Chapter 11

After fourteen hours of playing 20 questions (the 1,000 question version), going over the escape plan, and reassuring Yan that I had no problem with “Cleansing her friend”…… even if she held a dagger to my throat less than 2 days ago….. We heard footsteps approaching the door.
After helping Yan back into her armor after my……. “Inspection”…….. of her………….. capabilities, the door opened up, and a petite Vampeerus in the same leather armor as Yan looked in on us.
“Yanta, it’s time for my shift of guard duty, so you can leave this shit-hol-…… WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU?!?! What’s with all this BLOOD!!!!!” (???)
“This is what happens when you leave a small child ALL ALONE in a small dark room. Did any ever think to CHECK why he was crying for HOURS?!?! Well I did, and turns out he had bashed his head into a wall when he threw a tantrum or something….. Don’t you people remember that we need him ALIVE for our plans?” (Yan)
The guard looked really nervous when she heard Yan say that, and I could tell she was starting to panic a little as she looked around the room. Her eyes focused back on me, and I could feel the spark of relief and something else, probably a suppressed reaction to my cuteness over shadowed by her panic, appear in her eyes.
“Uhhhh h-he’s o-ok n-now right? No p-permanent d-damage right? He looks fine now!” (???)
“Yes he is NOW after I gave him emergency aid, and a large portion of MY blood to counterbalance all the blood HE lost because YOUR unit couldn’t do the ONE FUCKING JOB we gave you!” (Yan)
Yan got up and walked out of the cell. I got to say, her acting was impeccable. Even WITH Empathic Acts I couldn’t sense any falsehood from her words or actions….. When Yan told me she was good at the whole “Spy Stuff” thing I didn’t think she was THIS good. No wonder she was able to infiltrate mom’s palace so easily. Security probably LET her in…..
After Yan was almost to a staircase at the far end of the hall outside my cell she turned back and glared at the guard.
“Now if you can just do you job like you’re not a complete INCOMPETENT, I can get cleaned up and come back with my partner to relieve you from you and your unit’s duties. At least with Tillyasa and I, the child won’t DIE before we can ransom him. If you actually fucking WATCH HIM this time perhaps the higher ups will let your unit off with only MINOR punishments…”
The petite red-head guard was damn near trembling and crying at this point, all she could do was nod her head hard up and down as she tried to get ahold of herself.
I guess Yan was under exaggerating how much authority she actually had in this organization…. If what she just said was all true, she just damn near destroyed this girl and her unit’s careers… without even having a real cause…. Not that they will have a career a day from now anyway…..
Yan walked up the steps leaving the guard to shut me back into my fun little prison cell, only this time I could see her eyes peeping in from the hole in the door.
Now I just have to wait…. Damn who knew Yan was such a perfect tactician, her plans make mine seem like some sort of toddlers story…. I can’t even find any realistic scenario she didn’t plan for…. I think she will be a PERFECT addition to my power base….. and those big, soft, springy twins she’ll bring with her are pretty nice too……………..


Everything was going the way I had planned so far.
If everything continues like this I’ll have the master out and taking his rightful revenge within the day….. But now, NOW is the hard part….
I walked calmly towards the room I shared with Till. I ignored all the stares my filthy attire brought me, none of these low level operatives could question me, only the high generals and nobility leading this cause had the authority to question my or Till’s actions….. and even they wouldn’t dare, we practically MADE this movement into what it is today. Without our mission success in the field HALF of these people wouldn’t be here, and the other half would be dead when Queen Natasha found the FIRST base.
Needless to say, while people might stare and wonder why I’m covered in blood and…. Other things…. No one will be raising any alarms. At least, not until after it is much to late.
I finally arrived in front of the shared room, and paused to collect myself. If ever there was a point my plan could collapse down on itself it was here.
Till has always been able to read me best… perhaps even better than master can… but now I HAVE to get her to believe me. She CAN’T doubt me, if she doubts me she’ll keep her guard up and I CAN’T overpower Till in a fair fight. Master gave me this chance, a chance I don’t even deserve, so Till HAS to be cleansed….. I don’t want to have to kill her….
