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alright so people are obviously confused about all the details and stuff in the Black Blood story. one thing i am NOT going to do is make a companion release series to explain all of that. so here is what we are gonna do. leave a comment with a question below, and if it’s not a spoiler, i’ll probably answer it. there, problem solved.


Chapter 15

“My angel are you still able to continue? Would you like to stop here?” (Fera)
“Of course little Alty can still continue, he’s still conscious right? Remember you can’t go easy on him, otherwise it will cripple his growth. That would hurt little Alty a LOT more in the future.” (mom)
I looked at Fera standing over me and heard mom telling her to start this all over again as I tried not to cry like a bitch from all this pain. I think my legs and waist are facing the wrong direction, but I can’t look far enough down to check without intense pain shooting through my neck.
I thought back to how this little daily hell of mine became part of my new routine.

I looked at what USED to be Aunt Lizote’s guest quarters. Now it looked like some mad chemist moved in and was filled with beakers, burners, syringes, pots, tubes, and other equipment I have never seen before. Some of glowed with magic power.
Wow…… Lizote is going to find some way to blow up the palace and kill us all…….. Where’d she even PUT the bed anyway?…………….. WAIT! Where’s Tessa?!?!?!? She isn’t buried under all this stuff right?!?!?!?
“No my little Tessa is off at preschool since she can actually attend for more than a week before becoming a broken down, crying, mess rocking in the corner. Though I do wish she would ACTUALLY talk to the people there….” (Lizote)
“HEY!!! Those kids were fucking TERRIFING!!! I even hit one with a fucking lose SUPPORT BEAM from the playset in the yard, and it just got back up moaning for blood…. And there were SO many…… even the teacher couldn’t keep them back…… then when she went under from the tide of child-zombie-monsters………” (Alt)
I shivered a little from the memory…
“Wow… yeah, that does look pretty bad now that I see it…….. Good job surviving that Alty!” (Lizote)
Lizote shot back her signature fake/real smile that even Empathic Acts couldn’t sense anything from.
“How do you do that anyway? Shouldn’t I be immune from ALL sorts of mental effects and stuff because of my blood?” (Alt)
Lizote just chuckled and shook her head.
“Ah, poor sweet ignorant Alty. You just fell into the trap that lead to countless Phantus deaths in the past. Your blood protects you from DIRECT manipulation sure, I wouldn’t be able to say… make you my mind-slave and have you dance for my amusement or something, but as long as I don’t attempt to rewrite or change your mentality in any way, I have full access. Your memories, thoughts, dreams I can see them all, I just can’t CHANGE anything about them. How was it that screen the goddess gave you put it…. Oh yes! ‘Mental manipulation’, well I’m not actually MANIPULATING you, just viewing.” (Lizote)
Oh ok…. That kind makes sense, need to keep that in mind for the future too…….. WAIT DID SHE JUST-….
“DID YOU JUST SAY ‘SCREEN’ AND ‘GODDESS’!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!” (Alt)
Lizote turned and looked at me, once again she showed the rare “Serious-Lizote-Mode” and grabbed me gently by my shoulder. She looked me dead in the eyes.
“Altorus when I said I know ALL of your secrets, I meant I know ALL your secrets. The Void, the fragments of memories from your old world, the goddess Hellatia, the goddess you named Sally, that you’re part divine, what you plan to do in this world, what you think of those around you, ALL of it. Now there are parts I don’t understand, especially the parts about the Void and your old world, but the longer I’m around you the more my understanding grows based off your own. For example: I may never understand more about the Void other than I NEVER wish to experience it myself, because you yourself don’t understand very much about it more than that.” (Lizote)
My eyes widened in shock, I mean I knew she knew a lot about me, but this woman knew EVERYTHING! Lizote probably knew things about me that not even I consciously knew about myself. It was fucking terrifying thinking, no KNOWING, that she had access to everything that made me, ME. All the good and bad. All the little regrets and evils I tried to forget or hide away. I think I tried to take a step back, to escape her, but Lizote’s hand stopped me from moving away.
NO, NO, NO!!!!             NO!!!!!!!!!!
Lizote just made a pained face and started hugging me. I tried to struggle out of it, but she was obviously much stronger then I was. Even if the hug wasn’t tight, I had no way to break away from it.
“That is what makes me and my family so deadly Alty, others may be able to HURT you, but a powerful Tepestia can DESTROY you from the inside out. We don’t even NEED to manipulate minds, not really. All we need to do is show someone the things about themselves they hide away, the things that they can’t handle about themselves. The things the mind hides for them so they can go on living. Really if you think about it, my family’s tendency towards mental manipulation is more a kindness compared to what some of us could do. But I swear to you Altorus, I SWEAR on all I am that I won’t do that to you. I told you that all your secrets were safe with me, even the ones you keep from yourself. You are safe with me, and I accept ALL of you.” (Lizote)
I wasn’t sure what was happening, my emotions were all over the place. I was scared, angry, violated, happy, grateful, confused, but most of all I just wanted her to stop. I wasn’t even sure what I wanted her to stop doing at this point, hugging me? Reading my mind? Trying to understand me? I didn’t know, and that just scared me more. I’M the one who should master my mind, not the other way around, but right now I DIDN’T feel in control.
Even when I was insane, if I’m even SANE now, I was the one in complete control…… I HATE this feeling. FUCK!!!! WHY AM I SO RELIEVED!!!!!!!!!! SALLY DAMNIT I SHOULDN’T CARE IF ANYONE ACCEPTS ME!!!!!!! I don’t NEED anyone’s acceptance!!!
“But you have it. You don’t have to fear me, and you don’t have to try and fight all these feelings. No one can completely master their mind, not even someone like me. Altorus, your mind is one of the strongest I have ever experienced, but don’t try force it into submission in an attempt to find what it hides from you. No one should know that, even I am trying to block it out.” (Lizote)
I let Lizote hug me. There were some serious emotions floating around, and I think she even teared up a bit, but I REFUSED to cry. It was bad enough that I was internally going through the mood-swings of a pregnant-teenage-agnsty-sappy novel-heroine, but I WOULD NOT stoup so low as the emotional hug crying cliché. NEVER. It would compromise my manhood……
I just wanted to give this woman some of my fucking blood……………… how did it end up like this? Fuck….. Well I guess we should clear out all this…….. stuff…… between us while we are here. Get it over with quick Alt. just like ripping of a Band-Aid, or relocating a joint. It’ll be painful but just get it over fast and move on.

So we talked. I learned some stuff about Lizote she felt she should share, you know, since she now knew EVERYTHING about me. I learned things like how much she REALLY loved mom, how her childhood was like hell times ten with extra torture, how she felt so much weaker than those that were around her in the old days, how she had to adapt to her lack of power with knowledge and tricks, how she made friends with mom for their mutual survival. And most of all I learned that Lizote really, really, REALLY hated her Mother. After hearing about what the Ancestor of the Tepestia family did to her as a kid, I understood THAT completely….
Basically Lizote and I had a nice touching family bonding moment. I think it was the moment that I REALLY accepted Lizote as a member of my fucked up vampire family. It was beautiful, touching, and truly Disney-ish……
Then she had to go and drain me of more blood than I ever thought was possible to lose at once. I mean I was literally on the edge of blacking out a few times. She just took SO MUCH, for HOURS.
That was when I learned something about my Aunt Lizote she didn’t tell me herself. While she tends to not lie DIRECTLY to those she cares about unless she is playing some sort of prank, she has no problem HIDING the COMPLETE truth…
Here I thought she only need a little for ONE potion, and truthfully she did. She just didn’t mention all the OTHER things she WANTED to save my blood for…… apparently Phantus blood is a very rare and powerful reagent for all sorts of shit.
At least while I was being her personal little blood factory, she was teaching me about alchemy. Well when I was coherent enough to understand her.
“Ah! It’s done! Ok I have to go give this to your mother now Alty, just take those four books with you, I’ll teach you more after you’ve read them. I, no WE, have been waiting a long time for THIS!!!” (Lizote)
Lizote was really excited, and hugging the potion she just made from my blood, and a shitton of other things I couldn’t even dream of keeping track of, like it was the greatest thing to ever be made since iced-coffee. It would’ve been cute, if I didn’t know she was most likely talking about something that she would be using to SOMEHOW impregnate my mom with the two’s dream baby. Somehow I just could NOT see that as cute. Go figure.
“So that’s the potion mom has to drink to get pregnant? I guess I should say congratulations….” (Alt)
Lizote just started giggling.
“Than you Alty! But no Natasha won’t be drinking this….. This potion has to go somewhere else to work. Anyway enjoy your alchemy reading! I got to go help Natasha apply this niiiiiiiiicccccce and DEEP to make SURE it takes!” (Lizote)
Lizote just kinda vanished from the room, and the door swayed open widely. I took the books with me as I left and headed back to my room.
…………………………………….WAIT!!!!!! Did she mean that the potion has to go…………….. and then to help mom that would mean…………………………. Oh…. No wonder she was so excited… damn I wish I was old enough to enjoy watching that… I wonder if I can get a servant to record it on a crystal? Hmmmm…..

After two days and reading all four of the books, I gained a new ability. And I also got some really interesting news.
{ Alchemic Arts: your knowledge on the principles of alchemy have given you the ability to automatically recall known recipes, and memorize any new recipes you may learn. This ability will also give you insight to reagents and what their effects are if prepared a certain way. }
Perfect….. With this I can start on my pet project…. And I have unlimited access to one of the best reagents in this world. It’s almost not fair, like I’m cheating somehow……… MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAhahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!
“Alty!!!!!” (mom)
I don’t know where she came from, but suddenly mom was hugging me. I was preparing for the inevitable blackout via tit-suffocation, when mom spun me around and tossed me in the air. Now I’m not fond of heights, and when a VERY strong VERY excited Vampeerus tosses you in the air, you tend to go pretty high pretty fast. Luckily for my fear my room had a ceiling. Unluckily for my back there was a strong, reinforced rooms ceiling in the path of my continued flight.
My landing wasn’t very soft either, but at least the floor was carpeted. And wouldn’t launch me into the air suddenly. Or suffocate me…… now that I think about it, mom might accidentally KILL me before we even get married…….
“Oh, Alty-Walty are you Ok?!?!? Mommy’s sorry, but she is just so HAPPY!!! I’m PREGNANT ALTY!!! You’re going to have TWIN SISTERS!!!!! Aren’t you just so excited!?!?!?!” (mom)
I listened to my spin crack and pop back into alignment as I watched mom rush up to where I was lying, only to lose herself in her own little world. I was happy for the woman, really I was, but I wish she would learn how to NOT almost kill me when something like this happens.
“I was nerves when Lizzy said that the growth would be accelerated so that the birth would happen in five months instead of the typical twelve, but after we had the maternity mage to look me over, and she said that I had healthy twin girls I knew everything was fine. Lizzy has never messed up her alchemy before, and there is no way she would EVER mess THIS up. I must have just had all those hormones that Lizzy talked about when she was carrying Tessa. Oh, we need to go think of names! I’ll be right back Alty!” (mom)
Mom did her teleportation trick, and I just looked up at the new me-sized crater in my ceiling.
Sally I hope those hormones of hers don’t really get me killed. Mom seems a bit… unaware of things now. More than usual. But hey, I’m getting little sisters. And they’re twins. And not actually related to me, and they probably have BOTH mom and Lizote’s genes. And I’m in the perfect position to corru-…. Guide them onto the right path as a good, kind, loving, and gentle older brother. This could be awesome…….
After my next lesson with Aunt Lizote on alchemy I figured I should start brushing up on my actual combat ability. I mean at this point, I was entirely dependent on sneak attacks, and if that failed and I was on my own I was totally screwed. So with that in mind, I made one of the dumbest choices in my life so far. I went to ask mom to teach me to fight.

“Of course Alty! I’m so proud of you, wanting to learn the ways of combat so early!” (mom)
Mom gave me the happy my-little-Alty-is-perfect smile. I figured if anyone was qualified to teach me about fighting it was the “Black Death’s Smile”. Plus since she was mom, she would take it easy on me. I also figured if I wanted to be able to be able to show off-…….. be a reliable older brother to my future little sisters, I should start learning now so I could practice on my own when mom was too late into the pregnancy to teach me anymore. I was a dumbass who should have noticed Lizote’s grimace when I mentioned my plan to her during our lesson.
“Now Alty I won’t be teaching you any traditional forms or techniques. I have found over my life that while those are USEFUL, once you run into anyone with any real skill, they pick up on the rhythm and flow of your style. They start predicting your moves, and you theirs, and the whole thing devolves from combat into who will make the first mistake. Usually luck plays the biggest part in things at that point, and one should never trust their life to the fickleness of luck. I have found that a far more effective, and far more dangerous form of combat is instinctual combat. Movements without any predetermined style or forms; a type combat that adapts easily to any situation, and usually is vastly superior to any other forms or styles if mastered. Another upside is EVERYONE has their own unique potential in what I call ‘Instinctual Combat’, but that is also a downside as no one is able to TEACH how another becomes an instinctual fighter. That process just comes naturally after time and frequent combat.” (mom)
I grimaced a bit, this “Instinctual combat” thing sounded perfect. No one would be able to easily predict any style or technique I use if I just didn’t USE any. And if mom says it’s better than the other types of fighting, given all the fighting and killing she’s done over her long life, I think her opinion is probably spot on. But if it can’t be taught….
“How do I become an instinctual fighter then, mom?” (Alt)
Mom gave me a really predatory smile, not the I’m-gonna-EAT-you! or the oh-gosh-he’s-soooo-CUTE-I-WANT-him! looks I’m used to, no this was a different smile. One that made my hair feel like it would start to stand up slightly, and the only hair I even HAD was on my head…….
“Oh that part is easy Alty. You fight. You fight and experience hard combat that pushes you to your limits and beyond on a regular basis. You will eventually surpass those limits, and learn how to win. Then we begin the process all over again until you get to the point you are able to adapt and react to any and all things that may involve combat. Mommy won’t lie Alty, you won’t like this, and it is going to hurt. It is going to hurt a lot. Now I would be your partner, but I don’t think I can go easy enough on you to not kill you by accident in a fight…… but your Blood-whor-……. Maid… your maid would be the perfect partner for you.” (Alt)
HA!!! Fera would never do anything to hurt me! This isn’t gonna be nearly as painful as you seem to think it will, mom!

Turns out she WILL and CAN hurt me if she is made to understand that it helps build up the skills that will keep me alive in the future…. Who knew?
I looked up at Fera and tried to show her with my eyes that no matter what mom said I was REALLY TRULY unable to continue today’s beat down session. It didn’t work.
“Do you require my assistance to stand my angel?” (Fera)
Well at least she looks sad to have to do this all the time….. that’s a victory, a hollow one, but still a victory. Now if I could juuuuuuuussssssst get feeling in my legs I can get this next round over with and hopefully lose consciousness this time…..
“Oh, Alty I should tell you, we will have to stop your combat practice for the next month as I will be busy preparing to meet with foreign dignitaries that will be here in a month’s time. Don’t worry, after they leave and your sisters are born, we can pick the practice back up.” (mom)
………… Sally thank you……………. Thank you so damn much…………….. Oh, I can feel my lower half again. Today is the last day, so might as well go down fighting….. Maybe this time I can actually connect with Fera on one of my strikes……… No, I WILL connect. Better yet I’ll WIN……
I got up and readied myself for combat. No weapons, no pads, and no rules other than win. I could totally do this, it’s not like I have lost horribly, consecutively for two months now since Fera has gotten serious…… this would be the day I win against her at her best, I know it………………………….

