Black Blood: AaronDragon’s Q&A Corner…..

alright so people are obviously confused about all the details and stuff in the Black Blood story. one thing i am NOT going to do is make a companion release series to explain all of that. so here is what we are gonna do. leave a comment with a question below, and if it’s not a spoiler, i’ll probably answer it. there, problem solved.


Author out………..

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14 thoughts on “Black Blood: AaronDragon’s Q&A Corner…..”

  1. Q: How many houses are there, what is their alignment towards each other and what are their names?

    Q: Circa how many chapters are there until Alt reaches pubescent age?

    Q: Why are you reading this and not writing my goddamn crack?

    1. 1.) a lot, different alignments based on house ideals, and to many house names to list
      2.) happens in ark 3 when the MC is 12+
      3.) on anime break….. will get back to writing later………….

  2. Q:Does Natasha’s pregnancy involve another male, apart from Alt blood? DNA wise?
    Qish: I feel people scream NTR because you didn’t explain much of the process of the pregnancy

    1. no other male involved……. i mean really people name ONE other humanoid male that isn’t dead in this story so far……

        1. ………………………. ok fine i didn’t specifically write out his death, but come on do you REALLY think that guy was gonna live past the week? i mean he did piss off NATASHA….

          and nothing against the name per-say just don’t like how it sounds for some reason……

  3. What happened to Tessa’s father? Judging from what I understand about Lizote’s(and Natasha’s for that matter) personality is that hes either dead or no longer significant after helping birth Tessa but idk for sure.

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