I took a deep breath and settled myself. I went to that quiet part of myself that I found when I used to play pretend as a child. The part I nurtured and grew as I learned how to play pretend as an adult. The part that has lead countless Vampeerus into dancing in my palms right up until I slipped in the knife that ended their lives forever.
The part that I now went deeper into then I ever went before…..
To the point I had always feared to go to in the past….
to the point I even stopped believing it was all pretend….
To the point that I forgot that there was anything beyond the quiet place…..
I put on the smile that only Till would recognize as me being the “Old Yan” again….
I opened the door….

“Why did we BOTH have to watch over the Brat again?” (Till)
We were walking down the stair case that lead to the special cell that held the young prince. It had taken a while to prove to Till that the ward that effected my behavior had warn off over time, but eventually she saw the truth. It was weird to think back on how I acted under that ward’s influence, the memories are all fuzzy and indistinct, all I can remember clearly is I had to stay in the prince’s cell with him, because the guards were too incompetent to check on a child’s condition when it’s screaming for hours on end. Idiots caused me to have to give up a full day of sleep….
“Because Till, I’m about to drop from being forced to feed that brat MY OWN blood, THEN staying up the whole time to make sure he doesn’t accidentally kill himself while I slept. Look at this way, at least we get to sleep in shifts for the week, or at least until the ransom goes through. Being babysitters is not the worst mission we’ve done for the cause.” (Yan)
I looked back at my best friend, when she was out of the full cover stealth gear Till might be even more attractive then most men attempt to be. She had fine-lined features, amber eyes, pixie cut brunette hair, and the athletic figure I always wanted on myself. To most Till would be gorgeous, and possibly even mistaken for nobility, but to me she was still the girl that couldn’t even LOOK at men THAT WAY without blushing and almost fainting.
Till made a face like she was contemplating what I said. We were almost at the bottom of the stairway, and the cell was now in view, as was the guard, Philas or something to that extent I think her name was, who was so focused on the inside of the cell she hadn’t noticed our arrival.
“Yeah, I guess there is that. I was getting tired of all the fighting and sneaking around we have had to do lately anyway. This can be like our little vacation. Our unpleasant, cramped vacation.” (Till)
I returned the smile that Till gave me, she always was one to find the best in a situation and mock it incessantly. I loved that about her. Then I turned to the guard who had just noticed our arrival and opened the cell.
“All you have to do is leave and let no one else down here until the negotiation with the Queen is over. Don’t bother with the door I’ll close and seal it myself. Wouldn’t want your unit to fuck THAT up too, I’d hate to have to be in here when we deliver the brat to the queen, and THAT is fairly likely to happen if we leave YOU in charge of this operation any longer.” (Yan)
The guard just nodded and tried to not cry in front of us. She still hadn’t moved.
“That meant you were DISMISSED solider. Go on you have your new orders. Go carry them out.” (Till)
Till walked confidently into the cell, but I didn’t move. For some reason I couldn’t identify, I was compelled to wait. I watched as the guard left, and stayed where I was until I could no longer hear her footsteps even when I strained to.
“Hey Yan, I know this is gonna be boring and you didn’t get any sleep, but that’s no reason to just zone out.” (Till)
I looked at her and saw Till looking back at me with concern from within the cell.
“You know, I could do this all by myself, I’m sure you could do more out here than you could with me babysitting. Plus that way you get to sleep in an actual bed and not this cell’s cold floor. I wouldn’t mind…” (Till)
I smiled at my best friend, she was always so much more concerned for me than anything and everything else around her. She was like my sweet and caring older sister in all things but blood.
“No, there’s nothing really left for me to do since we got the kid, and I don’t want to leave you to suffer all alone. Besides, what would YOU do when lack of sleep caught up to you in there?” (Yan)
I walked into the cell and stood behind Till. She really didn’t think things through sometimes, I worry about what would happen to her without me always there to remind her of things…
For some reason I decided the door had to stay open, and left it that way.