Chapter 14

I looked around the room. There wasn’t much difference between this one and mine, the only thing it didn’t have was the open air veranda, but I think the bed might be bigger than mine. Over all, I’d put this room on the same level as mine.
And as far as I know this room is reserved…….. then again Lizote IS mom’s friend….. somehow…….
I looked at the woman who tricked mom into leaving me all alone with her. Lizote was sitting on the bed facing me with a smile. Her daughter was sitting on her lap trying to make herself smaller.
“Now let’s start this little discussion off with an oath of truth. Repeat after me Altorus. ‘I do pledge to tell no lies, nor create fallacy for as long as this oath does bind me.’…………… oh good! Now the release is when you leave this room, so you don’t have to worry so much!” (Lizote)
I looked at her. This woman was serious, she had me agree to an unbreakable oath before we even really started talking to each other.
Somehow I doubt I’ll like how this “little talk” is gonna go……..
“So what did you want to talk about Auntie Lizote?” (Alt)
Lizote just looked me directly in my eyes. After about a minute of intense staring she seemed to have found the thing she was looking for, and droped her happy-go-lucky attitude. Her face lost the easy smile and turned serious, and she noded.
“Look Alt I know that your different, thinking about things like ‘my old world’, the references you use in your mind to things I have never even heard of, the fact you seem to be capable of mature intellectual thought and seem to be aging like a human would when most Vampeerus would still be small babies at your age, that you are able to control the urges of your bloodline. All that clued me in to it. I think you’re a chosen like from the old legends, before all the major powers developed their versions of divine summing techniques and started summing these ‘Heroes’. A chosen of the divines themselves, that was not summoned, but BORN into this world to champion their will. You being a chosen is the only answer I can think of to answer those points….” (Lizote)
I just stared at Lizote open-mouthed.
“How the FUCK do you know all that about me?!?!” (Alt)
“I’m the greatest mind-manipulator to ever live besides my mother Alty, you HAVE no secrets from me. But don’t dwell on that too much Alty, I’m not your enemy just the opposite really, I’m trying to become family. Plus it’s not that hard to connect all the dots when you have lived as long as I have, hell I’m pretty sure Natasha figured most of this out about a year ago too, we just don’t really care about it that much. Now as interesting as you being a chosen is, it’s not what I wanted to talk to you about.” (Lizote)
“Well Natasha and I have lived for so long that we only bother counting centuraries now…… So yes we don’t really care about you being a chosen, besides we both were there to SEE the days when chosen were as common as ‘Heroes’ are now, so what you are isn’t really new to us…….. What I ACTUALLY wanted to talk to you about is FAR more important, and right now Natasha should be reading through the letter I left next to your dispelled marriage contract, so she should realize what I’m doing now.” (Lizote)
“I was motivated to. Now Altorus I need you to marry my daughter, but honestly I doubt my little Tessa here is ready to get engaged right now, I mean she needs to get to know you for a year at least before she will even TRY talking to you…… so all THAT can come later, I don’t even mind if she is your second, third, or even fourth wife, but she WILL be among the first five you take……………” (Lizote)
NO SECRETS from Auntie Lizote, remember? Now do try to stay focused Little Alty, this is where we get into the important stuff. I don’t need you to marry my daughter right now, but I DO need some of your blood.” (Lizote)
My face shifted to a look of utter shock, not even Empathic Acts could keep the look off my face. i did NOT see THAT coming.
“My blood? Ummmm…… you DO know what it does right? You should if you know ALL my inner thoughts and Secrets……” (Alt)
She smiled a little, a REAL smile this time though. That happy-go-lucky mask she was wearing was still nowhere to be found.
When she smiles like that, It actual makes her look amazing…….. FUCK!!! She just heard that didn’t she? LET ME THINK IN PEACE AUNTIE LIZOTE!!!! A MAN’S THOUGHTS ARE SACRED!!!!!
“Yes a “HANDSOME” and “AMAZINGLY RUGGEDLY HANDSOME” man’s thoughts are sacred little Alty. I should really let you think about all those perverted thoughts you just had featuring me, Natasha, and chocolate, privately. I’m sorry, it’s just that my talent is mostly automatic now, and actually takes MORE skill to turn off. Don’t worry little Alty, I’ll keep all your secrets until I learn how to stay out of your head, but maybe in a few years…. You…. Me….. Natasha…… Some chocolate……… Seems like it could be fun……..” (Lizote)
THAT WOULD BE AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!…………….. Ummmmm…. Fuck she’s still reading my mind isn’t she?……………
“Sorry Auntie Lizote, but I have to go lock myself in my closet of shame for at least a day, now…………”
Lizote just gave a big sincere smile as she looked me up and down.
“No need to be shy now. Maybe….. no, DEFINITELY in the next few decades I’ll see to it THAT little fantasy comes true……….. but for now I just need your blood. No need to worry, I won’t be DRINKING it, at least not as it is now. I’m an alchemist, and I need noble Phantus blood as the last reagent for the most IMPORTANT potion I will ever make. Please little Alty, getting the blood from a WILLING Phantus would make the potion SO much stronger. I may not be ABLE to find another potentially WILLING Phantus. I’ll owe you two, no THREE Favors, bond on my very being if you would do this for me!” (Lizote)
Lizote was leaning forward and staring at me like I was her last hope. I almost expected her to bring out the “Help me  Alty-Walty! You’re my only hope!” line.
“Help me Alty-Walty! You’re my only hope!” (Lizote)
Wow…… that’s a weird-……….. Oh, mind reader… right…..
“You said you were an alchemist? I’ll give you as much of my blood as you need, if you agree to teach me alchemy as one of those three favors. Deal?” (Alt)
Lizote’s face lite up, and she practically leapt with joy. Maybe because she was tired of her seat’s constant movement, but Tessa left her mother’s lap and hid behind her on the bed.
“DEAL!!! Was that phrase so important? You agreed so quickly after you heard it….” (Lizote)
“What fan in his right mind turns down Leia’s plea? So do you need it now? How are we doing this thing, just cut a vein?” (Alt)
As I was bringing my arm to my mouth, Lizote suddenly appeared in front of me and stopped my arm from moving. Her face seemed slightly panicked.
“NO!!! No, Tessa here is to young and inexperienced to control herself, and I haven’t begun making the potion yet and I’d prefer for the blood to be as fresh as possible…. Let me set up all of my equipment here…. A DAY!!! Give me one day! I’ll be done by then!” (Lizote)
“Oh, ok then…. So when do you think you can start teaching me alchemy? All mom and Fera were able to ever tell me about were poisons……” (Alt)
Lizote calmed down and let go of my arm. She moved back a bit and looked down at me and smiled again.
“We can start next week if your mother approves of it, I plan to stay here for a year or two anyway. I’ll teach you all the basics, and even some of the more advanced rules and tricks to alchemy. I’m sure that Natasha won’t-……….” (Lizote)
Suddenly the room got really dark. It felt like the darkness was pressing down on me and crushing into my very soul. I also heard some heartbreaking crying.
I looked at the newest addition to this room, the crying mom in the corner, and felt pretty bad.
I mean sure I’m not the one who tricked her and destroyed her magically-binding-love –contract thing, but I didn’t want to sign it in the first place…..  Maybe Lizote will-……
“Oh Natasha your back! I see you found my letter and your contract, don’t worry so much. Turns out that little Alty here WANTS his own harem, so breaking that contract that bound him to you and only you WAS the best choice for my future son-in-law!!! Isn’t that wonderful!!!” (Lizote)
Wow now mom is rocking, shaking her head no, and hugging the contract to her chest. This is heartbreaking for me to watch… I HAVE to stop this.
Great now I feel like an even bigger piece of shit………. Ok time to fix this.
I gave Lizote a Please-stop-your-not-helping look, and walked up to mom. I crouched down and met mom eye to eye. I put a hand on her shoulder and made sure I had her complete attention.
“Mom, you have to stop crying. You are the Queen of this kingdom, the most powerful person I have ever formally met, and my one and only TRUE mother. The contract might not be binding anymore, but I’ll ALWAYS love you. I AM going to meet other people, and honestly I’ll probably grow to love them too, but no one will ever replace you or take your place in my heart. You know that right?” (Alt)
Mom started to nod, but she just seemed to be crying harder now.
SHIT this isn’t working, ok Alt time to bring out the nuke….. C’MON MAN YOU MADE YOUR DECISION AFTER THE FORTH TIME IN MOMMY-BATH-BONDING-BONDING TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JUST SAY!!!! THE!!!!!! DAMN!!!!!! WORDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I got down on one knee, I wasn’t sure if they did that here…. Hell for Vampeerus the WOMEN were supposed to do this, but I was gonna make this as special as I could for her to pull here out of this hopeless-depression-crying thing she was doing.
“Mom, if you can swear to accept me and any others I chose to love, I will marry you……… in a decade or two…….. You know AFTER Vampeerus puberty hits…… whenever THAT is, I’ll marry you. We can even have a huge wedding and announce it to the whole world if you want, but if you’ll swear this to me than I’ll be HAPPY to marry the woman I love most.” (Alt)
Moms face went from confused to happy. From happy to slightly angry, from slightly angry to Ecstatic, and from ecstatic to MANIC. She leapt from her position and hugged me tighter than my body, with it’s small endurance, could take.
“OF COURSE I SWEAR ALTY!!!!!!! I SWEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I SWEAR!!!!!!!!!!!! I SWEAR!!!!!!!!!! WE’RE GETTING MARRIED!!!!!!!!!!! OH ALTY I LOVE YOU!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOOOOOOVVVVVVVVVEEEEEEE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” (Natasha)
Oh look…….. My good old friend Suffocation-by-tits is back…………. Unconsciousness here I come!!!
My last sight was Lizote joining in on our hug and smiling with real emotions.
“That’s great Natasha! And now I can even make our other dream come true! WE’RE GOING TO HAVE A BABY!!!!!!” (Lizote)
…………………….Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm………………………………………WHAT THE FUCK DID SHE JUST  SAY TO MOM!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
Everything started to fade out…
OH SHIT!!!!! I need something to focus on if I’m not gonna talk with Sally!  OPEN STATUS!!!!
My vision went dark.

{ Name: Altorus Phantus    [abilities] [THE LIST] }
{ Race: Vampeerus (Phantu)    [traits] }
{ Age: 6 years }
{ Faith: 13 }
{ Strength: 17 } { Dexterity: 270 } { Endurance: 23 } { Survivability: 600 }
{ Intelligence: 1074 } { Wisdom: 875 } { Charm: 99,783 } { Leadership: 50 }

Chapter 13

Fera, Yan, and Till were made to wait in another room, apparently mom only wanted “the closest of family” to be here. I think she was including her yet to arrive best friend, but renouncing the girls all at the same time. I not sure I would  put Fera, Yan, and Till at the same level as mom, but at least they were family to ME. In a weird, lusty, cant wait till I get older type of way sure, but FAMILY none the less.
I have no idea what I was expecting when I first heard mom talking about Queen Lizote Tepestia, but THIS wasn’t it.
She strolled up to us as if this was HER palace and WE were her guests. Her family… or… just her daughter really… trailed along behind her. It was like the poor girl was just being pulled along by her mother’s wake.
I looked out at the woman that walked into the greeting hall, and was shocked by how much she looked like mom. Sure she didn’t have moms…… assets….. but other than that she looked like mom if she was made based on a different color palate. Where mom was black: black hair, eyes, clothes, and aura. This woman was pale white. The only way I could describe the effect of seeing them hug each other was, eerie. It was like watching mom hug her own ghost.
“Its sooooo good to see you again Natasha! How long has it been since we last met? 2, 3 years?” (Lizote)
The women broke away from their hug and smiled as they began to talk.
She even sounds like mom…….. That’s just fucking creepy. I thought mom said Lizote was her FRIEND not her fucking twin SISTER!!!!
“Lizzie it has been a while, but the constant letters don’t make it seem like it’s been THAT long. Then again I admit I have been slightly preoccupied with something lately….” (mom)
“Yes I remember reading about this “Amazingly Perfect in every way” son of yours. I assume this……..” (Lizote)
Lizote trailed off when she looked at me, her expression turned from friendly excitement to shock. From shock to awe. From awe to desire. And from desire back to the happy friendly excitement look she had before, only this time she seemed to be slightly MORE excited.
I quickly constructed the empty front to conceal my true thoughts just as mom had taught me. The Tepestia family’s gift for telepathy and mind reading, and sometimes even control for the noble portion of the bloodline, was not something I was willing to test out. While mom might not have anything to fear because of some deal she worked out with Lizote, I didn’t have the same assurances.
“My, my. Natasha you don’t seem to have entirely exaggerated about your son in the letters you sent me. He truly is an…. impressive….. child, I almost couldn’t even tell he was a male. Even his scent just seems alluring, if I wasn’t a direct descendant I doubt I would’ve picked up on the underlying scent of male in it. And to be able to construct a  proficient mental shield at his age is unheard of…….” (Lizote)
Ok is it weird she’s talking about me like I’m not even here?
“Yes my son is just naturally superior, he is not even limited by his gender. He has already shown that he is proficient in matters of state craft, torture, resource management, calculation, and manipulation. He has even begun to attempt combat training.” (mom)
Mom was giving the “everything I do is naturally better than you” smile again. I couldn’t help but look at queen Lizote’s daughter and think that our parents were doing some type of competition using us. Like who’s kid is better or who was the better mother…
I looked over my apparent competition in this match of theirs. She was like a smaller softer version of her mother, only she seemed shy instead of constantly exuding the aura of charisma and outgoing nature her mother gave off. She hasn’t even tried to speak once, it’s like she is actively TRYING to go unnoticed. I guess she most just be REALLY shy….
She’s kinda cute, not as much as I am though……….. I did not just think that! I DID NOT JUST THINK THAT!!!! You’re not cute to yourself Alt, you exude a manly charm so high only you can perceive it! And sometimes so high even YOU have trouble finding it! YES THAT MUST BE IT!!!!!    HA!!!!! HA HA!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!
“Yes that is very impressive. Very impressive indeed….” (Lizote)
Mom’s smile just kept getting bigger, but for some reason I had a feeling that Lizote was happy for an entirely different reason….
“Isn’t he though? Of course my Little Alt has always been perfect, but I raised him to be even more perfect than perfection itself!” (mom)
“Yes he shall make my Tessa a PERFECT husband.” (Lizote)
“……………………..What?” (mom)
Mom’s face just kinda froze in between pride and shock. Meanwhile Lizote gave the shiteating grin hungry wolves probably have when they find a deer who managed to break all of its legs.
I don’t look like this when I smile while torturing people right? No that can’t be I’m too beautiful to ever ma-………….. HANDSOME!!!!! TO AMAZINGLY RUGGEDLY HANDSOME!!!!!! to ever make an expression like that. Get it together Alt, you’ll end up one of those weirdos who needs to take a mirror with them everywhere just to stare at themselves if this keeps up…. Although………… NO BAD ALT!!!!!!!!!!!!! DON’T GO THERE, DON’T EVEN THINK THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mom still hadn’t moved or reacted in any way. It was like her operating system or whatever really HAD crashed at this point.
I think she just gave mom an error……….. I wonder if divines can reboot a living thing like a computer when it crashes. Huh……. Something to ask Sally later if I can remember…………
“Oh yes, remember our deal, the one we both sealed our lives and the lives of all in our kingdoms on? Your first child would wed mine. You remember that don’t you Natasha?” (Lizote)
Mom had a look of fear that I had never seen on her face before, but then sudden confidence replaced it.
“HAH! Nice try Lizzie, but we made that oath to unite our bloodlines, and little Alty isn’t of my blood! Plus he’s already engaged to be married and his future wife will not allow him to take another!” (mom)
Now Lizote looked like a certain fictional disappearing cat I remember from some story of my old world…. It was damn near frightening……
Oh look the grin CAN get bigger….. It is also kinda sad that mom brings THAT up as a valid reason for me not to……… have…….. a………. fiancée?
“Yes that was ONE interpretation of our oath, but we never specified our first children had to be from both of our BLOODLINES now did we?” (Lizote)
I watched as mom, the woman who I had read about in history books described as certain death. The one who rules her kingdom with an iron fist wrapped with barbed wire and coated in titanium. The one who had slain an ANCESTOR ON HER OWN on MORE than one occasion, trembled and gave Lizote an almost pleading look.
“B-b-but Alty is already p-p-promised to a-a-another?” (mom)
She didn’t even have the confidence to make that sentence sound like a statement. This was just…… sad…… it’s like watching a cat toy with a mouse, no that’s to tame to describe THIS, it’s like watching MOM toy with an annoying MALE that she found……… I almost wish Lizote would just take mercy on mom and say the rest of what Empathic Acts says she’s holding back….
Lizote’s grin finally crossed over into demonic and terrifying. I almost wanted to go wait in another room with Fera and the girls……….
“Oh Natasha are you talking about that silly binding contract you wrote up? The one you kept in the warded case above your office door?” (Lizote)
Mom flinched like someone had stabbed her.
“H-h-h-h-h-how?” (mom)
“’How’ did I find out? Or did you mean ‘How’ do I know exactly where it is? Well I guess it would be more accurate to say WAS, wouldn’t it?” (Lizote)
“W-w-w-w-what?” (mom)
“Yes I came a day early to inspect the palace, you know to make sure it was safe for my little Tessa, and when I got to your office I saw that hanging up. I was sooooooo surprised. Obviously you must have forgotten our OATH to each other, that’s understandable it HAS been quite some time since we first made it, but the way the contract was made didn’t allow either party to undue it once it was signed. I took it upon myself to have some of my best contra-mages destroy the wards and enchantments making the contract a permanent seal. It was very powerful magic binding it, but not absolute. They should be done destroying all those intricate inner bindings riiiiiiiiiiggggggghhhhhhht abooooouuuuuuuut now, just in time for Tessa and Altorus’ engagement. Isn’t that the most wonderful coincidence?” (Lizote)
Mom’s face turned to absolute horror as she heard Lizote talking. After Lizote finished speaking she suddenly collapsed and just screamed. Her own shadow ate her, a process I now recognize as moms teleporting ability.
“Heh. Ah poor Natasha, with your powers you might’ve even been able to stop it in time, that is if I had actually taken it only yesterday……………………… Now then Alty, now that your mother isn’t here to lord your very presence over me,  want to have a little chat with your Auntie Lizote?” (Lizote)
OH FUCK NO!!!! I SAW what your last “little chat” did to mom!!! No way in HELL I’m volunteering for something like THAT!!!
Lizote just looked at me and gave the scary demonic grin again.
“Oh little Alty I’m afraid that wasn’t really a question. More like a polite demand.”
Polite demand my cute little ASS!!! Lets see if I-……………… Wait…………Ummmmmmm…… didn’t I THINK that?………………… I’m fairly sure I only THOUGHT that, but if she heard it then…………. OH SHIT!!!!
“Yes Alty, your mental shield IS impressive, one of the best I’ve seen in fact, but that isn’t enough to stop ME. How do you think I was able to survive against your CLEARLY more powerful mother in the old days? Come on, I KNOW your a smart boy and you read lots of Vampeerus history, take a guess.” (Lizote)
“………………………………… Of course Auntie Lizote. I’d love to talk with you!” (Alt)
Lizote walked up to me and clapped me gently on the shoulder. Then she began walking towards the luxury guest quarters, and motioned for me to follow her.
I did.
Mom, come back soon. I can’t handle Auntie Lizote all on my own……………..

