target to this stage you must give more blood total compared to the previous Phantus.] Ascending in that order based on the quantity or frequency your blood was consumed. Outside of your body your blood will quickly degrade becoming highly toxic and acidic within 24 hours losing all its other effects. }
{ Black Blood’s Circulation: As this blood flows through you, you are immune to its effects as well as any other form of mental manipulation, as are those in late stages of black blood consumption. Due to the rich quality of your blood you can draw sustenance from it as long as there is some present within your body. Within your body blood is produced at an incredible rate, capable of replacing all blood present in your body within [seconds, permanently decreases mana pool by 10%]. }
{ Black Blood’s Regeneration: as long as there is blood and mana circulating within your body, you are able to recover from and regenerate any wound. Immune from [increased] disease and [increased] poison. Caution this takes place automatically and drains your blood and mana [constantly by 10%]. }
{ Black Blood’s Absolution [locked]: as long as someone has consumed your blood, you may give them one absolute order that they will do all they are able to, to follow. Caution impossible orders that can’t be followed will result in ability null. Ability resets every month for the Phantus, every year for the target. }
{ Black Blood’s Dominion [locked]: you are able to freely manipulate your blood internally and externally. You may change its inherent density, viscosity, shape, texture, type, movement, and qualities. This will merge with the Blood Magic ability learned and lower all mana costs for blood based magic. }
{ Black Blood’s Limit-Burst [locked]: you are able to enter a combat state that increases all stats by the Phantus’ highest stat. this ability currently may only be used for 1 minute. Caution without mastery, using this ability will but you into state: Blood-Rage. Exceeding suggested use time will result in loss of consciousness, and possible death. }
{ Black Blood’s Bestowal [locked]: as the Ancestor of your bloodline, you may bestow the Black Blood ability to those outside of your bloodline. This bestowed ability is not inheritable. Caution non-Phantus are prone to total madness as they are unable to handle the mental, physical, and spiritual toll of Black Blood. }

Now if I could JUST figure out how to unlock them….. Especially Black Blood’s Dominion…….
I asked mom to start teaching me magic a year ago, but all she really knew how to do was Warding and enchanting. Those are useful, sure, but they take FOREVER to learn. It’s basically just coding, but you have to MEMORISE then RECORD all of that code. Basically something that I won’t be able to use for a long time now. It seems that Vampeerus don’t really USE magic since their NATURAL abilities seem to do similar things. Mom says they also tend to be MUCH more powerful, but if I REALLY wanted to learn I could when I went to the mixed race school, IT would have magic classes.
But possibly the worst thing I discovered was this.
As I looked in the mirror I saw my reflection. I was beautiful. It was horrible.
I wasn’t handsome, I didn’t have Rugged-Manly-Charm or the sexy punk-rock-star look vampires were supposed to have in movies. No I was Beautiful. Gorgeous. Cute.
My face was soft and delicate looking, my eyes were innocent looking storm grey with long lashes and PERFECTLY complimented my fine, delicate features and cheeks. My hair was a dark grey, practically charcoal, long and silky, reaching my mid-back and flowing. It framed my face in the best way, with my bangs naturally ending before they would reach my lower forehead. And my smile, BY SALLY my smile. Its no wonder I can get whatever I want with it.
Is it weird if I’m attracted to myself? NO BAD ALT! No perving out on kids…….. WAIT!!!!!! NO BAD ALT!!!!! This is YOU you’re talking about. YOU’RE A GUY DAMNIT!!!!! AND YOUR YOU!!!! YOU CANT PERV OUT ON YOURSELF ALT THAT’S FUCKING WEIRD!!!!!!!!!!!!
I was going through the same old routine I always do when I look at myself from the outside. Hell half the time I have to CHECK if the Thunder-Down-Under is even still THERE!!! So today was a good day so far.
Mom has been overjoyed that her son isn’t ANYTHING like those males she hates, but I’m just kinda depressed……….. I even argued with Sally for WEEKS to change how I look, but apparently THIS apperence is PERMINTLY AFIXED to my soul now. It was also apparently Helatia who made the framework, sure my unnaturally huge charm has had a MAJOR effect, but I blame her. It’s easier that way.
Even the girls weren’t any help with this, Fera even told me straight to my face that: “My angel, you look perfect as either gender you choose to be…….”    I locked myself in the closet for a day after THAT little pep-talk.
I SWEAR I WILL BURN HELATIA’S WHOLE FUCKING RELIGION DOWN AROUND HER IF SHE DID THIS AS REVENGE FOR FUCKING WITH HER!!!!!!!! There are some lines you JUST DON’T CROSS!!!!! Never mess with a man’s appearance and dreams. That’s sacred……….
I started to tear up a little.
OH Sally, don’t cry cutie…………………….….. FUCK!!!!!!! Calm down Alt!!! the Cuteness obeys you! NOT the other way around!
I dressed myself in one of my good FORMAL dress clothes. They were basically a long dress-looking-shirt (suspiciously dress like…… I think mom is responsible for this……….) and some loose flowing long pants. All in light and dark shades of grey.
Well hopefully mom’s friend won’t misjudge my MANLINESS OF MALE MANLINESS!!!!! as me being a little girl like the other guests mom has had lately……………
I took a final look at my appearance, pulled myself out of the puddle of AAAAAAAWWWWWWWWNNNNNNNN!!!! I melted onto again, and left the walk-in closet. Meeting up with Fera, Yan, and Till (Philly was still being trained) and we went to go to the palace’s main greeting hall. Mom should only be waiting for us to arrive.
Whelp…….. Time to go greet the queen of the north.
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