“Yeah, I guess there is that….              Anyway brat listen up, I don’t have much Sleepweed left on me, and I’d rather not waste the stuff if I don’t have to. So here is how this’ll go, you’re going to be a good quiet boy and I w-won’t have to drug your ass, g-got it?” (Till)
Till seemed to be looking anywhere but directly at the prince, and her voice wavered a little when she spoke, but I understand why. I don’t remember the little prince ever being this cute… it’s hard to WANT to do anything bad to him, and it seemed Till was fighting these same feelings judging by the way she was acting.
“Yes, just try not to hurt yourself or anything this time around, ok cutie?” (Yan)
Something was wrong, this isn’t how I’m supposed to act, I haven’t SAID the word cutie and actually MEANT it for at least a century, probably more. There must be something wrong, some sort of magic the little prince gives off maybe….
“Y-yeah, we don’t w-want to have to do anything to h-h-hurt you….. so just stay there quietLLLLLYYYYYY!!!!!…………………………………….. YAN WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!?!?! LET ME UP!!!!!!!” (Till)
For some reason I was holding my best friends arms behind her back as I pressed her into the floor. I recognized this as the hold Till taught me to strip a stronger opponent of any leverage they could use to escape.
Strange why am I using this on Till?
“Were there any complications Yan?” (Alt)
The prince calmly got up and walked towards where I held Till. His voice was clear and beautiful, not too high or to low, but crisp and wonderful like bells. It was a voice that seemed like it could belong to either gender, and for some reason it made me happy to hear it directed to me.
It’s strange that such a young child, not even into his first decade can talk so fluently, but it’s even stranger that I can’t seem to bring myself to mind it…
“No master everything is progressing as I predicted.” (Yan)
“………..Yanta?……..” (Till)
That’s strange why would I call this cute child master? I’m not a servant, and I have never been one to belittle myself to others, especially not children…
I could feel something wrong, there was some inconsistency inside of me. This child was obviously my master, but I have never had a master. Till was my best friend and I would do anything to protect her, but right now I’m holding her down in front of a potentially, incredibly dangerous prisoner. One that seemed to have utterly fooled everyone around him into thinking he was harmless.
Why am I doing this? Why do I feel this way?
I felt something click in my mind, and felt a wave of slight dizziness overcome me.
Oh that’s right it’s because I’m not real……. The old Yanta died in this room hours ago, I’m just the construct of what was left. The pretend doll that the REAL Yanta created to further the plan…. Of course that’s why I didn’t recognize my master…. It……. all……….. makes…………sense……….now………………………….
I felt the persona slip away, returning back to the quiet place in my mind where I found it.
It had worked, using all of my talent to create an entirely new persona to take control of my body and fool my victim worked on Till.
I wasn’t sure if Till would’ve been able to see through this persona like my others, but I guess it was close enough to the old me to fool even HER….. That’s good, now she can be cleansed and I won’t have to be her enemy anymore…..
I looked down at Till and smiled, she looked up at me and her expression changed from shocked and angry to fearful. She shouldn’t be afraid, the cleansing is SO very pleasant…… I’m sure she’ll enjoy it. I’ll tell her so she won’t be so afraid of this…….
“Don’t worry Till the Cleansing feels REALLY good. I just KNOW you’ll love it. Don’t try fighting it, it just makes the revelation take longer to come….” (Yan)
I saw the fear grow stronger in her expression, but now there was anger there too.
“What happened to you Yan? Why are you acting like this?………… YOU! WHAT DID YOU DO TO YANTA!?!?!?! WHAT DID YOU DO TO MY FRIEND!?!?!?!?! CHANGE HER BACK!!!!!! CHANGE HER BACK OR I’LL KILL YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” (Till)
Till started to struggle even harder when she saw the master come near, it was getting hard to keep her down. Till was always the stronger of the two of us, but I was confident I could hold her for as long as master needed.
She will be cleansed…. She HAS to be, why can’t Till see that? This is the only way….. The right way.
“What did I do to her? ………How did Yan put it again? ……….OH YES! I graced her with my presence, touching her very soul with it, and revealed to her the truth. She said it was the greatest pleasure she had ever had, and only wished it had happened to her sooner.” (Alt)
Master smiled as he looked down at Till, she seemed to try to move away from him, but I held her tightly so she couldn’t. I could feel her tremble slightly as master brought his face close to hers.