Chapter 12

I have learned a lot about myself and my new world in these past four years. Firstly this world.
This world is fucking HUGE! I mean I’m not really sure how big my old world was, but this place has 13 continents and only four of them could ever be called “small”, and even that’s only if I’m comparing them to the others. It seems that each continent is connected by something called the nexus, which if I understood mom right, is just basically a system of linked special points that had a dimension arch constructed on it to further link them. Whenever she was talking I kept thinking of something similar in my memories. Now I just wish I remembered the premise of Stargates…..
Another fun fact is that this world is filled with different sentient races and kingdoms. I mean I KNEW there were humans, and I expected elves and dwarves and other fantasy races, but this, THIS is ridiculous.
There are: the Weres, people with animal features. The Arcane, like humans, but BETTER and made of magic. Sectia, basically bug people, mom said that they are CONSTANTLY at war between tribes, and they are the only race that has THEIR OWN content all to themselves…. There were probably more than that, but I couldn’t remember all the forgotten, hidden, and extinct races, and DON’T even START on the variants for some races…..
Mom seemed to figure out I was hiding how smart I was, after she came back from doing “Mommy things”, she sat me down and gave me the classic “I know, so just confess and make it easier on yourself talk.” Turns out my vocabulary and understanding capability didn’t really surprise her much, she just said “As expected of my little Alt.” and moved past it. Apparently my having the mind of an obviously postpubescent doesn’t stop Bath-Time-Embarrassment-Hell though…. One can apparently never be “to mature to bond with family”………….. Mom thinks in a weird way……… she was more concerned about Yan and Till hanging around me than the fact her toddler son was capable of having post-graduate level conversations with her………………
Fera seemed to not change that much when she went into the final stages of my bloods effects, although she did stop having those weird pain seizures, and converted Yan and Till to her religion of me…… they even convinced mom to build a house of worship and have it recognized by the state. We now have a little temple next to the palace, and Fera and Yan are working on the “holy texts”……….. I would have been seriously freaked out if I didn’t get 10 more faith points after the temple was finished, after that I just accepted it and helped them plan to spread the word of the {Ascendant Angel}. But only for the faith points……… Yeah……..
Then was the discovery of the biggest weakness of the “Power of Cute”, it doesn’t work NEARLY as well on those young, or with low impulse control. I learned THAT little factoid when mom said I needed to start developing my supporting factions, read MINIONS, at an early age and put me into vampire preschool. Everything was fine, even if it was boring as all hell. that is until I cut myself during play time. That was when I learned even using Black Blood’s upgrade to lower its allure to the minimum and putting all my cuteness to the max wouldn’t stop a horde of vamp kids. A horde of fast moving, relentless, dead eyed, wont-fucking-stay-down, Vampeerus children.
Needless to say when Yan and Fera came to pick me up that day and saw me huddled in the corner hiding behind the teacher crying quietly and rocking, preschool came to a stop. It took a lot of explaining to stop the mass murder of children that day…. Mom was the worst out of everyone, and she still shut down the school.
It was decided that we would wait until I was old enough to attend a mixed race school before mom outsourced my education again. I argued that time down from 300 to 12, the cost of THAT little win still haunts me when I see frilly dresses or recording crystals…..
Oh and I learned to sew……….. then I made maid outfits for the girls, for purely therapeutic reasons…. For some reason a week later they changed from the classic black to storm grey…. I didn’t think too deeply about how they were now matching my eyes and hair….. or how they multiplied……
I had also gotten a lot of lessons from mom after she took over my education, and I gotta say that lady is fucking TERRIFYING! Most of the lessons were ok, but then there was “the fundamentals of torture” and “evidence removal” or “basics of training and mind breaking” that last one was where I met Philly again. When she saw me she cried and cowered behind me whimpering and wouldn’t even LOOK NEAR mom…….
I’m glad that I’m her son and not some random male she met out on the street, mom seems to hate all males on principle, I picked that up over the six years of rants featuring them as a gender in general, with the sole exception of her Alty-Walty……… I am totally fine with that, especially as it means she won’t be using her SCARY-DARKNESS-TORTURE-DEATH powers on me…………………..
Another fun discovery I made was when mom talked to me about being a Phantus Vampeerus……… Apparently our kind are usually killed on discovery because we tend to, well, go insane and attempt to enslave any and everyone around us into blood worshiping slaves…… Oh and Phantus are heavily possessive so when they reach that stage they usually attempt to conquer the world……. Yaaaay!!!!
After a quick prayer to Sally and a long chat with mom I was able to narrow down the reason for all that crazy in my bloodline. Apparently it happens because Phantus siphon a bit of soul from those that drink their blood, which eventually overwrites their own soul permanently corrupting them and driving them mad……… Sally said I have a much bigger soul than normal due to me being some sort of Demigod-Vampeerus hybrid. Apparently it draws my victims into worshiping ME and not my blood, but I wasn’t in anyway immune to the side effects. I agree with mom completely when she said I should only permanently effect people as a last resort, much easier to just make my enemies powerless and willing to die for me, THEN kill them. Problem solved………… except I have to wait for my soul to cleanse itself of their soul remnants……. Which from some experimenting I found takes about a month on average. Needless to say I paid MUCH closer attention to mom’s “basics of training and mind breaking” lessons after that………..
I will say this for learning about my bloodline, I found some hidden abilities in between all the bad news.
{ Black Blood [Ancestral]: with the sudden death of the previous Phantus Ancestor, you meet the requirements to inherit a portion of her power. Caution, you have not been chosen as the new ancestor, position increased to (eastern) recognized family head. }
{ Black Blood’s Allure: your blood is irresistible to races that feed on blood, and will crave it more than any other. Races that do not feed on blood will still crave yours, but to a far lesser degree. Increases your charm by extreme amounts.  [Now able to actively lessen its effects, permanently lowers mana pool 50%] }
{ Black Blood’s Consistency: with the consumption of your blood a creature will find it to be the best thing they have consumed. Races that feed on blood will experience feelings of extreme ecstasy, satisfaction, and happiness while also restoring them in mind and body. Other races will experience these effects, but to a lesser degree. Regular consumption over time or overconsumption of your blood will cause irreversible effects of: loyalty to the Phantus drunken from< obedience to the Phantus drunken from< devotion to the Phantus drunken from< obsession with the Phantus drunken from [< worship to the Phantus drunken from< other overriding effects chosen by the Phantus who next gives blood, if not the Phantus who has brought the target to this stage you must give more blood total compared to the previous Phantus.] Ascending in that order based on the quantity or frequency your blood was consumed. Outside of your body your blood will quickly degrade becoming highly toxic and acidic within 24 hours losing all its other effects. }
{ Black Blood’s Circulation: As this blood flows through you, you are immune to its effects as well as any other form of mental manipulation, as are those in late stages of black blood consumption. Due to the rich quality of your blood you can draw sustenance from it as long as there is some present within your body. Within your body blood is produced at an incredible rate, capable of replacing all blood present in your body within [seconds, permanently decreases mana pool by 10%]. }
{ Black Blood’s Regeneration: as long as there is blood and mana circulating within your body, you are able to recover from and regenerate any wound. Immune from [increased] disease and [increased] poison. Caution this takes place automatically and drains your blood and mana [constantly by 10%]. }
{ Black Blood’s Absolution [locked]: as long as someone has consumed your blood, you may give them one absolute order that they will do all they are able to, to follow. Caution impossible orders that can’t be followed will result in ability null. Ability resets every month for the Phantus, every year for the target. }
{ Black Blood’s Dominion [locked]: you are able to freely manipulate your blood internally and externally. You may change its inherent density, viscosity, shape, texture, type, movement, and qualities. This will merge with the Blood Magic ability learned and lower all mana costs for blood based magic. }
{ Black Blood’s Limit-Burst [locked]: you are able to enter a combat state that increases all stats by the Phantus’ highest stat. this ability currently may only be used for 1 minute. Caution without mastery, using this ability will but you into state: Blood-Rage. Exceeding suggested use time will result in loss of consciousness, and possible death. }
{ Black Blood’s Bestowal [locked]: as the Ancestor of your bloodline, you may bestow the Black Blood ability to those outside of your bloodline. This bestowed ability is not inheritable. Caution non-Phantus are prone to total madness as they are unable to handle the mental, physical, and spiritual toll of Black Blood. }

Now if I could JUST figure out how to unlock them….. Especially Black Blood’s Dominion…….
I asked mom to start teaching me magic a year ago, but all she really knew how to do was Warding and enchanting. Those are useful, sure, but they take FOREVER to learn. It’s basically just coding, but you have to MEMORISE then RECORD all of that code. Basically something that I won’t be able to use for a long time now. It seems that Vampeerus don’t really USE magic since their NATURAL abilities seem to do similar things. Mom says they also tend to be MUCH more powerful, but if I REALLY wanted to learn I could when I went to the mixed race school, IT would have magic classes.
But possibly the worst thing I discovered was this.
As I looked in the mirror I saw my reflection. I was beautiful. It was horrible.
I wasn’t handsome, I didn’t have Rugged-Manly-Charm or the sexy punk-rock-star look vampires were supposed to have in movies. No I was Beautiful. Gorgeous. Cute.
My face was soft and delicate looking, my eyes were innocent looking storm grey with long lashes and PERFECTLY complimented my fine, delicate features and cheeks. My hair was a dark grey, practically charcoal, long and silky, reaching my mid-back and flowing. It framed my face in the best way, with my bangs naturally ending before they would reach my lower forehead. And my smile, BY SALLY my smile. Its no wonder I can get whatever I want with it.
Is it weird if I’m attracted to myself? NO BAD ALT! No perving out on kids…….. WAIT!!!!!! NO BAD ALT!!!!! This is YOU you’re talking about. YOU’RE A GUY DAMNIT!!!!! AND YOUR YOU!!!! YOU CANT PERV OUT ON YOURSELF ALT THAT’S FUCKING WEIRD!!!!!!!!!!!!
I was going through the same old routine I always do when I look at myself from the outside. Hell half the time I have to CHECK if the Thunder-Down-Under is even still THERE!!! So today was a good day so far.
Mom has been overjoyed that her son isn’t ANYTHING like those males she hates, but I’m just kinda depressed……….. I even argued with Sally for WEEKS to change how I look, but apparently THIS apperence is PERMINTLY AFIXED to my soul now. It was also apparently Helatia who made the framework, sure my unnaturally huge charm has had a MAJOR effect, but I blame her. It’s easier that way.
Even the girls weren’t any help with this, Fera even told me straight to my face that: “My angel, you look perfect as either gender you choose to be…….”    I locked myself in the closet for a day after THAT little pep-talk.
I SWEAR I WILL BURN HELATIA’S WHOLE FUCKING RELIGION DOWN AROUND HER IF SHE DID THIS AS REVENGE FOR FUCKING WITH HER!!!!!!!! There are some lines you JUST DON’T CROSS!!!!! Never mess with a man’s appearance and dreams. That’s sacred……….
I started to tear up a little.
OH Sally, don’t cry cutie…………………….….. FUCK!!!!!!! Calm down Alt!!! the Cuteness obeys you! NOT the other way around!
I dressed myself in one of my good FORMAL dress clothes. They were basically a long dress-looking-shirt (suspiciously dress like…… I think mom is responsible for this……….) and some loose flowing long pants. All in light and dark shades of grey.
Well hopefully mom’s friend won’t misjudge my MANLINESS OF MALE MANLINESS!!!!! as me being a little girl like the other guests mom has had lately……………
I took a final look at my appearance, pulled myself out of the puddle of AAAAAAAWWWWWWWWNNNNNNNN!!!! I melted onto again, and left the walk-in closet. Meeting up with Fera, Yan, and Till (Philly was still being trained) and we went to go to the palace’s main greeting hall. Mom should only be waiting for us to arrive.
Whelp…….. Time to go greet the queen of the north.

SS 5

Zair Foaster: Heroes companion, “Bastard Bladesman”, “Swift Death”, “The Unslain”

I have been called many things, done many things I’m not proud of, but this wasn’t one of them.
{Truly impressive mortal, you slew ALL of them… I feel you dying here as your friends go on to claim all the glory and rewards for your sacrifice would be a waste.} (???)
You shouldn’t talk about shit you don’t know anything about.
I looked away from the annoying box thing and up at the woman I loved. She was crying, she shouldn’t be crying this was a good day, a day that would be remembered forever along with her and her brother. This wasn’t a day for tears, especially not for me. We all knew what it meant when we chose to follow the heroes, it’s why companions never get written into the legends.
{Why not make a deal with me? I can make sure your friends there are safe from the remnants of the Mad King’s forces. Oh and his inevitable resurgence and kingdoms betrayal…..}
WHAT! He can’t rise again! I made sure to stab him in the heart with the sacred sword! He will never plague this land again! And the kingdom-…
{Yes the “sacred sword” whoever told your little group what it does? The kingdom that sent the two summoned “heroes” out on their own to defeat a force with superior military power because they had high magic potential? Even if one was only a child and the other an untrained girl? Tell me why would they give those two such an important relic if it even exists? No that was not their intent, but the “heroes” killing the enemy’s king was a good turn of fortune for them….} (???)
I had seen all I needed, the box was right. None of this had ever made sense, I knew that from the beginning. I just didn’t have anything to lose back then so I didn’t care. That changed.
I looked up at the woman I had seen grow, fight, and BELIEVE for the last three years. The woman who I came to love, I reached out and wiped her tears.
“ZAIR!!! Zair hold on! HEAL!!!! HEAL DAMNIT!!!! HEAL!!!!!!” (???)
I just smiled, she always did try to do the impossible didn’t she? No healing magic is going to save me now…. But I can still save her and her brother….
“Nat… KACCCKKKKK!!!! KACK KACKK!!!! DAMNIT!!!…….. Nat, listen to me. The kingdom betrayed us, no, was never on our side in the first place. They sent you and Garret to die, that isn’t the sacred sword. I… KACCKK HHUUUUUGGGHHHH!!!!! KACCKKK KAACKK!!!! I think you’re just a liability to them now…. Be careful……… Garret……. Take… your…. sister… away… now…. she……… shouldn’t………… see………………. this…………………….” (Zair)
{………….impressive mortal……. Truly you are a tribute to the best of your kind. Your heart shouldn’t even beat anymore but you still power through to warn your love of danger……. Yes I think you’ll do JUST perfectly….}
Heh I was always a stubborn bastard wasn’t I?…..
As I saw Garret dragging Nattily away from where I lay dying I thought back to how I got here…..

I never was one much for the Chivalry of the knights. No good could ever come from absolute adherence to a code that contradicts itself on multiple fronts. I was much happier being a mercenary for hire. Like that the only rules I followed were my own, never kill children or the innocent and honor my debts honestly. I had worked like this for the past four years, since I was fifteen. I taught myself how to use the sword, none of those fancy knight fencing techniques, just simple killing and disabling styles of my own design. I got very good at that.
When I meet the two heroes I was only traveling with them to make sure the kid Garret didn’t die on the road. His sister, Nattily seemed to know how to hold a sword, but that’s where her knowledge ended. I figured I could give them some pointers so they didn’t end up like all the other dumb kids who went out to “adventure” without knowing anything. They ended up following me on my next few jobs, nothing big just some bodyguard work and some bandit subjugation. I think it helped open up their eyes to the truth of this life. Kill or be killed.
Over time our little group grew fairly fond of each other, and they offered me my last job. They asked me to join them and become a hero, and I accepted. Someone had to keep these two from kicking the bucket on this ridiculous quest of theirs and ii had nothing to lose and no one to miss me. I figured it might as well be me, and who knew they might even manage to finish this impossible quest of theirs.
Over the next three years we grew even closer, meet with many people both good and bad. I feel in love with Nattily, and we picked up other trusted companions who wished to join us on our quest.
I told Nattily how I felt about her, and she seemed to feel the same. Garret already saw me as some sort of older brother after being together so long and teaching him so many things, so he was just as happy as we were. Our little family grew closer and for a month everything was perfect.
That changed when we eventually set off to sneak into the enemy’s castle and kill the Mad Demon King.
Tiskel the mage died first when he missed dispelling a protection ward.
Carla the archer went next as she covered our advance into the castle’s inner walls.
Anton held the bridge to the main tower for an hour. He was a brave man.
When we got to the throne rooms door, I knew it was my turn. Nat and Garret couldn’t kill the Mad King if they had to focus on an army breaking into the room at their flanks.
I told them that I would hold the doorway. That I would join them soon. That “No damned solider just outta training would bring me down.” I lied to my family.
When they came they stopped before me, they were probably wary after Anton’s final stand.
I wouldn’t disappoint them.
I waded into their ranks like death itself. My bastard sword took limbs and heads alike. I didn’t care if they hurt me, I didn’t notice the cuts and rends my body picked up. I didn’t care that my plated leather armor was as good as destroyed. All that mattered was that I was alive, I could still fight, and I was between them and the door. Eventually the tide of enemies ended. I had killed them all, but at the cost of my left arm, my good sword arm, and a lame leg that couldn’t support my weight. It was fine, I could still fight. I could still help my family.
I cast heal to stop the bleeding, there was no time to do anything more serious than that.
I went through the doorway and saw that things had taken a very poor turn.
Garret was gritting his teeth and holding an obviously broken arm that still held the sacred sword, and chanting “heal” to get it back into working order.
Meanwhile, Nat was holding off the Mad King in direct combat. Judging by the blood coming from her armor, she wouldn’t be able to hold out too much longer under the Mad King’s great sword.
The siblings needed a chance, and I would give it to them.
I rushed to meet the Mad King, he turned and with a flick of his sword brushed mine aside. It didn’t matter, it distracted him long enough for Nat to pull away and heal her brother. Garret was shit at healing magic, and if we had to wait for him this fight would end VERY poorly.
I fought the Mad King, and I feel I did very well considering. Yes he was just toying with me, making little cuts periodically to let me know he could kill me at any time. I didn’t care, he didn’t have anyone coming to help him anymore, Carla, Anton, and I made sure of it. Any time he gave us would only hurt him.
The siblings eventually rejoined the fight, and we might have even been winning at some point, but then the Mad King made a second sword out of magic and thrust it at Nat. she was open and wouldn’t be able to block in time, but I could.
I turned so I faced Nat directly in front of her.
I felt the sword pierce me through, but I didn’t let it fell me. I used everyone’s shock and I grabbed the sacred sword from Garret’s hand turned and Pierced the Mad kings chest with it.
I looked him in the eyes and smiled when I saw the shock in them. No one seems to keep their guard up after delivering a mortal wound…
We both fell, me towards my family, the Mad King towards his throne.
I felt Nat pick me up as I saw her and Garret crying over me.
“….. We Did it!……….” (Zair)
I felt my life start to wane.
That was when I saw the box appear…..

{You are nearing your end Zair Foaster, but I still have some use for you. You seem to have a knack for pulling off the impossible, and killing the unkillable. I have a future Demon King that is in the way of my plans, and I’d like you to remove it for me.} (???)
If you’ll take care of my family…… I’ll do anything…………..…..
{I’ll see that its done. you’ll be going to an all new world my new chosen…………..} (???)