“Oh and just so you know, you’ll get to feel the same thing. Why? Because Yan here begged for me to let you experience this ‘cleansing’ too………. Oh don’t make that face you’ll LOVE it. TRUST ME….” (Alt)
Master bit into his palm and then covered Till’s mouth with it.
Till screamed and struggled harder than ever before. Master made a strange face and looked at me.
“Ummmmm…… wow…… this kinda seems really wrong… like I’m getting you to help me drug-rape your best friend…….. You sure you’re ok with this Yan?” (Alt)
I smiled sweetly at the master’s kind consideration for my lowly feelings. He truly was a compassionate master, who else could I ever serve but him?
“Yes of course, this was my request after all, though I do wish Till wouldn’t make this so hard for you…” (Yan)
“Maybe you should help her through this? You know convince her to actually DRINK the blood. I am NOT screwing up my hand again just because she doesn’t want to swallow, and I doubt I could get close enough to her to inject it directly into a major vessel without her hurting me with her thrashing around…….” (Alt)
“Of course master.” (Yan)
I leaned down and began to whisper in my best friend’s ear.
“Just drink it Till. Once you drink it you’ll start to understand. All you have do is swallow once….” (Yan)

We performed the cleansing for fifteen hours. At first Till fought us for all she could. At one point she managed to push the master away and spit out his blood.
She screamed that he was a monster. That I had betrayed her and all of our old dreams. She cursed and yelled and bargained and begged………
But I still held her, and the master just opened another wound in his palm, and placed it against her mouth again.
He never went to far too force her, I had asked him not to.
I continued to tell Till about all the wonders that the cleansing would bring her, I could feel her crotch moistening as I told her all about what I had experienced and how it would be for her.
Eventually she just looked at me, I could see in her eyes she didn’t want to fight anymore. It must have been so hard for Till to hold sheer ecstasy in her mouth, taste it, and know that more pleasure awaited only for her to swallow. I was so proud that Till could go so far, it was misguided and ultimately futile yes, but was proud of her willpower none the less….
Once I saw that I gave her a smile that showed all of my pride, and all of my love for her, and I nodded. I told her with my eyes that it was ok to stop fighting, that it was right to give in.
She gave me a shaky nod and swallowed.
I watched as her eyes widened from shock.
Felt her tremble as she came from the pleasure.
I rejoiced at the knowledge it was her first time, and it was given by the master.
Held her as tears of relief and sheer joy spilled from her eyes.
Till stopped struggling, she drank the blood from master’s palm like a weak kitten would its mother milk.
She mewled like a kitten as well.
I watched her enjoy the cleansing, much like I must have, before I leaned down and began to whisper to her again.
I told her of the joys of service to the master.
I told her of the revelations she would have.
I told her that this bliss was nothing compared to what was to come.
I taught my friend everything I could as she was cleansed, and she nodded and spilled joyful tears with every word.
I saw when the way she looked at master changed.
First was devotion.
Then love.
Then reverie.
Then I feel that Till’s mind had faded out, but I continued to whisper to her, and she continued to drink.
Then came worship.
And finally something more. Something that showed she had touched on the same revelation I had found.
She stopped drinking from master, and just looked at him. She had the most beautiful and pure smile on her face, and that’s when I knew.
Till had found the answer, and with it her new purpose. The purpose she was always destined to have, but never knew of until just now.
That was when Tillyasa and I truly became sisters again……………………………


Well that was interesting to say the least……
This was the first time I had watched someone go through every stage of consuming my blood, and I learned a lot from it. Firstly that no one’s probably supposed to drink this much of my blood all In one sitting, the way that Tillyasa just kinda went brain dead halfway in scared the non-existent shit outta me. If it wasn’t for Yan acting like it was totally normal I would have thought I had put her friend into a permanent coma. Secondly that watching someone go from absolutely hating your very existence to worshiping the fact you’d even look at them is the hottest damn thing EVER. I would do this all the time if I wasn’t half sure it would rip my soul apart.
Which brings me to the third thing. Being fully conscious this time I figured out what Yan meant when she said that she GAVE me her soul, I could FEEL something trying to enter mine near the end of Tillyasa’s cleansing. I could feel it wouldn’t be able to do anything but push against my soul slightly normally, but I decided to let it in. when I did Tillyasa gave me this smile, like she had just had the best thing EVER happen to her and then had something even BETTER THAN THAT happen right after.
Whelp I guess that’s one more for the team………… we should probably get her some new clothes…… and a bath…… before we kick off the next portion of the plan. Yan and I could use that too for that matter.
I took my hand away from her mouth and watched as the cut I made closed up almost instantly.
Well that IS faster than my regeneration before….. I just wish the upgrades didn’t take up so much mana. How am I ever going to learn magic If I’m only working with 30% of my total mana?
“Master, I think it would be best if we move quickly, now that Till has joined us. Someone is bound to notice that I never filed for the guard unit’s transfer from duty soon.” (Yan)
Well I guess that answers my bath and change of clothes question……… oh well at least its revenge time!!! Huh I wonder if I’ll have some sort of moral dilemma when I kill things? ………..I guess I’ll answer THAT question soon enough… Now to see how far Till is willing to go for her new master…….
“Tillyasa, will you follow me and do as I say? Even if it means hunting down and killing your old friends and comrades-in-arms?” (Alt)
She looked up at me with a silly post-bliss smile and unfocused eyes.
“O-of course! Anything and EVERYTHING for master……………..” (Till)
Ok she seems waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy more out of it than Yan was……….. Is she EVEN ok to fight like this?
“Ummmm, Yan what’s up with your friend?” (Alt)
“Till has never experienced……. Pleasure….. like this before. She was always far more concerned with other pursuits. I believe she is still trying to process all these new feelings for now, don’t worry I had predicted an outcome like this and have planned accordingly. We can precede with the third option for revenge.” (Yan)
“Uhhhh, are you sure that’s the best option Yan? I mean I would feel a lot better if I had some back up or something………..” (Alt)
She just smiled as she patted Till’s head.
“Based on masters discussed personality, skill set, and ‘stats and abilities’ yes I feel this will be the best plan. Do not worry too much master, I would NEVER suggest a plan that contained more than a 75% chance of failure that contained your direct involvement. Barring the unforeseen and unknowable this plan bares little to no risk to you.” (Yan)
Well………………….. When you put it like that…………………..
“Alright, so you two are leaving first then? I’ll meet back up with you at the war-room then…….” (Alt)
Well this should be an interesting experiment……………………………………………………

Whelp the answer to my previous question is a definite no……… I wonder if this makes me a sociopath or a psychopath? Probably a psychopath.
I was currently walking down the hall with my previous prison guard Philas. Turns out she was guarding the top of the staircase so no one would come down to my cell. She was pretty shocked when Yan and Till walked past her, and in complete bewilderment when I showed up.
An innocent smile and a quick bite of my thumb and I had gained a totally loyal (unless there’s another, stronger Phantus here) pawn. Oh and I got a knife, the knife was important too.
I turned past the corner of the carved stone hallway I was walking down and saw another guard walking towards me. She stopped and had a look of complete surprise when she saw me, but after the fourth time, I was used to that already. I just gave her the innocent child smile and the EYES as I walked closer to where she stood. She like the others couldn’t bring herself to lift her weapon against me, and that’s when I strike. I cut the tendons in her legs, moving as fast as my dexterity points allowed, and gave her a push that landed her onto the ground face first.
I had discovered that Fera was right. Strength and speed are important, but even without them you can be deadly with enough precision. And though I had little to no strength and average at best speed, thanks to my Advanced Calculations ability I had PRECISION in spades
………..Haaaaaaaaaah man I wish that male Vampeerus weren’t so submissive and second class in society. If they could work as guards and soldiers I wouldn’t have to kill the equivalent of a swimsuit model every time I run into a patrol……… This is just starting to get depressing…. Maybe I should start breaking down the traditional gender roles and pushing for gender equality for all Vampeerus….. Something like men can Fight too, or put the MAN back in MANAGEMENT……. Nah with how much mom hates most males I doubt any of that could work…….