SS 4

Tiffany: First daughter of Gerald, Herald of true ends, sacred beast of the {Ascendant Angel}, Fluffy-Cuteness-Of DOOM

I am a Destroyer.
I am Doom.
I am an unstoppable force.
A Huntress.
The daughter of Divinity.
I am a sacred beast and my destiny is to-…..
“Tiffy-Wiffy, your Papa was being mean to meeeeeeeeee…… Come here and give me FLUFF FLUFF to console me!!!!!” (Sally)
Oh! The creator needs my mighty powers!
“Yiiiiiip! COMING! I’m coming!” (Tiffany)
I looked up from the jungle realm I was roaming and hunting through and ran to meet the creator. It was hard to keep track of how to shift through all the realms of the creator’s divine plain, but I was the best at it out of everyone.
Papa Gerald doesn’t count though…….
“Papa can do everything perfectly anyway so comparing isn’t fair Yip.” (Tiffany)

I finally came to where the creator likes to stay, it was a strange place like always.
There was nothing but grey barren wasteland with countless weapons and gravestones embedded into the ground as far as the eye could see. Everything was covered in dark storm clouds and it rained constantly here. The only part that was clear was the part the creator always stayed near. It was where light shined through the clouds and the rain, weapons, and graves stopped in a circle around the big statue and throne. The statue looked like the creator, only she was in armor not her remnant and she was crying.
Whenever the creator looks at it she always seems so sad, so I don’t know why she doesn’t just move.
Papa says it reminds her of the past…. Back before the creator got a new name and new purpose, but I don’t know anything about that…. I just don’t like seeing the creator sad……
I could see the creator, she was staring at the big sword, the one that looked in perfect condition compared to all the others, and the one embedded closest to the throne. The one that shows Alty on it all the time.
“Creator!!! Yip!” (Tiffany)
The creator turned and had a big smile when she saw me. My powers are at work already. I ran up and leapt into creator’s lap, snuggled, and started to purr.
“AAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWNNNNNNN!!!! TIFFY-WIFFY YOU ALWAYS MAKE ME FEEL BETTER!!!!! Your nothing like your big-meanie papa are you? No my Tiffy-Wiffy is better than mean-old Gerald isn’t she?  Oh geez you are just the cutest little puff of fluff EVER!!!!!” (Sally)
Ahhhhhhh the creator knows JUST how to pet me………. I am soooooo lucky I am the one she picked for the special duty, I get Alty AND the creator….
I looked at the sword showing Alty, but I couldn’t understand what he was doing.
That’s not how Papa explained mating…….
“Creator Yip? Why is Alty putting that hot metal thing in that female’s special place Yip? Why are the other ones holding her down Yip? Is she a prey or a mate?” (Tiffany)
The creator made a face I had never seen before. It was funny looking, like she was worried or amused, but couldn’t pick one to be. The creator is silly sometimes.
“Oh, ummm…. It’s because her blood tastes like coconut…………. Ummm…….. I don’t think you need to know more than that right now Tiffy-Wiffy. You’ll understand more when you get bound to Alty later….. Don’t tell Papa Gerald about seeing this ok?…..” (Sally)
The creator is so silly sometimes Papa has been behind her for a while now, I don’t need to tell him. He has seen what we’ve seen already……
“Oh what are you teaching my first daughter today mistress Sally?………..” (Gerald)
Oh look creator made another silly face! That one looks scared but smiley! The creator should really learn how to pick only one face to try and make….
“H-h-how long have you b-been there Ger-Ger?…….” (Sally)
“ ’tastes like coconut…’…. So how do you wish to plea?” (Gerald)
The creator turned and smiled at papa, she looks really pretty when she smiles like that….. I wish she would do it more, we all try to get her to, but none of us more than Papa. He says she needs to smile to help her forget…
“Innocent of all charges your honor!” (Sally)
Papa smiled back, but for some reason he showed all of his sharp teeth instead of retracting them…. I thought we weren’t supposed to do that to non-prey though Papa?
“I see………… I find you guilty of all charges. Your punishment will be non-fluffy-hell-mauling for two hours….” (Gerald)
Creator and papa disappeared, probably to that open field realm they like to play in. The one with all the flowers and butterflies and lack of prey.
I hope they are having fun….
I looked at the runes carved into the base of the statue.
Sally needs more fun…

SS 3

{Do not be alarmed I am called Hellatia, daughter of Isireya and Moldovaus, goddess of conviction and renewal. I have a task for you to do for me my faithful high priestess………..}

When mother told me that I would be getting a younger sibling soon I couldn’t contain my excitement! When she said that its father wouldn’t be Moldovaus, I was a LITTLE disappointed, but we are divine and sticking to one partner for more than a few millennia usually doesn’t work for us. It’s why I decided never to get involved with any of the divine like that, what was the point when the relationship would just end?
When mom said that the father was mortal, I got confused. I asked how a mortal was able to mix faith points with her, or shape the being they created?
She just said they didn’t, something about not being able to go back to divines any more, and that she would be gone for about a year. Telling me she wouldn’t visit for a year was kinda embarrassing, like she thought I was still 100,000,000 and needed help doing EVERYTHING……
When she came back three years later saying that everything was taken care of, I barely even noticed that she was gone. I was confused why my little sibling wasn’t there with her though.
Mother said that my little brother had to stay in the mortal realm for now, well that was fine. I would just watch over him from my divine plain and bring him to the divine realms when he was ready.
My little brother was weird…. He read and watched all sorts of stuff and seemed really smart for a mortal (of course he was he is MY brother after all), but it was never about stuff that could actually happen in the world he lived. He was never able to hold down a job or relationship of any real value for more than a year or two, and around his quarter century he died trying save his currant date from a thief. His death was in vain though, because the thief just raped and killed her after he was dead.
I gave him a tumor in his brain for that. He would die in immense pain over the course of three months as he suffered from constant and ever more painful and severe headaches.
I decided it was time to go bring my brother to a realm I had more influence in, where I could start to bring him where he truly belonged. Mother even offered to help, but I could do this by myself. I was a reliable older sister now after all.
I put his soul in the void for a while to wipe away all the mortality clinging to it.
I lost his soul. I had only looked away for a century or two, I just couldn’t take all the math he was doing. Who does that?
Most people try to recall their past and get flashes of the important parts of their lives, my little brother did math……..
I looked for him for a long time, and after a few millennia I wasn’t sure if I would ever find him, or if he would be anything more than an empty soul. I had really screwed up this time.
I found him. He was counting now… at least it was better than the quantum theoretical calculus. I was a DIVINE and I could barely follow THAT.
We talked and…….. My brother is an asshole.
I mean yes I can understand why, but he could have TRIED to be nice to me. Sure I didn’t really introduce myself, but HE never gave me the chance. He just made up some stupid name to call me.
Near the end of the talk I had thought we might be getting closer, that this “nickname” thing was just his way of bonding with me. I told him what he should do to get in contact with me and help me gain enough Faith to help him, but he IGNORED me!
He TRICKED me into using all that faith on him giving him powers, powers I would have given him anyway if he had JUST ASKED, and then let some random force reincarnate him.
THAT scared me, it was like the Void itself just kidnaped him. I tried searching the realms I had affixed to his soul, but I couldn’t find him.
That was when he prayed to me, sure it was that “nickname” he gave me, put it was what I needed to find him so I let it slide this time.
I maaaaaaayyyyyyyy have vented a little frustration at him, but I did tell him how to find and use mana. Being half divine and MY brother, it should only take him a few months to use it. Nothing like those other mortals and their years of intense training. Though when he said he would “destroy my religion” it did kinda scare me. Doing all these miracles for him had taken up most of the faith I had at the moment….
I was so HAPPY when brother communed with me, sure he was still using that “nickname” thing, but it shouldn’t become a problem yet.
He wasn’t communing, the idiot thought he was dead, like I would let anything kill him again…. Although that may be a little hard to enforce If I can’t even FIND him. I brought mother, father, and any other divines I could trust in to pool our faith and try and find him, but it didn’t work… We even named him our chosen, that should have instantly let us know EVERYTHING about his whereabouts and actions, but it didn’t work.
That frustration may have leaked out while we talked…
I might have snapped a little when I found out how he was using that “nickname”, but it was only because Divines aren’t supposed to DO that. We don’t recognize gods or other higher things other than our parents, and not even them sometimes. But my brother DID, and he had even given this concept a MONIKER, which was all it needed for the Void to recognize it as a true manifestation of faith.
That conversation was when I meet HER.
That bitch was taking my brother away from me, and even blocked me from talking with him until I APOLOGIZE to her. Like I’ll apologize to the bitch that came between me and my little brother. She ruined EVERYTHING!!! My plan to make brother a full divine will take FOREVER to do now. We can’t even share faith anymore because SHE would siphon it from him while he is still part mortal.
He probably only likes her because she’s a little pretty.
The PERFECT face. PERFECT long, silky, glowing, silver hair. PERFECT glowing, silver feathered wings. PERFECT voice like a choir of innocent children. PERFECT proportions. And those PERFECT. FUCKING. ENORMOUS. USELESS. HUNKS. OF. FAT. SHE. CALLS. TITS!!!!!!
If I had that “mature” feel to me, I’m sure brother wouldn’t have been seduced away from me.
If only mother and father had given me a body that doesn’t look like a mortal 10 year old’s……
Then how she keeps trying to CONNECT and BOND with me, like we should be best friends or something. How am I supposed to BOND with that bitch!?!?!
But I have a plan, I talked to mother and she told me how to do it. She said it should be easy for me……
She also said that I shouldn’t be like her and that I should always wait for true love….. whatever the fuck that means…..
I have JUST the person in mind, she would do anything if I asked it of her……….

{I need you to make a baby. One that shall become my mortal manifestation in this world. Go do so now please.} (Hellatia)
“O-of course my goddess! My chastity was saved for your use! ……Ummm does the partner matter at all?” (High Priestess)
{What partner? I just need you to make a baby for me…} (Hellatia)
“…….. Well I need a partner to…… never mind……. Of course the innocent goddess wouldn’t understand……… I SHALL DO AS YOU COMMAND MY GODDESS!!! I shall return to the temple in two hours.” (High Priestess)
I observed her through the screen displayed by the pillar as she left my temple’s holy inner chapel.
Now I just have to wait… Mother said it usually takes under a year, I’m sure brother can wait that long…. He said his name was Altorus here right? Boys with a name like that born two years ago shouldn’t be too hard to find…..
I left my Pillar of Faith, the thing that divines use to interact with mortals without overloading or killing them with our divine visage. I looked into the clear pool of celestial water it manifests as and I currently stood in, and saw my reflection.
The innocent looking child, with long light grey hair and inquisitive storm grey eyes. The cute face, and flat figure that mother and father gave me. I saw my reflection smile.
Big sister is coming soon Altorus………..I like that name so much more than……………….

Chapter 11

After fourteen hours of playing 20 questions (the 1,000 question version), going over the escape plan, and reassuring Yan that I had no problem with “Cleansing her friend”…… even if she held a dagger to my throat less than 2 days ago….. We heard footsteps approaching the door.
After helping Yan back into her armor after my……. “Inspection”…….. of her………….. capabilities, the door opened up, and a petite Vampeerus in the same leather armor as Yan looked in on us.
“Yanta, it’s time for my shift of guard duty, so you can leave this shit-hol-…… WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU?!?! What’s with all this BLOOD!!!!!” (???)
“This is what happens when you leave a small child ALL ALONE in a small dark room. Did any ever think to CHECK why he was crying for HOURS?!?! Well I did, and turns out he had bashed his head into a wall when he threw a tantrum or something….. Don’t you people remember that we need him ALIVE for our plans?” (Yan)
The guard looked really nervous when she heard Yan say that, and I could tell she was starting to panic a little as she looked around the room. Her eyes focused back on me, and I could feel the spark of relief and something else, probably a suppressed reaction to my cuteness over shadowed by her panic, appear in her eyes.
“Uhhhh h-he’s o-ok n-now right? No p-permanent d-damage right? He looks fine now!” (???)
“Yes he is NOW after I gave him emergency aid, and a large portion of MY blood to counterbalance all the blood HE lost because YOUR unit couldn’t do the ONE FUCKING JOB we gave you!” (Yan)
Yan got up and walked out of the cell. I got to say, her acting was impeccable. Even WITH Empathic Acts I couldn’t sense any falsehood from her words or actions….. When Yan told me she was good at the whole “Spy Stuff” thing I didn’t think she was THIS good. No wonder she was able to infiltrate mom’s palace so easily. Security probably LET her in…..
After Yan was almost to a staircase at the far end of the hall outside my cell she turned back and glared at the guard.
“Now if you can just do you job like you’re not a complete INCOMPETENT, I can get cleaned up and come back with my partner to relieve you from you and your unit’s duties. At least with Tillyasa and I, the child won’t DIE before we can ransom him. If you actually fucking WATCH HIM this time perhaps the higher ups will let your unit off with only MINOR punishments…”
The petite red-head guard was damn near trembling and crying at this point, all she could do was nod her head hard up and down as she tried to get ahold of herself.
I guess Yan was under exaggerating how much authority she actually had in this organization…. If what she just said was all true, she just damn near destroyed this girl and her unit’s careers… without even having a real cause…. Not that they will have a career a day from now anyway…..
Yan walked up the steps leaving the guard to shut me back into my fun little prison cell, only this time I could see her eyes peeping in from the hole in the door.
Now I just have to wait…. Damn who knew Yan was such a perfect tactician, her plans make mine seem like some sort of toddlers story…. I can’t even find any realistic scenario she didn’t plan for…. I think she will be a PERFECT addition to my power base….. and those big, soft, springy twins she’ll bring with her are pretty nice too……………..


Everything was going the way I had planned so far.
If everything continues like this I’ll have the master out and taking his rightful revenge within the day….. But now, NOW is the hard part….
I walked calmly towards the room I shared with Till. I ignored all the stares my filthy attire brought me, none of these low level operatives could question me, only the high generals and nobility leading this cause had the authority to question my or Till’s actions….. and even they wouldn’t dare, we practically MADE this movement into what it is today. Without our mission success in the field HALF of these people wouldn’t be here, and the other half would be dead when Queen Natasha found the FIRST base.
Needless to say, while people might stare and wonder why I’m covered in blood and…. Other things…. No one will be raising any alarms. At least, not until after it is much to late.
I finally arrived in front of the shared room, and paused to collect myself. If ever there was a point my plan could collapse down on itself it was here.
Till has always been able to read me best… perhaps even better than master can… but now I HAVE to get her to believe me. She CAN’T doubt me, if she doubts me she’ll keep her guard up and I CAN’T overpower Till in a fair fight. Master gave me this chance, a chance I don’t even deserve, so Till HAS to be cleansed….. I don’t want to have to kill her….
I took a deep breath and settled myself. I went to that quiet part of myself that I found when I used to play pretend as a child. The part I nurtured and grew as I learned how to play pretend as an adult. The part that has lead countless Vampeerus into dancing in my palms right up until I slipped in the knife that ended their lives forever.
The part that I now went deeper into then I ever went before…..
To the point I had always feared to go to in the past….
to the point I even stopped believing it was all pretend….
To the point that I forgot that there was anything beyond the quiet place…..
I put on the smile that only Till would recognize as me being the “Old Yan” again….
I opened the door….