“Oh calm down will you. I could do MUCH worse than this, I haven’t even cut any of your nerve clusters yet. Now that,  THAT would hurt……” (Alt)
I cut another line across the guards back as I thought back to how useful Fera’s little story time anecdotes have proven to be. “Now my angel if you cut riiiiiiggghhhhht along this part here they’ll suffer from great pain and lose muscle control, but won’t bleed out for at least half a day. If you couple that with a single sharp stab through HERE they’ll……”
Ahhhhhhhh good old story time…. Teaching me about all the things I’ll ever need to get ahead in life…..
“Please Kill me……. Please just make the pain stop….. please…….” (???)
“Hey what flavor are you?” (Alt)
“Kill me……………..” (???)
“Philas check for me……. I don’t want another COCONUT surprise like the last one…… that was disgusting….” (Alt)
“Y-y-yes s-s-sir! ………………….. it’s c-c-cherry a-again……” (Philas)
“Oh…… well you can drink that one then….” (Alt)
I stabbed down into the guard’s neck, severing her vocal cords so she didn’t annoy me with one of those loud-ass death screeches Vampeerus seem to do when they die. I started to get a bit of a headache after the last two did that, and I was NOT going to go through that again…
Is it weird that even after the fifth time I still kinda expect them to burst into flames or dust? Nah that’s probably just some hold over from my last life’s memories…. I’m sure after killing more Vampeerus that will go away with time.
I turned back to look at Philas. She was trembling and crying again.
Honestly if she didn’t look so damn cute when she does that I would have killed her two guards back, guide or no guide. She SERIOUSLY needs to get over the whole “I’m-helping-to-kill-my-friends” depression thing she has going on…. It just doesn’t work when she gives me the BLOOD-PLEASE-MORE-BLOOD eyes every other minute….. I can’t take her seriously…..
“Was this one from your unit too?” (Alt)
“Y-y-yes s-s-s-sir………” (Philas)
“Haaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh…… you don’t HAVE to drink the blood, if you don’t want to…..” (Alt)
“I-I-I-I……. I-I w-w-wa…….” (Philas)
“What was that Philly, I couldn’t quite hear you…?” (Alt)
“Whatever go nuts….” (Alt)
I got up from the dead guards back, and started walking back down the hall. Really at this point I was just killing time until Yan and Till finished rounding up all the IMPORTANT people…. I figured that I’d give them ten minutes more than Yan predicted to be on the safest side of the safe side. No use getting killed by someone missed in the sweep while in the middle of revenge torture, it defeats the purpose of the thing……
And then there’s that little experiment…. I guess I can successfully say I have broken Philly’s mind…… I guess extreme mental pain when not drinking blood will do that to a girl…… I don’t even have to reinforce the conditioning anymore…….
I left Philly to enjoy her former friend and walked back down the hall, towards the war-room’s entrance. It should be around that time that Yan and Till finish taking care of their portion of the plan.
Well I might have time to spare to play with onnnnnnnnneeeee more victim…… I mean they did help take away two days of my life, why should they get off easy?
I felt a smile start to form when I thought of the pain I’d give to this last unfortunate person. I really do think I might be some sort of monster now… but I really couldn’t find a reason to care. In my mind as long as the people I cared about were safe and fine with me the way I am, then the rest of this world could fall into the Void for all the fucks I gave.
I wonder if this one’s blood will be strawberry flavored, I could really go for some strawberries right about now………………….

“Master we have gathered all the officers and Nobility involved in-…. Master what’s wrong, why do you look troubled?” (Yan)
“Master? Was there trouble? Did someone HURT you?! TELL ME WHO AND I SHALL SEE THAT THEY DIE BEFORE DAYBREAK!!!!” (Till)
I looked at the two women who have bound and gagged the people responsible for my little adventure here……. and I just couldn’t muster the energy to be excited about what was about to happen.