“Why did we BOTH have to watch over the Brat again?” (Till)
We were walking down the stair case that lead to the special cell that held the young prince. It had taken a while to prove to Till that the ward that effected my behavior had warn off over time, but eventually she saw the truth. It was weird to think back on how I acted under that ward’s influence, the memories are all fuzzy and indistinct, all I can remember clearly is I had to stay in the prince’s cell with him, because the guards were too incompetent to check on a child’s condition when it’s screaming for hours on end. Idiots caused me to have to give up a full day of sleep….
“Because Till, I’m about to drop from being forced to feed that brat MY OWN blood, THEN staying up the whole time to make sure he doesn’t accidentally kill himself while I slept. Look at this way, at least we get to sleep in shifts for the week, or at least until the ransom goes through. Being babysitters is not the worst mission we’ve done for the cause.” (Yan)
I looked back at my best friend, when she was out of the full cover stealth gear Till might be even more attractive then most men attempt to be. She had fine-lined features, amber eyes, pixie cut brunette hair, and the athletic figure I always wanted on myself. To most Till would be gorgeous, and possibly even mistaken for nobility, but to me she was still the girl that couldn’t even LOOK at men THAT WAY without blushing and almost fainting.
Till made a face like she was contemplating what I said. We were almost at the bottom of the stairway, and the cell was now in view, as was the guard, Philas or something to that extent I think her name was, who was so focused on the inside of the cell she hadn’t noticed our arrival.
“Yeah, I guess there is that. I was getting tired of all the fighting and sneaking around we have had to do lately anyway. This can be like our little vacation. Our unpleasant, cramped vacation.” (Till)
I returned the smile that Till gave me, she always was one to find the best in a situation and mock it incessantly. I loved that about her. Then I turned to the guard who had just noticed our arrival and opened the cell.
“All you have to do is leave and let no one else down here until the negotiation with the Queen is over. Don’t bother with the door I’ll close and seal it myself. Wouldn’t want your unit to fuck THAT up too, I’d hate to have to be in here when we deliver the brat to the queen, and THAT is fairly likely to happen if we leave YOU in charge of this operation any longer.” (Yan)
The guard just nodded and tried to not cry in front of us. She still hadn’t moved.
“That meant you were DISMISSED solider. Go on you have your new orders. Go carry them out.” (Till)
Till walked confidently into the cell, but I didn’t move. For some reason I couldn’t identify, I was compelled to wait. I watched as the guard left, and stayed where I was until I could no longer hear her footsteps even when I strained to.
“Hey Yan, I know this is gonna be boring and you didn’t get any sleep, but that’s no reason to just zone out.” (Till)
I looked at her and saw Till looking back at me with concern from within the cell.
“You know, I could do this all by myself, I’m sure you could do more out here than you could with me babysitting. Plus that way you get to sleep in an actual bed and not this cell’s cold floor. I wouldn’t mind…” (Till)
I smiled at my best friend, she was always so much more concerned for me than anything and everything else around her. She was like my sweet and caring older sister in all things but blood.
“No, there’s nothing really left for me to do since we got the kid, and I don’t want to leave you to suffer all alone. Besides, what would YOU do when lack of sleep caught up to you in there?” (Yan)
I walked into the cell and stood behind Till. She really didn’t think things through sometimes, I worry about what would happen to her without me always there to remind her of things…
For some reason I decided the door had to stay open, and left it that way.
“Yeah, I guess there is that….              Anyway brat listen up, I don’t have much Sleepweed left on me, and I’d rather not waste the stuff if I don’t have to. So here is how this’ll go, you’re going to be a good quiet boy and I w-won’t have to drug your ass, g-got it?” (Till)
Till seemed to be looking anywhere but directly at the prince, and her voice wavered a little when she spoke, but I understand why. I don’t remember the little prince ever being this cute… it’s hard to WANT to do anything bad to him, and it seemed Till was fighting these same feelings judging by the way she was acting.
“Yes, just try not to hurt yourself or anything this time around, ok cutie?” (Yan)
Something was wrong, this isn’t how I’m supposed to act, I haven’t SAID the word cutie and actually MEANT it for at least a century, probably more. There must be something wrong, some sort of magic the little prince gives off maybe….
“Y-yeah, we don’t w-want to have to do anything to h-h-hurt you….. so just stay there quietLLLLLYYYYYY!!!!!…………………………………….. YAN WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!?!?! LET ME UP!!!!!!!” (Till)
For some reason I was holding my best friends arms behind her back as I pressed her into the floor. I recognized this as the hold Till taught me to strip a stronger opponent of any leverage they could use to escape.
Strange why am I using this on Till?
“Were there any complications Yan?” (Alt)
The prince calmly got up and walked towards where I held Till. His voice was clear and beautiful, not too high or to low, but crisp and wonderful like bells. It was a voice that seemed like it could belong to either gender, and for some reason it made me happy to hear it directed to me.
It’s strange that such a young child, not even into his first decade can talk so fluently, but it’s even stranger that I can’t seem to bring myself to mind it…
“No master everything is progressing as I predicted.” (Yan)
“………..Yanta?……..” (Till)
That’s strange why would I call this cute child master? I’m not a servant, and I have never been one to belittle myself to others, especially not children…
I could feel something wrong, there was some inconsistency inside of me. This child was obviously my master, but I have never had a master. Till was my best friend and I would do anything to protect her, but right now I’m holding her down in front of a potentially, incredibly dangerous prisoner. One that seemed to have utterly fooled everyone around him into thinking he was harmless.
Why am I doing this? Why do I feel this way?
I felt something click in my mind, and felt a wave of slight dizziness overcome me.
Oh that’s right it’s because I’m not real……. The old Yanta died in this room hours ago, I’m just the construct of what was left. The pretend doll that the REAL Yanta created to further the plan…. Of course that’s why I didn’t recognize my master…. It……. all……….. makes…………sense……….now………………………….
I felt the persona slip away, returning back to the quiet place in my mind where I found it.
It had worked, using all of my talent to create an entirely new persona to take control of my body and fool my victim worked on Till.
I wasn’t sure if Till would’ve been able to see through this persona like my others, but I guess it was close enough to the old me to fool even HER….. That’s good, now she can be cleansed and I won’t have to be her enemy anymore…..
I looked down at Till and smiled, she looked up at me and her expression changed from shocked and angry to fearful. She shouldn’t be afraid, the cleansing is SO very pleasant…… I’m sure she’ll enjoy it. I’ll tell her so she won’t be so afraid of this…….
“Don’t worry Till the Cleansing feels REALLY good. I just KNOW you’ll love it. Don’t try fighting it, it just makes the revelation take longer to come….” (Yan)
I saw the fear grow stronger in her expression, but now there was anger there too.
“What happened to you Yan? Why are you acting like this?………… YOU! WHAT DID YOU DO TO YANTA!?!?!?! WHAT DID YOU DO TO MY FRIEND!?!?!?!?! CHANGE HER BACK!!!!!! CHANGE HER BACK OR I’LL KILL YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” (Till)
Till started to struggle even harder when she saw the master come near, it was getting hard to keep her down. Till was always the stronger of the two of us, but I was confident I could hold her for as long as master needed.
She will be cleansed…. She HAS to be, why can’t Till see that? This is the only way….. The right way.
“What did I do to her? ………How did Yan put it again? ……….OH YES! I graced her with my presence, touching her very soul with it, and revealed to her the truth. She said it was the greatest pleasure she had ever had, and only wished it had happened to her sooner.” (Alt)
Master smiled as he looked down at Till, she seemed to try to move away from him, but I held her tightly so she couldn’t. I could feel her tremble slightly as master brought his face close to hers.
“Oh and just so you know, you’ll get to feel the same thing. Why? Because Yan here begged for me to let you experience this ‘cleansing’ too………. Oh don’t make that face you’ll LOVE it. TRUST ME….” (Alt)
Master bit into his palm and then covered Till’s mouth with it.
Till screamed and struggled harder than ever before. Master made a strange face and looked at me.
“Ummmmm…… wow…… this kinda seems really wrong… like I’m getting you to help me drug-rape your best friend…….. You sure you’re ok with this Yan?” (Alt)
I smiled sweetly at the master’s kind consideration for my lowly feelings. He truly was a compassionate master, who else could I ever serve but him?
“Yes of course, this was my request after all, though I do wish Till wouldn’t make this so hard for you…” (Yan)
“Maybe you should help her through this? You know convince her to actually DRINK the blood. I am NOT screwing up my hand again just because she doesn’t want to swallow, and I doubt I could get close enough to her to inject it directly into a major vessel without her hurting me with her thrashing around…….” (Alt)
“Of course master.” (Yan)
I leaned down and began to whisper in my best friend’s ear.
“Just drink it Till. Once you drink it you’ll start to understand. All you have do is swallow once….” (Yan)

We performed the cleansing for fifteen hours. At first Till fought us for all she could. At one point she managed to push the master away and spit out his blood.
She screamed that he was a monster. That I had betrayed her and all of our old dreams. She cursed and yelled and bargained and begged………
But I still held her, and the master just opened another wound in his palm, and placed it against her mouth again.
He never went to far too force her, I had asked him not to.
I continued to tell Till about all the wonders that the cleansing would bring her, I could feel her crotch moistening as I told her all about what I had experienced and how it would be for her.
Eventually she just looked at me, I could see in her eyes she didn’t want to fight anymore. It must have been so hard for Till to hold sheer ecstasy in her mouth, taste it, and know that more pleasure awaited only for her to swallow. I was so proud that Till could go so far, it was misguided and ultimately futile yes, but was proud of her willpower none the less….
Once I saw that I gave her a smile that showed all of my pride, and all of my love for her, and I nodded. I told her with my eyes that it was ok to stop fighting, that it was right to give in.
She gave me a shaky nod and swallowed.
I watched as her eyes widened from shock.
Felt her tremble as she came from the pleasure.
I rejoiced at the knowledge it was her first time, and it was given by the master.
Held her as tears of relief and sheer joy spilled from her eyes.
Till stopped struggling, she drank the blood from master’s palm like a weak kitten would its mother milk.
She mewled like a kitten as well.
I watched her enjoy the cleansing, much like I must have, before I leaned down and began to whisper to her again.
I told her of the joys of service to the master.
I told her of the revelations she would have.
I told her that this bliss was nothing compared to what was to come.
I taught my friend everything I could as she was cleansed, and she nodded and spilled joyful tears with every word.
I saw when the way she looked at master changed.
First was devotion.
Then love.
Then reverie.
Then I feel that Till’s mind had faded out, but I continued to whisper to her, and she continued to drink.
Then came worship.
And finally something more. Something that showed she had touched on the same revelation I had found.
She stopped drinking from master, and just looked at him. She had the most beautiful and pure smile on her face, and that’s when I knew.
Till had found the answer, and with it her new purpose. The purpose she was always destined to have, but never knew of until just now.
That was when Tillyasa and I truly became sisters again……………………………


Well that was interesting to say the least……
This was the first time I had watched someone go through every stage of consuming my blood, and I learned a lot from it. Firstly that no one’s probably supposed to drink this much of my blood all In one sitting, the way that Tillyasa just kinda went brain dead halfway in scared the non-existent shit outta me. If it wasn’t for Yan acting like it was totally normal I would have thought I had put her friend into a permanent coma. Secondly that watching someone go from absolutely hating your very existence to worshiping the fact you’d even look at them is the hottest damn thing EVER. I would do this all the time if I wasn’t half sure it would rip my soul apart.
Which brings me to the third thing. Being fully conscious this time I figured out what Yan meant when she said that she GAVE me her soul, I could FEEL something trying to enter mine near the end of Tillyasa’s cleansing. I could feel it wouldn’t be able to do anything but push against my soul slightly normally, but I decided to let it in. when I did Tillyasa gave me this smile, like she had just had the best thing EVER happen to her and then had something even BETTER THAN THAT happen right after.
Whelp I guess that’s one more for the team………… we should probably get her some new clothes…… and a bath…… before we kick off the next portion of the plan. Yan and I could use that too for that matter.
I took my hand away from her mouth and watched as the cut I made closed up almost instantly.
Well that IS faster than my regeneration before….. I just wish the upgrades didn’t take up so much mana. How am I ever going to learn magic If I’m only working with 30% of my total mana?
“Master, I think it would be best if we move quickly, now that Till has joined us. Someone is bound to notice that I never filed for the guard unit’s transfer from duty soon.” (Yan)
Well I guess that answers my bath and change of clothes question……… oh well at least its revenge time!!! Huh I wonder if I’ll have some sort of moral dilemma when I kill things? ………..I guess I’ll answer THAT question soon enough… Now to see how far Till is willing to go for her new master…….
“Tillyasa, will you follow me and do as I say? Even if it means hunting down and killing your old friends and comrades-in-arms?” (Alt)
She looked up at me with a silly post-bliss smile and unfocused eyes.
“O-of course! Anything and EVERYTHING for master……………..” (Till)
Ok she seems waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy more out of it than Yan was……….. Is she EVEN ok to fight like this?
“Ummmm, Yan what’s up with your friend?” (Alt)
“Till has never experienced……. Pleasure….. like this before. She was always far more concerned with other pursuits. I believe she is still trying to process all these new feelings for now, don’t worry I had predicted an outcome like this and have planned accordingly. We can precede with the third option for revenge.” (Yan)
“Uhhhh, are you sure that’s the best option Yan? I mean I would feel a lot better if I had some back up or something………..” (Alt)
She just smiled as she patted Till’s head.
“Based on masters discussed personality, skill set, and ‘stats and abilities’ yes I feel this will be the best plan. Do not worry too much master, I would NEVER suggest a plan that contained more than a 75% chance of failure that contained your direct involvement. Barring the unforeseen and unknowable this plan bares little to no risk to you.” (Yan)
Well………………….. When you put it like that…………………..
“Alright, so you two are leaving first then? I’ll meet back up with you at the war-room then…….” (Alt)
Well this should be an interesting experiment……………………………………………………

Whelp the answer to my previous question is a definite no……… I wonder if this makes me a sociopath or a psychopath? Probably a psychopath.
I was currently walking down the hall with my previous prison guard Philas. Turns out she was guarding the top of the staircase so no one would come down to my cell. She was pretty shocked when Yan and Till walked past her, and in complete bewilderment when I showed up.
An innocent smile and a quick bite of my thumb and I had gained a totally loyal (unless there’s another, stronger Phantus here) pawn. Oh and I got a knife, the knife was important too.
I turned past the corner of the carved stone hallway I was walking down and saw another guard walking towards me. She stopped and had a look of complete surprise when she saw me, but after the fourth time, I was used to that already. I just gave her the innocent child smile and the EYES as I walked closer to where she stood. She like the others couldn’t bring herself to lift her weapon against me, and that’s when I strike. I cut the tendons in her legs, moving as fast as my dexterity points allowed, and gave her a push that landed her onto the ground face first.
I had discovered that Fera was right. Strength and speed are important, but even without them you can be deadly with enough precision. And though I had little to no strength and average at best speed, thanks to my Advanced Calculations ability I had PRECISION in spades
………..Haaaaaaaaaah man I wish that male Vampeerus weren’t so submissive and second class in society. If they could work as guards and soldiers I wouldn’t have to kill the equivalent of a swimsuit model every time I run into a patrol……… This is just starting to get depressing…. Maybe I should start breaking down the traditional gender roles and pushing for gender equality for all Vampeerus….. Something like men can Fight too, or put the MAN back in MANAGEMENT……. Nah with how much mom hates most males I doubt any of that could work…….
“Oh calm down will you. I could do MUCH worse than this, I haven’t even cut any of your nerve clusters yet. Now that,  THAT would hurt……” (Alt)
I cut another line across the guards back as I thought back to how useful Fera’s little story time anecdotes have proven to be. “Now my angel if you cut riiiiiiggghhhhht along this part here they’ll suffer from great pain and lose muscle control, but won’t bleed out for at least half a day. If you couple that with a single sharp stab through HERE they’ll……”
Ahhhhhhhh good old story time…. Teaching me about all the things I’ll ever need to get ahead in life…..
“Please Kill me……. Please just make the pain stop….. please…….” (???)
“Hey what flavor are you?” (Alt)
“Kill me……………..” (???)
“Philas check for me……. I don’t want another COCONUT surprise like the last one…… that was disgusting….” (Alt)
“Y-y-yes s-s-sir! ………………….. it’s c-c-cherry a-again……” (Philas)
“Oh…… well you can drink that one then….” (Alt)
I stabbed down into the guard’s neck, severing her vocal cords so she didn’t annoy me with one of those loud-ass death screeches Vampeerus seem to do when they die. I started to get a bit of a headache after the last two did that, and I was NOT going to go through that again…
Is it weird that even after the fifth time I still kinda expect them to burst into flames or dust? Nah that’s probably just some hold over from my last life’s memories…. I’m sure after killing more Vampeerus that will go away with time.
I turned back to look at Philas. She was trembling and crying again.
Honestly if she didn’t look so damn cute when she does that I would have killed her two guards back, guide or no guide. She SERIOUSLY needs to get over the whole “I’m-helping-to-kill-my-friends” depression thing she has going on…. It just doesn’t work when she gives me the BLOOD-PLEASE-MORE-BLOOD eyes every other minute….. I can’t take her seriously…..
“Was this one from your unit too?” (Alt)
“Y-y-yes s-s-s-sir………” (Philas)
“Haaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh…… you don’t HAVE to drink the blood, if you don’t want to…..” (Alt)
“I-I-I-I……. I-I w-w-wa…….” (Philas)
“What was that Philly, I couldn’t quite hear you…?” (Alt)
“Whatever go nuts….” (Alt)
I got up from the dead guards back, and started walking back down the hall. Really at this point I was just killing time until Yan and Till finished rounding up all the IMPORTANT people…. I figured that I’d give them ten minutes more than Yan predicted to be on the safest side of the safe side. No use getting killed by someone missed in the sweep while in the middle of revenge torture, it defeats the purpose of the thing……
And then there’s that little experiment…. I guess I can successfully say I have broken Philly’s mind…… I guess extreme mental pain when not drinking blood will do that to a girl…… I don’t even have to reinforce the conditioning anymore…….
I left Philly to enjoy her former friend and walked back down the hall, towards the war-room’s entrance. It should be around that time that Yan and Till finish taking care of their portion of the plan.
Well I might have time to spare to play with onnnnnnnnneeeee more victim…… I mean they did help take away two days of my life, why should they get off easy?
I felt a smile start to form when I thought of the pain I’d give to this last unfortunate person. I really do think I might be some sort of monster now… but I really couldn’t find a reason to care. In my mind as long as the people I cared about were safe and fine with me the way I am, then the rest of this world could fall into the Void for all the fucks I gave.
I wonder if this one’s blood will be strawberry flavored, I could really go for some strawberries right about now………………….

“Master we have gathered all the officers and Nobility involved in-…. Master what’s wrong, why do you look troubled?” (Yan)
“Master? Was there trouble? Did someone HURT you?! TELL ME WHO AND I SHALL SEE THAT THEY DIE BEFORE DAYBREAK!!!!” (Till)
I looked at the two women who have bound and gagged the people responsible for my little adventure here……. and I just couldn’t muster the energy to be excited about what was about to happen.
“Coconut… it was coconut again… I shouldn’t have let her die so easily, for making me taste that again she deserved far worse than what I can do right now……… maybe if Fera was here…….. Yes and with a burning rod we could have………….. hhhhhhhhhhmmmmmmmm………..” (Alt)
Lost in thought about all the ways those with coconut flavored blood would have to die from now on, I barely noticed that I had walked in between Yan and Till until I looked up and saw the group of huddled and bound Vampeerus. I was actually surprised to see that there were a few male Vampeerus mixed in with the army of women (way to break down gender stereotypes guys!!!), and I could kind of see why mom called them clowns, with all the powder they had on their faces. It looked ridiculous, I mean most Vampeerus are naturally pale so what’s the point of covering yourself in white powder? It only makes you look stupid in my opinion, but I guess some Vampeerus chicks must dig that look since it’s so common….
“Alright let’s make this quick, I know why you kidnapped me because Yan here told me all about your stupid little group. Let me start off by saying you all are going to be tortured, those who answer my questions, or amuse me in general will be allowed to die relatively painlessly, those that don’t well…… let’s just say you want to be in the first group….” (Alt)
I gave them my signature pure-and-innocent smile after I said this. They looked at me with pure fear, and I could smell some sort of sour thing that reminded me a lot of urine….
I guess there ARE some vampires that can do that…. Weird you’d think that it would be more of an all or nothing type of deal…. OH WAIT, maybe it’s the ones that DON’T have the Undead Temperament ability…. That would explain why some rooms in the palace have toilettes too……
“Ok first question, who funds this little faction?…………………………………….” (Alt)

“MAMAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   FEWAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!” (Alt)
I ran through the above ground entry way as fast as my two year old legs could carry me. A few hours after my little integration game with the leaders of the group that kidnap ed me, Yan said that the monitor crystal showed a group headed by the queen approaching the above-ground portion of this base. Naturally I couldn’t let any of them see all the damage I caused, or let any of the people who heard me talk live, so I had Philly set fire to the place while I went to go greet my family.
As I am being hugged by a crying mom and Fera is glaring at Yan and Till, the whole underground complex should be up in flames…
All in all I think this was a good escape, but now I got to make sure Yan and Till get to come home with me. I’ve grown fond of the girls, and they are OHHHH SOOO useful.
“Mama!!! Fwiends!!!” (Alt)
I pointed to Yan and Till.
Apparently that’s all Fera needed to give them a pass, but mom gave this funny look like she wanted to talk with them, but didn’t want to have to DEAL with them. I could almost see her pushing their interrogation off on some unlucky servant…
I pulled out the EYES 3.0 and looked up at mom with my cutest PITY-ME-AND-GIVE-IN look.
“Fwiends…..Hwome….Pweaze….Mama?” (Alt)
“HHHHGGGGGNNNNN…… of c-course Alty!…………….  Your. FRIENDS. Can. Come. Home. With. Us…..” (mom)
Mom made a smile like she had just been forced to eat glass and gathered Fera, Yan, and Till all around me.
“Now Alty-Walty hang on to Mommy tight ok? Mommy’s going to take everyone back home now!” (mom)
Suddenly black covered everything and the next thing I know we were all in my room.