“Coconut… it was coconut again… I shouldn’t have let her die so easily, for making me taste that again she deserved far worse than what I can do right now……… maybe if Fera was here…….. Yes and with a burning rod we could have………….. hhhhhhhhhhmmmmmmmm………..” (Alt)
Lost in thought about all the ways those with coconut flavored blood would have to die from now on, I barely noticed that I had walked in between Yan and Till until I looked up and saw the group of huddled and bound Vampeerus. I was actually surprised to see that there were a few male Vampeerus mixed in with the army of women (way to break down gender stereotypes guys!!!), and I could kind of see why mom called them clowns, with all the powder they had on their faces. It looked ridiculous, I mean most Vampeerus are naturally pale so what’s the point of covering yourself in white powder? It only makes you look stupid in my opinion, but I guess some Vampeerus chicks must dig that look since it’s so common….
“Alright let’s make this quick, I know why you kidnapped me because Yan here told me all about your stupid little group. Let me start off by saying you all are going to be tortured, those who answer my questions, or amuse me in general will be allowed to die relatively painlessly, those that don’t well…… let’s just say you want to be in the first group….” (Alt)
I gave them my signature pure-and-innocent smile after I said this. They looked at me with pure fear, and I could smell some sort of sour thing that reminded me a lot of urine….
I guess there ARE some vampires that can do that…. Weird you’d think that it would be more of an all or nothing type of deal…. OH WAIT, maybe it’s the ones that DON’T have the Undead Temperament ability…. That would explain why some rooms in the palace have toilettes too……
“Ok first question, who funds this little faction?…………………………………….” (Alt)

“MAMAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   FEWAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!” (Alt)
I ran through the above ground entry way as fast as my two year old legs could carry me. A few hours after my little integration game with the leaders of the group that kidnap ed me, Yan said that the monitor crystal showed a group headed by the queen approaching the above-ground portion of this base. Naturally I couldn’t let any of them see all the damage I caused, or let any of the people who heard me talk live, so I had Philly set fire to the place while I went to go greet my family.
As I am being hugged by a crying mom and Fera is glaring at Yan and Till, the whole underground complex should be up in flames…
All in all I think this was a good escape, but now I got to make sure Yan and Till get to come home with me. I’ve grown fond of the girls, and they are OHHHH SOOO useful.
“Mama!!! Fwiends!!!” (Alt)
I pointed to Yan and Till.
Apparently that’s all Fera needed to give them a pass, but mom gave this funny look like she wanted to talk with them, but didn’t want to have to DEAL with them. I could almost see her pushing their interrogation off on some unlucky servant…
I pulled out the EYES 3.0 and looked up at mom with my cutest PITY-ME-AND-GIVE-IN look.
“Fwiends…..Hwome….Pweaze….Mama?” (Alt)
“HHHHGGGGGNNNNN…… of c-course Alty!…………….  Your. FRIENDS. Can. Come. Home. With. Us…..” (mom)
Mom made a smile like she had just been forced to eat glass and gathered Fera, Yan, and Till all around me.
“Now Alty-Walty hang on to Mommy tight ok? Mommy’s going to take everyone back home now!” (mom)
Suddenly black covered everything and the next thing I know we were all in my room.

MOM CAN TELEPORT!!! I thought that thing at my naming ceremony was, like, a one-off item or something!?!?!  THIS AS A POWER IS BROKEN AS HELL!!!!! I DEMAND A RESPEC!!!!!!!!
I was still looking up at mom with equal parts awe and jealousy when she surprised me by saying something I never expected from her after just getting me back.
“Alty, stay here with Ferasia and your friends ok? Mommy has to go do some Mommy things for a day or so….” (mom)
I just looked up at her shocked, as the shadow cast by my crib apparently ate her and she disappeared.
…………Ummmmmmmm………… Well I guess that gives me the time I need with Fera before mom gets too clingy…………….
I looked at my personal maid/bodyguard and took a calculated risk.
“Fera, don’t freak out, but I need you to drink my blood for like three hours ok?”