MOM CAN TELEPORT!!! I thought that thing at my naming ceremony was, like, a one-off item or something!?!?!  THIS AS A POWER IS BROKEN AS HELL!!!!! I DEMAND A RESPEC!!!!!!!!
I was still looking up at mom with equal parts awe and jealousy when she surprised me by saying something I never expected from her after just getting me back.
“Alty, stay here with Ferasia and your friends ok? Mommy has to go do some Mommy things for a day or so….” (mom)
I just looked up at her shocked, as the shadow cast by my crib apparently ate her and she disappeared.
…………Ummmmmmmm………… Well I guess that gives me the time I need with Fera before mom gets too clingy…………….
I looked at my personal maid/bodyguard and took a calculated risk.
“Fera, don’t freak out, but I need you to drink my blood for like three hours ok?”
After a look of initial surprise, that would have made me giggle hysterically if I wasn’t so worried about some blood relative taking my Fera away from me, Fera just gave me her normal smile and answer of….
“Of course, my angel.”
I reached out my hand towards her and had only one thought.
Well that all went easier than I thought….


As I walked through the burning wreckage I can only assume my son caused somehow, I thought back on how proud I was when I discovered he had found his own way to escape.
I really must get down to testing how intelligent my son truly is…. I know I’ve let him get away with “hiding” it from me, but I can’t ignore something like this. Something like this could attract all the worst type of attention to my little Alty, and playing it off as the work of those two “friends” he made will only raise more questions for people investigating him…..
I shook my head as I passed the corpse of a Vampeerus who was clearly tortured before being burned by flame.
I really should get around to properly teaching Alty to clean up after himself. From what I can see his torture skills are fairly decent, and most would even call them nightmare-inducing, but you can clearly see the Assassin’s influence in his work. Plus trying to burn the bodies may work for more fragile beings, but Vampeerus take FAR too long to properly burn away……
As I was contemplating these thoughts I came upon the scent of living Vampeerus, one who didn’t even smell of pain or burnt flesh. Walking quickly to the scents to their origin in the time it would take for a normal Vampeerus to blink, I found my little Alty’s left overs.
My, it seems he even forgot to pick up one of his toys….
There was a rather petite Vampeerus woman currently draining the blood from a rather foul smelling male. Judging by the stain around his crotch he was a mixed breed and untouched by the Vampeerus gift of undeath.
How utterly filthy….. How could she stand to drink from a male, and one that leaks foulness no less?
……………………………….well I see my son has learned how to break his slaves in at least, and judging by the fang marks on her neck and arms that’s all my little Alty used her as, a blood-slave…………….. Well it is a mother’s duty to take care of her child’s toys, even the ones they cast aside………..
“Put that filth down.” (Natasha)
“WHAAAAAA!!! N-N-NO!!! I W-W-WASN’T-…” (Philas)
“I don’t care, but my son seems to have placed SOME sort of value into you at SOME point in time. You are not allowed to sully that by feeding on filth. ESPECIALLY if you ever wish to see him again.” (Natasha)
“S-s-s-see t-t-the s-s-sir a-again?” (Philas)
“Haaaaaaaahhhhhhh……. Unfortunately for me yes……… I shall not be the type of mother to take away my child’s fun for my own satisfaction. So yes you have that option, but know if he turns you away, you die.” (Natasha)
The girl moved as far away from the filth as she could and cowered behind me like some sort of whipped animal.
I see my little Alty did not deign to build her any sort of new personality or support system after he broke down her mind….. I really must teach him the proper skills if he has chosen to pursue this path. Being this sloppy could end up hurting him in the future….
I looked down at a Vampeerus near my feet. She was barely breathing. With I quick glance to a nearby shadow, a shallow cut appeared at my finger tip. I let a single drop land on her face and watched as her eyes opened wide, and her wounds quickly began to heal.
Th-thansk you…………        KAAAAACCCCKKKK KAACK KAAACCCKK!!!” (???)
“Oh don’t thank me I just finished killing all of your backers in the noble houses. Really I was rather surprised to find out you had not one but FOUR ancients foolish enough to support this lost cause of yours…”
The woman looked up at me, and I could see the moment of recognition in her eyes. Sense the Visceral fear, and hopelessness she felt.
It was amazing.
“Black Death’s Smile………” (???)
I gave the smile that earned me that moniker.
“Why you DO know who I am. And here I thought only the ignorant would DARE to target MY son……… I hope for your sake you fear death, because after I’m through with you, you will never be able to understand the CONCEPT of an end to the pain. That way you’ll lose that irrational fear of yours right?” (Natasha)
I could hear the whine of fear coming from my son’s toy behind me. Apparently he wasn’t able to COMPLETELY break her mind if she can still feel fear from mere words.
No matter, after witnessing what I’m about to do to all her remaining friends here, she’ll break all over again. And THIS time Mommy will make sure little Alty’s toy is PROPERLY trained………………………………….

Chapter 10

I’M ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! god that was awful………. must’ve been some sort of weird quick food poisoning…. but i have had my nap, got up feeling better, and then kept the writing train a’rolling!!! here’s your chapter, last one for the day.

{……………………….. honestly Alty I’m not sure If I should be surprised, or just come to expect stuff like this from you…….} (Sally)
SALLY!!! Oh gosh it’s been AGES!!!…….. So how are things?
{Meh….. could be worse……. Helly is still being a bitch. She hasn’t talked to ANYONE ever since I locked her out of communicating with you, last I heard she was off sulking with her high priestess in her main temple…. Most of the other gods seem alright though. They even threw me a CREATION PARTY!!! You should have seen it there was astral cake, offerings, and we even played pin the feature on the species!!! I MADE AN AWESOME PUPPY-TIGER-BEAR THING!!! I call him Gerald, he’s the first of his kind!!!} (Sally)
…………………………………………. Well someone has been enjoying themselves haven’t they?
{Yep <3} (Sally)
Sooooooooooo…………. I assume by the fact that you’re still here you have something to talk about?
{Yep <3} (Sally)
…………………………………..Soooooooooooo……………………… want to share?
{Yep <3} (Sally)
………………. Are you even listening anymore?
{Yep <3} (Sally)
Oh good your back with me.
{………………………… Sorry about that I was petting Gerald………….. he’s just so fluffy ya’know………….. I got lost in the fluff for a moment there, that happens sometimes……… but I’m back……. Totally not playing with my new pets-……….. I mean sacred beasts……………………….. Where were we again?} (Sally)
You wanted to talk to me?
{Oh yeah! *Ahem*      Somehow you managed to break a portion of Helly’s blessing, and you can somehow channel Faith like a god…….. Seriously Alty you have one messed up soul. Non-divine beings shouldn’t be able to do all this…….. Well at least not without suffering intense pain as their very soul is slowly shattered from the inside out, wiping them from existence itself in their entirety.} (Sally)
Oh that sounds bad…… how do I NOT do that?
{That’s the point! None of that is happening to you now, your long past where the point of no return should have been……. Honestly I’m not sure why you’re even alive anymore…..} (Sally)
AND YOU’RE JUST MENTIONING THIS NOW!!!!!!!!! Sally don’t you think I might have wanted to know something like this, oh I don’t know, around the time I could FUCKING STOP ACCIDENTALLY RISKING MY ENTIRE EXISTENCE!!!!!!!! I thought it was your job to keep me safe or whatever…..
{But you’re fine right?….. Plus there was the party….. And fluffy Gerald…………..} (Sally)
……………….. Hiding behind a cute fluffy animal shield isn’t fair Sally….. No one can stay mad at cute fluffy animals…….
{I know right!!! It’s like the whole “Cute is JUSTICE so bow down to me!!!!” thing you’re doing. That’s where I got the idea… I learned it from watching you ALTY!!! I LEARNED IT FROM WATCHING YOU!!!!           Lol       <3} (Sally)
Fine….. Whatever….. So how do I USE faith anyway?
{Sorry Alty I can’t tell you that………………….. wait what do you mean he’s allowed to know Gerald? No non-divine is supposed to have that information, and no divine can give it to them………. No silly-willy… Alty can’t be divine he’s just a reincarnated mortal with a wacky soul……….. I KNOW his soul LOOKS kinda divine, but Helly reincarnated him she couldn’t DO that if he was one of us……. OHHHHHHH!!!! Yeah I guess never considered that!!! YOUR SO SMART GERRY-BEAR GIVE ME A BIG FLUFFY HUG!!!!!!} (Sally)
…………………Ummmmmmm………. Hey Sally mind clueing in the guy who CAN’T hear you’re apparently smart, talking…… fluffy-Puppy-Tiger-Bear? Please? I’d love you forever! And give you cookies!!!
{Oh yeah sorry about that…. YES I’m telling him now Ger-Ger…. don’t be so pushy……. So Gerald says you’re probably part divine…. Which would explain how you made it through the Void with even just partial memories intact…. And also how your able to channel Faith without it destroying you…… and talk to the Divine all the time without it melting your brain……. Really it makes a lot of sense when you think about it….. How have none of the other divines thought of this? …………………… HEY!!! That’s not nice, I’M a divine too ya’know……………………………. Well I was SMART enough to create YOU wasn’t I?………….. Well how was I supposed to know that you meant you wanted a MATE and not just KIDS, that’s called being CLEAR Gerald you should try it sometime…. WHAT DID YOU CALL ME!!!!!!} (Sally)
……………………………………………………….. She totally forgot I’m here didn’t she……. HEY!!!! ………….Ummmm HEY SALLY!!!! Can we go back to talking about my question now? …………….Sally? …………….
{Oh uh….. yeah of course Alty…………. OH SHUT UP GERALD!!!! I SWEAR I’M GONNA SKIN YOU AND MAKE YOU A PILLOW!!!! I MEAN IT THIS TIME!!!!!………….. Geez why can’t that guy be more like his kids…….} (Sally)
What are his kids like?
{Oh they are just AWESOME!!! They’re like an army of CUDDLY DOOM!!! and they are all so totally adorbs. I made them retain their youthful spirit eternally ya’know since Gerald said he wanted to have kids so bad………..} (Sally)
……………….how many makes up an army of Cuddly-Doom to you Sally?
{Only a few thousand…….. I would have made more, but I’m only getting faith from you, Gerald, and what the other divines decide to share with me……………} (Sally)
{Hey only a hundred are ACTUALLY Gerald’s kids….. I wanted them to have friends to play with, and love later who weren’t their siblings…..} (Sally)
Sally your evil……….. Remind me to never piss you off….. Or ask you to make me a mate……
{Yep <3…………… wait what?} (Sally)
So about faith… and how I’m apparently part divine, how is that possible anyway?
{Well you see Alty, when a divine and a mortal love each other VERY MUCH-….} (Sally)
I GOT IT!!!! I got it! …………….So what about Faith?
{Weeeeeelllllllllll you spend it…… usually divines use it to make awesome stuff or perform miracles, like me making Gerald or Helly reincarnating you….. But I don’t think YOU’LL be able to do stuff like that….. You might be able to use them to improve yourself though….} (Sally)
{Oh looks like that’s all the time we get, I’m pretty much out of power again……… Maybe I shouldn’t have made so many Pup-ige-ears after all……. So how much Faith do you have anyway?} (Sally)
{WHAT!!! You can’t do ANYTHING with just 1 point of faith!!! You’ll need at LEEEEEEAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSTTTTTTTTTT-……………….} (Sally)

{ [Ability] learned: Sadistic Tendencies }
{ [Ability] upgraded: Black Blood }
{ Sadistic Tendencies: due to your incredible insight into pain and pleasure, you have gained the ability to further inflict multiple types of pain, and with mastery even have this pain bring about pleasure. Cation this ability is automatic and may influence your psyche and behavior. Currently known forms of pain: Physical, Mental. }
{ Black Blood [Ancestral]: with the sudden death of the previous Phantus Ancestor, you meet the requirements to inherit a portion of her power. Caution, you have not been chosen as the new ancestor, position increased to (eastern) recognized family head. }
{ Black Blood’s Allure: your blood is irresistible to races that feed on blood, and will crave it more than any other. Races that do not feed on blood will still crave yours, but to a far lesser degree. Increases your charm by extreme amounts. [Now able to actively lessen its effects abiding to your will, permanently lowers mana pool 50%] }
{ Black Blood’s Consistency: with the consumption of your blood a creature will find it to be the best thing they have consumed. Races that feed on blood will experience feelings of extreme ecstasy, satisfaction, and happiness while also restoring them in mind and body. Other races will experience these effects, but to a lesser degree. Regular consumption over time or overconsumption of your blood will cause irreversible effects of: loyalty to the Phantus drunken from< obedience to the Phantus drunken from< devotion to the Phantus drunken from< obsession with the Phantus drunken from [< worship to the Phantus drunken from< other overriding effects chosen by the Phantus who next gives blood, if not the Phantus who has brought the target to this stage you must give more blood total compared to the previous Phantus.] Ascending in that order based on the quantity or frequency your blood was consumed. Outside of your body your blood will quickly degrade becoming highly toxic and acidic within 24 hours losing all its other effects. }
{ Black Blood’s Circulation: As this blood flows through you, you are immune to its effects as well as any other form of mental manipulation, as are those in late stages of black blood consumption. Due to the rich quality of your blood you can draw sustenance from it as long as there is some present within your body. Within your body blood is produced at an incredible rate, capable of replacing all blood present in your body within [seconds, permanently decreases mana pool by 10%]. }
{ Black Blood’s Regeneration: as long as there is blood and mana circulating within your body, you are able to recover from and regenerate any wound. Immune from [increased] disease and [increased] poison. Caution this takes place automatically and drains your blood and mana [constantly by 10%]. }

“…………..Abil……ity………..up……..grade………..ed?……………………” (Alt)
I awoke to the sight of Yanta giving me the biggest and most sincere smile of happiness I had ever seen. I also noticed that we were both absolutely DRENCHED in blood, tears, and…….. other liquids Yanta had kindly provided…. that were currently coating and pooled around us. Honestly it was a rather disturbing sight, it looked like there was an orgy here…… than everyone killed each other in the bloodiest way possible. All that were missing were the bodies….
“Master do you feel better now, after your rest? I deeply apologize if I had hurt you during my cleansing….” (Yan)
“…………………… Yeah, no I’m ok……….” (Alt)
“Master?” (Yan)
Oh shit did I just say that OUTLOUD!!!! FUCK!!!!! It must be the shock of all this new information, I mean first I find out I’m some sort of demigod…. then that Sally has some sort of divine equivalent of crazy-cat-lady syndrome…. AND THEN that the Phantus family might not be as Dead as I first thought……. AND WHO THE ACTUAL FUCK CAN KILL AN ANCESTOR!!!!!! Aren’t those the super-uber-ancient-vampire-death-incarnate guys!!! The way books described them they seemed like fucking UNSTOPIBLE FORCES OF NATURE not something someone could kill……….. Oh fuck I hope they don’t go after other Phantus next… I’M other Phantus………………
“Master, you seem troubled?” (Yan)
Ok…… Alt calm down you can still salvage this you just have to be unbearably cute, cute enough to make her forget what she just heard….. Just channel Gerald….. I got this!!!!!!
I gave a bright, cheery, and innocent smile, the very picture of DO-NO-WRONG. I looked up at her making direct eye contact and focusing my all into being the cutest, most believable, and most innocent thing to ever grace Quellios with my presence.
“….Nwooooo……” (Alt)
“Master there is no need to hide your intelligence from ME, I realized that this was all your plan half way through my cleansing…” (Yan)
……………….Well………… Shit that didn’t work NEARLY as well as I thought it would…. At least she’s already my totally loyal slave right?………….. Unless you count that thing about other high-end noble Phantus being able to steal away those not in the LAST stage of my bloods effects…….. Fuck that just made me feel insecure…….. FUCK I need to make SURE anyone I do this to is in the last stages….. OH SHIT FERA!!!!! I didn’t even know there was another level to my ability when SHE drank my blood, she CAN’T be at the last stage!!! I need to go change that FAST in case some other Phantus runs into her!!!
I looked at my newest slave…………. And realized that calling her slave seemed… inadequate to describe what she was now……. It had always bugged me that after having a large amount of my blood someone seemed…. Different to me somehow…. Nothing like that servant I gave some blood to, to test the potency off the stuff. That was a slave, bound by the need to drink more of me but not able to do so unless I permit it… it was almost mercy when I had Fera kill her….
Fera was kinda like that too at first, but over time she seemed different too, just not to the extent of Yan here… maybe….
“What are you?” (Alt)
“Yanta Fiessus, your eternally willing and able servant” (Yan)
………….. Yeah that’s a bit different than the people bound by collars, magic, or training…. That’s clear worship in her….. Everything really, and Empathic Acts hasn’t ever steered me wrong…. Cultists maybe… Nah that makes it sound like I’m plotting to destroy the world and unleash Cthulhu or something…. Huh I guess I’ll have to seriously think about this naming thing later, its bugging the hell outta me….
I looked at Yan and dropped the whole cute act, she didn’t even flinch under my stare, in fact she seemed almost…… happy? No that’s……..
Ecstasy? Really just from me looking at her? Wow this HAS to be the last stage of my blood on her… I haven’t even done anything yet….
“Yan how long has it been?” (Alt)
She didn’t even hesitate to think.
“It has been approximately seven hours since I returned to full conciseness, however I am sad to say that I do not know how long I was under during my cleansing.” (Yan)
“You keep saying that… Cleansing… what is that? Is it when I gave you my blood?” (Alt)
“It is when you touched my soul, my very being with the pleasure of your grace. At first I couldn’t understand that, but now….. Now I know what happened to me, you gave me new purpose, new life… I am yours nothing more and nothing less. Use me, kill me, cast me aside… It does not matter. I am, and always shall be yours, and without you I am less than nothing. You hold my life, my very soul now, because I GAVE it to you. You are my master and you’re will is my will. Your desires, are MY desires… I want only to be of use to you master that is all. The cleansing is the process that showed me this, I know the name I have given it is unworthy, but it is all I could think of to call it.” (Yan)
That’s…………….. Wow…………………… Ummmmm……………………… Damn……………………
I sense so much worship radiating from Yan she makes Fera’s devotion to the power of mom’s “Motherly love” seem indifferent…. I can’t even begin to describe this, but I know this woman, Yanta Fiessus, would do anything, ANYTHING I asked of her. There would be no hesitation or confliction in her, just simple, ready, and total compliance to my will.
It’s actually fucking SCARY how much power I have over this woman, and I don’t think I like it. It seems more like a heavy responsibility and burden than merely owning and controlling a slave…. I don’t think I’ll do this too often, I would go insane if I had these feelings but multiplied by 1,000,000….. Hell even 100 might be pushing it…
And for some reason my soul feels…. Heavy…… when I look at her. Yep I’m not sure I like this at all…….
I looked away from Yan’s gaze and tried to sort out all these new thoughts and feelings running rampant inside of me. I’m not sure if I did, but at least now I can focus on my situation, and not all this deep philosophical soul searching bullshit. It just isn’t like me… or at least the ME I want to be. Leave all the complex shit for Sally, Hellatia, and all the other gods to deal with I just have to be me, and act how I want.
“Soooo…… you wouldn’t happen to have some sort of awesome plan to escape this place would you? Preferably one that lets me get sweet painful vengeance on the people that orchestrated this?” (Alt)
Yan gave a smile that was downright evil looking. It made her look a LOT scarier than her soft atmosphere made me think she was capable of…
“Yes master. I had a lot of time to think while you rested, and I might just have found the PERFECT plan to get vengeance on all those involved with this without risking either of us……. But first I would like to beg for your assistance…” (Yan)
Yan looked down and away, like she was mortally ashamed to even CONSIDER asking me for a favor, nonetheless DO so.
This must be REALLY important to her…….
“I’m listening………….” (Alt)
Yan looked up to me with hope and determination.
“I want you to spare and cleanse my friend Till………………………………..” (Yan)