After a look of initial surprise, that would have made me giggle hysterically if I wasn’t so worried about some blood relative taking my Fera away from me, Fera just gave me her normal smile and answer of….
“Of course, my angel.”
I reached out my hand towards her and had only one thought.
Well that all went easier than I thought….


As I walked through the burning wreckage I can only assume my son caused somehow, I thought back on how proud I was when I discovered he had found his own way to escape.
I really must get down to testing how intelligent my son truly is…. I know I’ve let him get away with “hiding” it from me, but I can’t ignore something like this. Something like this could attract all the worst type of attention to my little Alty, and playing it off as the work of those two “friends” he made will only raise more questions for people investigating him…..
I shook my head as I passed the corpse of a Vampeerus who was clearly tortured before being burned by flame.
I really should get around to properly teaching Alty to clean up after himself. From what I can see his torture skills are fairly decent, and most would even call them nightmare-inducing, but you can clearly see the Assassin’s influence in his work. Plus trying to burn the bodies may work for more fragile beings, but Vampeerus take FAR too long to properly burn away……
As I was contemplating these thoughts I came upon the scent of living Vampeerus, one who didn’t even smell of pain or burnt flesh. Walking quickly to the scents to their origin in the time it would take for a normal Vampeerus to blink, I found my little Alty’s left overs.
My, it seems he even forgot to pick up one of his toys….
There was a rather petite Vampeerus woman currently draining the blood from a rather foul smelling male. Judging by the stain around his crotch he was a mixed breed and untouched by the Vampeerus gift of undeath.
How utterly filthy….. How could she stand to drink from a male, and one that leaks foulness no less?
……………………………….well I see my son has learned how to break his slaves in at least, and judging by the fang marks on her neck and arms that’s all my little Alty used her as, a blood-slave…………….. Well it is a mother’s duty to take care of her child’s toys, even the ones they cast aside………..
“Put that filth down.” (Natasha)
“WHAAAAAA!!! N-N-NO!!! I W-W-WASN’T-…” (Philas)
“I don’t care, but my son seems to have placed SOME sort of value into you at SOME point in time. You are not allowed to sully that by feeding on filth. ESPECIALLY if you ever wish to see him again.” (Natasha)
“S-s-s-see t-t-the s-s-sir a-again?” (Philas)
“Haaaaaaaahhhhhhh……. Unfortunately for me yes……… I shall not be the type of mother to take away my child’s fun for my own satisfaction. So yes you have that option, but know if he turns you away, you die.” (Natasha)
The girl moved as far away from the filth as she could and cowered behind me like some sort of whipped animal.
I see my little Alty did not deign to build her any sort of new personality or support system after he broke down her mind….. I really must teach him the proper skills if he has chosen to pursue this path. Being this sloppy could end up hurting him in the future….
I looked down at a Vampeerus near my feet. She was barely breathing. With I quick glance to a nearby shadow, a shallow cut appeared at my finger tip. I let a single drop land on her face and watched as her eyes opened wide, and her wounds quickly began to heal.
Th-thansk you…………        KAAAAACCCCKKKK KAACK KAAACCCKK!!!” (???)
“Oh don’t thank me I just finished killing all of your backers in the noble houses. Really I was rather surprised to find out you had not one but FOUR ancients foolish enough to support this lost cause of yours…”
The woman looked up at me, and I could see the moment of recognition in her eyes. Sense the Visceral fear, and hopelessness she felt.
It was amazing.
“Black Death’s Smile………” (???)
I gave the smile that earned me that moniker.
“Why you DO know who I am. And here I thought only the ignorant would DARE to target MY son……… I hope for your sake you fear death, because after I’m through with you, you will never be able to understand the CONCEPT of an end to the pain. That way you’ll lose that irrational fear of yours right?” (Natasha)
I could hear the whine of fear coming from my son’s toy behind me. Apparently he wasn’t able to COMPLETELY break her mind if she can still feel fear from mere words.
No matter, after witnessing what I’m about to do to all her remaining friends here, she’ll break all over again. And THIS time Mommy will make sure little Alty’s toy is PROPERLY trained………………………………….
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