Chapter 9

When I woke up I was sure I was somewhere I had never been before. Why? Because the only things in this room were: three bare, blank dark colored stone walls, and another wall just like the others, only with a crease at one edge, and a small rectangular hole about 5 feet of the ground.
It was like an old school prison cell, just without the bars….. and the bedding…….. and any sort of personal hygiene essentials…. Or anything really…..
Well this place is……………………. humble……… what ever happened to royal prisoner status? aren’t I soppused to get like a fully equipped bedroom that’s locked from the outside or something?
I am a spoiled prince who has never had to deal with anything this run down or dirty, I DEMAND better accommodation!!! Or at least a place with a fucking LIGHT SOURCE!!!!
………………………… somehow I doubt that trying something like that will go over well with these people………… Ah well time to muster up my pride, gather my courage and do something I do well.
Time to update THE LIST!!!!
{ [THE LIST] }
{ 1.          Escape/Revenge!!! }
{ 2.          Develop a core mentality… stop REACTING begin to ACT }
{ 3.          Learn to run and move like I want }
{ 4.          Hide how well I can talk now (too many complex words will alarm people, and lose cute points) }
{ 5.          Learn all I can about my new world }
{ 6.          Maintain my position of Authority…. Otherwise I’ll probably end up dead… }
{ 7.          Learn to trust Sally, find out all I can about the gods (how do I USE faith?) }
{ 8.          Learn magic }
{ 9.          Gain loyal followers ready and willing to die for me if need be }
{ 10.       Don’t die }
There that should do it. Now how to go about my clever escape plan…… I know!!!!
I took the deepest breathe I could, gathered all the air that could fit in my little lungs and started the SCREAMING-CRYING-WAILING-OF-DOOM!!!!!! plan
If THIS does not get me some attention nothing will…………………….

The door finally opened. I noted it opened out, that might be useful later… a rather busty lady with long honey-blond curls, brown leather armor, and a kind face walked in before the door shut again. She looked around 20, but that means nothing to a Vampeerus. She had a concerned expression, and seemed to be really nervous. I recognized her voice once she started talking.
“Shhhhh Shhhhhhhh it’s ok, everything’s ok…. No one is going to hurt you! Don’t cry……” (Yanta)
I stopped crying as loud as I could, but made sure there were still tears coming out of my eyes. I looked at the woman, specifically her chest and thought to myself.
How the actual FUCK did she hide those…. She looked like she had a slim, flat figure in that other outfit………… NO! BAD ALT!!!! Don’t let the nice pair of tits distract you! The plan, remember the plan.
“I…. Hic… I-I wan’d MAMA!!! WAAAHHHHHHNNNNN!!!!! MAMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WAAAAHHHHHNNNNN!!!!!!” (Alt)
“Yanta, you wanted to see him so bad, so you shut him up! This damn mana field around the cell is keeping me from killing the little shit from out here, but if I have to listen to that thing FUCKING CRYING for another four hours I’ll open the door and Kill it myself!!! I don’t give a FUCK if the tri-kingdom plan needs him anymore!!!” (???)
“I’ll HANDLE it… I said I would wouldn’t I? Just stick to your orders. It’s my shift to guard him next anyway you just go if you can’t handle this. I’ll do your shift to!” (Yanta)
“FINE take the shift no blood out of my veins… just don’t think anyone will be coming down to let you out till tomorrow evening, you know the rules….” (???)
I heard the door guard walk away, and toned down the waterworks. If I’m understanding things right I have a little  more than 24 hours with little miss ninja here… and no one will be coming to interrupt us…..
Well isn’t that JUST perfect….. It’s almost like they WANT me to escape….. How kind of them!
“Yes, yes whatever…. Everyones acting like he’s some sort of dangerous monster and not a cute child. Haaaaaaaaaaaah…. What am I gonna do with you? If you keep this up the next person on shift may just follow through with it, and not make hollow threats, ya’ know?” (Yanta)
I doubt that will apply to me by then…..
“Hic…. Hic hic…. Can’d I…. Hic… Can’d I hawve a huggsssy….?” (Alt)
I gave her the EYES 3.0 (now including pure LONGING!!!) and had my lips tremble as I held out both arms towards her.
“….. Pweaze?….” (Alt)
“I-I-I-I g-guess that d-doesn’t TECHNICALLY break any of the r-rules…. H-h-here you go. H-hugsy!” (Yanta)
Her eyes were darting all over the place, and she obviously just made some bullshit up to reassure herself that she wasn’t breaking any of this places RULES by locking herself inside with a PRISONER for more than a day. Oh and leading that time off with a FUCKING hug…. Sometimes I think my cuteness and charm are more dangerous than Fera when she’s mad…….
Yanta approached where I sat with my arms out, knelt down and gave me a tight hug. She even sighed as she did, like she had wanted to do this for a long time, but only just now got the chance. Basically she fell for my plan hook, line, and sinker.
I took the time she was in lala-huggy-land to prepare myself.
I will probably only get one shot at this, and truth be told I’m not sure if my dexterity is high enough to pull this off………….. ah well if this doesn’t work there is always plan B….. and C…… if she gets past plan F I am screwed though………. Ok focus Alt you have to time this perfectly…..
I moved my right arm, careful not to let Yanta notice what I was doing, and positioned it where I calculated would be the best place for it to move from and cover all the possible vectors of travel I foresaw. I took a big bite out of my tongue, chomping off a good portion of it in the process, and bit deeply into Yanta’s neck.
I didn’t hesitate, the moment she opened her mouth for the scream-turned-moan, I shoved my right hand as deep inside her mouth as I could.
I couldn’t believe the pain I was in. my tongue was on fire, and no amount of numbing venom was stopping the pain, and I think I just broke my hand with that stunt….. I KNOW her teeth are In it, I could fell when she bit down out of reflex, but I think her fangs went straight through. It didn’t help that she was struggling, and thrashing around. Oh Sally did this hurt….. I hadn’t called for HER name in a way that might be considered prayer since we last talked, but this was just too much…. I couldn’t stop myself and it just came out….
MMMMMMmmmmmnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyaaaaaaaaaaaaaa………” (Yanta)
I could see that all my blood was having an effect, her eyes were glazing over, and she stopped struggling so much. Yanta was starting to drink from my mangled hand instead of having me force my blood down her throat.
She really has gotten into this, she has even started choking on all the blood she’s trying to drink, and I think this is her fifth orgasm……..
Yanta is clutching me to her so strongly It’s starting to hurt more than my hand………… I heard popping and snapping sounds from my back a while ago………. I think she may have broken it………………………… I think I may be losing too much blood and suffering from to many wounds……………………….. I’m starting to see red spots in my vision, and sounds are starting to fade out……………….
FUCK!!! I hope this doesn’t kill me…………………………………….

Yanta Fiessus

It would be a difficult mission. Almost all the higher-ups said it just couldn’t be done.
I proved them wrong in less than a month. With my talents in infiltration, espionage, and strategy/tactics, I had all the tools needed to gather information, and plot out the safest way to get it done.
The higher-ups wanted me to choose who I thought had the best chance of pulling this off. I chose myself and my childhood friend Tillyasa.
Together we could do anything. She was the muscle and I was the brains. That was how it’s always been, and how it’ll always be. I knew she wouldn’t hesitate to come with me, we both thought that Natasha Nosferatusa’s reign of tyranny had to end. This was the best way to see that it did.
Everything went well at first, the queen was holding court, the assassin was off doing errands for her prince, and the child was sitting all alone on the veranda…….. on a maid………….. who looked to be enjoying herself…….
WHAT THE FUCK!!!! Is this what nobles do when no one watches them?!?! He’s barely a child and he’s doing something so cruel already?!?!?!
“You didn’t plan for the servant right? How do you want to do this?” (Till)
Ahhhh….. That’s right Till always takes care of the unexpected stuff….. I just need to stay calm and carry out the mission….
“As I didn’t account for this, I leave it up to you. Do as you see best…” (Yanta)
Till snuck up on the maid and readied her dagger to strike……

I didn’t expect the prince to be SOOOOOOOOOOOO CUTE!!!!! No wonder that maid wanted to be his chair……… I almost want to be his chair……… I just wish that Till was a bit more gentle with him, he is just an innocent child. It’s not his fault the queen adopted him……….
Then she dragged me to the contra-mage for a full examination. I don’t know why she thought I would need one, there were no magic wards on the path I chose for us….
She insisted that it be done twice just to be sure, then she called another over to confirm the first’s findings. I wish she would have just let me look after the little prince like she promised…….
I heard the most heartbreaking cries as I came to the specially made cell for prince Altorus. It was made to block out all types of magic from both the inside and the out with a field of pure untainted mana. Not even the queen’s impressive abilities should be able to get inside that without our permission.
After arguing with the guard, then agreeing to take on her shift, I was let into the cell. I looked at the child who I had helped kidnap, and seeing his state, the clear MISERY he was in…. I felt nothing but guilt
“Shhhhh Shhhhhhhh it’s ok, everythings ok…. No one is going to hurt you! Don’t cry……” (Yanta)
He stopped crying, but I could still see tears coming out of his eyes. I looked at the boy and tried to convince myself that our… MY cause was right, and not to let my guilt cause me to do something foolish…. Like break him out of here……….
 “I…. Hic… I-I wan’d MAMA!!! WAAAHHHHHHNNNNN!!!!! MAMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WAAAAHHHHHNNNNN!!!!!!” (Alt)
“Yanta, you wanted to see him so bad, so you shut him up! This damn mana field around the cell is keeping me from killing the little shit from out here, but if I have to listen to that thing FUCKING CRYING for another four hours I’ll open the door and Kill it myself!!! I don’t give a FUCK if the tri-kingdom plan needs him anymore!!!” (Door guard)
How can she be so callus to a child?
“I’ll HANDLE it… I said I would wouldn’t I? Just stick to your orders. It’s my shift to guard him next anyway you just go if you can’t handle this. I’ll do your shift to!” (Yanta)
“FINE take the shift no blood out of my veins… just don’t think anyone will be coming down to let you out till tomorrow evening, you know the rules….” (???)
I heard the door guard walk away, and looked back at the child sitting in the middle of this hellhole…..
Well at least the callous idiot has left….
“Yes, yes whatever…. Everyones acting like he’s some sort of dangerous monster and not a cute child. Haaaaaaaaaaaah…. What am I gonna do with you? If you keep this up the next person on shift may just follow through with it, and not make hollow threats, ya’ know?” (Yanta)
And I don’t want to see you hurt……. No won’t let these people hurt you!
“Hic…. Hic hic…. Can’d I…. Hic… Can’d I hawve a huggsssy….?” (Alt)
He looked at me, and when I saw his eyes something broke inside me…. It might have been my conviction to our cause, or it might have just been my heart…. He looked so SAD……… but somehow it made him even CUTER
“….. Pweaze?….” (Alt)
“I-I-I-I g-guess that d-doesn’t TECHNICALLY break any of the r-rules…. H-h-here you go. H-hugsy!” (Yanta)
I was going insane……. All I wanted was to hug this impossibly cute creature in front of me and make it feel better.  Hold it close and tell it everything will be ok…..
I walked to where he sat with his arms out for his hugsy, I knelt down and gave him a tight hug.
I may have even sighed as I did too….
As I was enjoying the warm hug, I felt something dig deep into my neck. It HURT, but then it felt SOOOO GOOOOOD……..
As I let out a voice that was equal parts scream of pain and moan of sheer pleasure, I felt something get shoved into my mouth. I bit down hard on reflex and heard a pained, but somehow cute and pleasant gasp, then the sensation on my neck returned.
I didn’t know what was going on, but I struggled and fought to stop it, but then there was the
MMMMMMmmmmmnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyaaaaaaaaaaaaaa………” (Yanta)
I was losing the battle, and losing my mind.
I didn’t even try to fight anymore, the notion dying as quick as it came. I started to drink the blood in my mouth instead of trying to cough it up. It was liquid ecstasy, and I wanted MORE!!!!! I kept drinking, even choking on it going down, and with every swallow I could feel myself cum, all while the world seemed to fade away. I think I was begging, but with my mouth full and my mind somewhere blissful and warm I couldn’t really tell.
I held the boy tighter, some part of me recognizing him as the source of my currant feelings. If that was true I never wanted to let him go. How could I have thought of this…. THIS gift to my very soul, my very being as being merely cute.
I was incoherent…
I wasn’t myself…
I was more than myself.
I tried to tell him I loved him, but it came out as nothing more than mewling….
I went beyond love….

I think I fainted then, but when I regained consciousness I was still drinking……………….
I just stared forward at the wall………..
I knew the truth now………..
I was nothing, it was that simple. Without the prince I was nothing………
I could still feel the pleasure from drinking his blood, but it seemed…….. Less… somehow. I wanted more NEEDED  MORE, but the blood couldn’t give me what I wanted……….
I looked back down at the prince….
I felt a pleasant tingle that was better than anything and everything I had felt so far……
“Haaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnnnn………………” (Yanta)
My voice hurt, and was no more than a mere whisper but……..
I came again from that tingle…. The mere hint, mere TASTE of the MORE I needed was enough to destroy me……..
In that moment I was born again…..
I was born to serve my one and only master…..
I placed his mouth at my neck, it had healed somehow during this whole experience, and cut myself so that my master might drink and regain his strength….
The knowledge that I was giving of myself to the master brought back the tingling sensation, but this time soooooooo much more powerfully…..
“UUUUUUUUUUUUNNNNNNNNnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn………” (Yan)
As I held my master while he slept and drank, I heard him mumble something…..
Wanting nothing more than to be of more service to him I strained to hear what troubled my master’s rest.
“…………..Abil……ity………..up……..grade………..ed?……………………” (Alt)

Chapter 8

Nothing’s better than relaxing under the sun all by myself for once…. No Fera….. No mom….. Just me myself and I, the best company there could ever be…… I needed this………
“HAH-HAH-HAH…………… the prince………. Siting……. So good………..” (???)
And then she goes and ruins it by panting and mumbling unimportant stuff…… I mean really in what world are chairs supposed to pant and talk about how much they like being sat upon. None that I know of that’s for sure…… time to nip this in the bud before she ends up like the LAST chair…. I won’t be able to relax if she constantly trembles and moans in pleasure. Today’s supposed to be about relaxing and not having to DO anything, not another day to play with the servants and toys…………..
“Shwut Wup…..” (Alt)
“EEEEPPP! Right away my prince!” (chair)
Muuuuuuuuuch better…….. Now where was I, oh yes relaxing under the faux-sun……..
It has been half a year since I had discovered my liiiiiiiittttttllllle sadistic quirk, but honestly I don’t really mind it anymore. Hell I don’t even need therapy anymore, who is even CAPABLE of telling me that what I’m doing is any way not the most perfect gift to anyone around me, who receives it…..
Everyone is SOOOOOO happy now. Including me. No more hungry stares, no more constant fears of being eaten in my sleep. Plus I can do pretty much anything I want, except leave past the palace grounds….. I tried that once, but mom just APPEARED OUT OF FUCKING NOWHERE in front of me and led me back to my room with a lecture about how going outside is “DANGEROUS and WRONG.” She said I can go outside when I’m at least 300, but only when she’s with me.
The only things that I would complain about would be a few new habits Fera tends to do.
Firstly she just tends to collapse and start twitching like she is in pain sometimes, it never lasts long, but it seems to happen at random, and happens a LOT when she and mom are together for too long. The first time it happened almost scared me to death, I mean I thought she was dying……
Secondly she seems to be preying to me OUT FUCKING LOUD every night before going to sleep. At first it was creepy…… then I was flattered, nothing like a cute girl preying to you like a god every night to give a guy an ego boost…… now I think it might be the perfect way to test this Faith=Power thing Sally mentioned, ESPECIALLY since THAT popped up on the status…..
Open status.
{ Name: Altorus Phantus    [abilities] [THE LIST] }
{ Race: Vampeerus (Phantu)    [traits] }
{ Age: 2 years }
{ Faith: 1 }
{ Strength: 5 } { Dexterity: 70 } { Endurance: 10 } { Survivability: 300 }
{ Intelligence: 652 } { Wisdom: 274 } { Charm: 33,579 } { Leadership: 10 }
The fact faith is a FUCKING stat, and just APPEARED on my stat screen one night, makes me suspect it miiiiiiiiiiiiight be important. The only thing is I don’t think it increases very easily, I mean the 1 is obviously from Fera, but she seems to be getting more zealous by the day and it’s still just a 1.
I mean I can use people like fucking furniture and have them happily do BODILY HARM to THEMSELVES for no more than the reason that it might amuse me enough that they hear a giggle or a “Gwood jowb…” from me….. if THAT isn’t at the level of worship and blind faith I don’t know what is!!!!!!!
HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh……………… oh well it’s not like I can do much about it now…… I’ll have all eternity to figure this Shit out later no need to rush…. Time to just relax and not think about anyth-…………..
Suddenly I fell to the veranda’s floor. It hurt a bit, but this isn’t the first time my chairs collapse on me, after a few hours even the best of chairs end up giving way. That’s probably why my endurance has been increasing….
Well I guess this means I’ll have to punish her later…. I wonder if Fera still has the REALLY thin knives she showed me……
As I pushed up off the ground, I noticed the scent of what my mind processed as strawberry ice cream… A flavor I was never able to find in any of the blood bottles, and looked at where the scent was coming from.
My chair was dead, I’m fairly sure even vampires need their heads to survive, and there were two woman wearing full on black ninja suits. I couldn’t even make out their faces, but what was visible were the bigass DAGGERS they were holding.
I won’t lie when the one with the bloody dagger suddenly appeared behind me and held it to my throat, I started to cry a little. Empathic Acts ability or not, this was scary as fuck and I didn’t want to die.
“Don’t move little one we need you alive, and I wouldn’t want to cut anything important off something as cute as you… but I will if you force me to….” (ninja lady 1)
“Tillyasa stop your making him cry………” (ninja lady 2)
“Yanta have you gone stupid, so what if the brat cries a little? WOAH what’s wrong with you? Why are YOU  crying?……….. FUCK I don’t have time to figure out what’s wrong with you, if the intel’s right, and it has been so far, we need to leave now before the queen finishes her council.” (Tillyasa)
“Just…. J-just be careful o-ok? Don’t h-hurt him…” (Yanta)
Well at least the power of cute is working on ONE of them… maybe if I can give her the best EYES look I can she’ll stop DAGGER-HAPPY behind me from doing whatever it is that they came here to do……
“Fine I’ll just knock him out with a little Sleepweed ok? There he should be out soon now can we GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE!!!!!” (Tillyasa)
Everything started to fade out for me. I tried to keep my eyes open, to fight off whatever drug they gave me, but apparently my blood only stops LETHAL poisons. Everything else is fair game…. And my body IS only two years old…. I faded out completely when we passed by the lesser servants quarters….


I have no idea what happened to Yanta. One minute she was all: “It would be so much easier if we could just kill the bitch’s brat…. You think UNHARMED means we can just knock his ass out. I mean if the brats unconscious he can’t struggle right?” and then after I’m about to do just that she starts FUCKING crying and talking about not hurting the kid…………….. that’s not like Yan………… she’s always been able to keep better control of her emotions then I EVER could….. we must have tripped some type of protection ward when we entered the veranda…..
I looked over at my longtime partner and best friend as we walked through the hidden tunnel system, the one that ran through the bottom of the ENTIRE eastern territory and has been around since before the bitch was queen.
We have been friends since we were little. Practically grew up as sisters. Hell we first met each other before either of our first half centuries had come. And the way Yan was acting now IS. NOT. NORMAL!!!!!!!!
She kept looking at the kid I had tucked under my left arm, like she was worried he might be hurt or something. She was even fidgeting. Yan NEVER fidgets, seeing others do that drives her INSANE!!!!
We’ll HAVE to get her checked out by the contra-mage back at base…….. till then I have to get her to start moving faster, the intel said that Natasha’s senses were 1000 times better than a normal Vampeerus’, I do NOT want to be anywhere NEAR where the bitch could pick up our scent when she finds out her kid is missing. I have no intention of either Yan or I facing the “Black Death’s Smile” or the “Innocent Ice Assassin’s” wrath……………. I’d rather not die……………..
“Till….. you don’t think you gave him to much do you? I-I mean he isn’t even MOVING…….. oh no he’s just a little kid what if that KILLED him?!?!?!” (Yanta)
…………….FUCK what did they DO to Yan?!?! Where did my calm strategist go?!?! The girl who never bats an eye as she watches the horror in her victim’s eyes as they finally realize SHE betrayed THEM right before they die?!?!
We HAVE to fix this…. I’ll get the old Yanta back even if it means betraying the faction and getting the bitch queen to dispel this curse…….
“Don’t worry so much, if you want you can even watch over him when we put him in the cell… I have to have a talk with our con-mage anyway………” (Tillyasa)
She looked at me, and for a moment I could see a glimpse of my old Yan…. It looked like she was judging if what I was saying was true…. It took all my control to not react, but she eventually nodded, went back to worrying, and the spark was gone again….
We need to hurry…. If this curse becomes set in her and becomes permanent I doubt even the best contra-mages could dispel it…….. don’t worry Yan, I’ll fix you…….


I looked at the body lying in a pool of blood missing its head. I felt cold. There was nothing else that could describe this feeling, but I remember it well.
This feeling was from the old days…
When hot, unthinking, passionate rage would get you and all you loved killed just as surely as if you killed them yourself….
It has been many centuries since I felt this… the last time is when I took my kingdom….
But someone has taken my son…. And now they and everyone they have ever known will understand why the Ancients still cower when they hear my name.
“Assassin… you will find any and all information floating around the underworld of my kingdom, and you will find it quickly. Do not return until you have.” (Natasha)
“Yes, Queen Natasha.” (Fera)
The assassin left faster than what I assume most would be able to perceive, but for me, especially as I am now, she was moving far too slow. I wanted her to finish this task instantly, I wanted to find my son now and make those that took him from me suffer….. But I had to be realistic. I couldn’t gather the information myself, I was to easily recognized, and if those that took Alt from me wanted him dead his corpse would lay next to this servants….
No they did this to get to me…….. probably some sort of fucking ploy to get me to step down as queen. Clever, if it was the only way to save Altorus I would do so without hesitation, but they seem to have drastically underestimated me……… and while I’m sure my little Alt can heal from anything they do to him I will make sure that they have no such luxury when I find them…..
I walked over to Alt’s bed, he moved from the crib last month, and held the sheets to my nose. I took in the scent that was so heavily absent from this room, for the first time in the past two years, Alt’s scent did not fill this place………
Then I gave a cold smile.
These younglings should remember their history. The last one to cross me so was an Ancestor, and Lizote had to gather his pieces so that she could burn them and get its screaming to stop….

Chapter 7/ SS 2

Altorus Phantus: Prince-Consort, Heir apparent, Phantus family head, “Forbidden Fruit”

Two weeks of mentally breaking down and conditioning most of the palace’s staff and visitors MAAAAAAYYYYYY have given me a LIIIIIIITTTLLLLLEEEE bit of a complex….
Yes that’s it! Grovel! GROVEL ON THE COALS FOR YOUR MASTER!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAhahahahaha!!!!!! MUHAHAHAHAHAHAhahahahaha!!!!!!……….
“Dow wit lowewer…….. LOWEWER……… pweaze?”
I was currently watching almost the entire servant staff spend their ONE day off for the month kowtow to me in-mass on red hot coals I had, had placed in the palace garden. Why? Because I wanted to see how far my cuteness bond them to my will. It also gives me lots of data on how tough the average vampire here REALLY is…. And I was bored…. And am apparently a sadist….. And have gone….. MAD WITH POWER!!!!  THE POWER OF CUTE!!!!!!!
I may really need to add intense therapy onto THE LIST, but I am really LOVING THIS SHIT!!! It’s better than anything they were showing me on the T.V. crystal. Plus Fera doesn’t seem to mind, she is just standing next to me and smiling at me when my giggles sneak out, so what I’m doing can’t be THAT bad. I’m sure vampiric nobility do this type of stuff all the time…. And hey when they hear me giggle THEY give a satisfied smile so they must be happy on some level too…
“More blood, my angel?” (Fera)
Fera reached out her arm in front of me and gave me a hopeful smile. I guess I really am just THAT good at the whole giving pleasure while draining victims, vampire thing… though I am kinda cheating…… but hey if other vamps can’t just bite their tongues a little and have their snack melt into a messy heap of “more…. More… Give me MORE! PLEASE MORE!!! ALWAYS MORE!!!!!!….” than that’s just evolution… the laws of “survival of the fittest” just like me more than them, that’s all.
Oh I guess I should say my baby fangs finally grew in. ironically just about the time I decided to give blood a shot. 
Apparently they would only start growing after a vampire comes to desire blood…. Who knew? Anyway these bad boys are sharp, and harden for some reason when I’m excited, or anxious. Which works out cause I wouldn’t want to chip a fang while drinking. That would probably hurt like SHIT. 
As I looked at Fera’s offered arm I thought back to the first time I drank blood.

With the sudden appearance of my fangs, the bottled blood just didn’t seem to do a vampire’s first feeding the justice I felt it deserved. I wanted to try them out. Use the whole “LOOK INTO MY EYES!” trick…….. 
Feel them sink into the flesh of my virginal prey and watch as the life slowly leaves their body..….
…………………………….. Ok that’s new……………….. Never thought of something like that before….. Yet somehow the fact a WHOLE DIFFERENT WAY OF THOUGHT popped right in mind ISN’T creeping me the hell out, and that’s just wrong. I take pride in my rampant paranoia honed by a year of living like the ONLY cup of coffee on the first day of a caffeine addiction support group…… paranoia saves lives…..
Oh well if it doesn’t hurt me and makes me act more vampiric let’s embrace it. YAAAAY I’M A MONSTER THAT DRAINS THE BLOOD OF VIRGINS (girls preferably) FOR MY OWN BLOODY SATISFACTION NOW!!!!………….. 
Yeah I’m just not feeling it….. Maybe if I actually drank from one? Ah well something else to investigate. Oh yeah, I wonder if Fera would work, she looks like she could be a virgin….. Then again she also looks like she could never hurt a fly and she killed my fourteenth cousin with torture a few months ago sooooo……………. 
Ahhhhhh fuck it. Never hurts to try right?
I stood up in the crib and carefully made my way down to the floor from there. Gathering my balance I executed my most incredibly graceful skill yet. Walking without help or falling on my face. I am really proud of that. Took almost a month to get right…
I walked right up to where Fera was sitting sewing some sort of hidden pockets into the inside of her dresses. They all seemed to be the same stormy grey color, and eerily all matched my eyes perfectly… I reached out my hand and gave her current grey dress a tug.
“Fewa…. Hungy…” (Alt)
“!!! My angel do you want to drink now?! I’ll send someone to go get you a blood bottle right away!” (Fera)
“….. Nwoooo…. Fewa hungyyyyyyyy……” (Alt)
I looked at her, then at her arm where I could see a faint pulse, then back at her. I could see she was starting to get what I really wanted, but wasn’t sure if she should give it to me, that maybe she should check with mom first. It was written all over her face, the way she hesitated and kept tensing like she wanted to get up. I couldn’t have that so I brought out the big guns. I picked my head up tilted it JUST so, and brought out the EYES 2.0 (now with a hint of tears!)…
“Cann’d I……?”
Fera caved faster than a lawn chair under a 600 pound man. She held her arm up in front of my head and turned her head away, but not before I saw the blush.
“Of course my angel…. Whenever you’re ready….” (Fera)
That’s all I needed to hear….. Except I had never done this before. How the FUCK is anyone supposed to do this without it HURTING LIKE A BITCH!!! I mean I’m jamming what are essentially two wide-ass needles into a major vain system then sucking up what comes out really hard. That just doesn’t seem to be the right way. I guess this would be easier if I was one of the Vampeerus with the thin hollow fangs, for them it’s just like a mosquito, stick in-suck out and leave barley a mark. BUT I CAN’T DO THAT!!!! My fangs are mostly solid, and while they are long, their still just slightly harder than normal teeth. Am I just supposed to tear into her arm? That seems like it would hurt. I don’t want to hurt her, I like Fera!
Alright calm down Alt there HAS to be a way!
While I was deep in thought I ran my tongue ever my fangs absently, that was when I noticed that my tongue was totally numb. I could still move it but I couldn’t FEEL with it.
VENOM! Of course my fangs have NUMBING VENOM!!! This makes everything easier…
With that discovery, and the knowledge that any pain Fera might feel would be minor, if present at all, I lost my hesitation. Taking her arm in hand and bringing it to my mouth, I bite into the forearm right on the vain. 
Fera gave a quick gasp then a relieved sigh, as my mouth flooded with liquid. 
Of course I had no idea what I was expecting, but it definitely wasn’t this.
ICE CREAM!!!! Vanilla I think… no wait this is the wrong consistency, the wrong texture… this is almost like… no it is! It’s like I’m drinking a FUCKING MILKSHAKE!!! No wonder vampires rave on and on about blood and how sweet it is, or all the flavors it can have! If the type of blood, and who it’s taken from changes the flavor, it must be like going from the Sweetness of vanilla to the richness of chocolate……….… 
“AHHHHHNNN!!!! MMMMMMNNNNN AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!…………. W-w-wait th-th-this feels l-like………  Ahhhhhh……. AHHHHHNNN!!!” (Fera)
HOLY SHIT DID SHE JUST CUM?!?!?! Wow being drunk from must feel pretty good…… Wait none of the books about Vampeerus feeding habits mentioned the act to be inherently pleasant…. In fact they mentioned having to find/make ways for ones partner to ignore the discomfort…. So why would Fera……
WAIT!!! If I can’t feel my tongue, and was rubbing it all over my new sharp fangs wouldn’t that mean?………. 
OHHHHHHHH so this is what my blood does if it gets into the bloodstream…… good to know. This is SURE to be useful in a VARIETY of ways…. Ah I can’t wait for puberty…. And this is the only time I hope to WANT to go through puberty….
Wow Fera looks like she’s losing it….
I watched and drank as Fera writhed in ecstasy falling almost entirely out of her chair, and her sewing kit tossed aside. 
Her eyes had glazed over and she kept focusing in and out on me and the ceiling.
I had watched as Fera went through what looked like four consecutive orgasms, and as she gradually lost all resistance. I think it flipped some switch inside me I never knew was there because even though I was full, and even though I couldn’t fully… appreciate… what was happening to my slave, I wanted to do this to her more. I wanted to keep her riding the edge until she couldn’t think of anything anymore, I wanted to see the powerful and proud Feraisa I’ve always known humiliated and brought low…..
Basically I wanted to give her the funest torture ever, and because she was utterly blissed out and just looking at me with a big dopey smile and muttering “my angel… love…. my angel…” over and over again… 
I did.
Then I did it again.
Then I waited for her to regain he senses and started all over.
That day neither Fera nor I left my room. There was no bath time. No story time. Just “PLAY” time… all day.
I had nice dreams that night…

I looked down at Fera as she laid in a pool of her own making while she twitched and mumbled things incoherently. Then I looked at the other servants who with their chins to the coals had watched the whole experience with attentiveness bordering on worship. I wiped all the excess blood from my mouth and chin using my shirt, then gave them the brightest most innocent smile I could make.
“Swooooo…….. Twastyyyyy!!!” (Alt)
Although I do have to work on all the splatter, gushing, and general uncleanliness of my bloodsucking, I think I’m getting better… oh look some of the servants just fainted… wow those are some creepy smiles they have… ah well might as well let them sleep here for a bit. At least they won’t be in TOO much danger now that I know fire and intense heat doesn’t straight up kill most vampires…
Today’s been a good day…

Natasha Nosferatusa: Queen-Regent, Nosferatusa family head, Direct descendent of a true Ancestor, “Black Death’s Smile”

It’s just not fair…. That THIEVING-BLOOD-WHORE gets to be with my cute little Alt all day while I’m stuck reminding all these worms who it is who is ACTUALLY in charge, and why turning against ME never ends well.
I was sitting on my throne wearing an alluring gown of my own design that showed off all of my authority, but let me retain all of my womanly allure. Allure has always been a powerful tool in state craft, and one I never overlook. I was supposed to be focusing on the two blustering idiots’ discussion in front of me of how MY kingdom could be separated peacefully into three independent powers if I would just step aside. 
Fools… don’t they realize that the only thing that’s stopping the northern Vampiric houses from assimilating us in a hostile takeover is my friendship and promise with the Tepestia house? The SECOND I am removed from power, Lizote and her kingdom will sweep your “independent powers” aside like silt before the oncoming tide. Maybe when everyone you ever knew or cared about are all made into the Tepestia family’s PERSONAL mind-slaves while you watch, Lizote will let me in on the party to watch. She always did like to share with me…
“For the last time, my throne and kingdom are mine and mine alone to rule as I see fit. If you disagree with that you may always contest my claim….” (Natasha)
I let out the barest hint of the bloodlust I have kept mostly hidden since the old days as I gave them the face that earned me the tittle “Black Death’s Smile” in my youth.
They fainted where they stood while the other officials and nobility present all crumbled to their knees and started blubbering for me not to hurt them.
Weak fools, my bloodlust didn’t even focus on them, and even those two powdered and gilded fools over there only felt a taste of it. No one even died, yet every one of them absolutely REEKS of fear and desperation… Haaaaahhh…. I wish they could be more like the THIEVING-BLOOD-WHORE in that regard. At least the Assassin shows no fear. Even when my bloodlust was fully unleashed, focused, and even when I condensed it on her fully… all she did was vomit blood and fall to the ground, but she still had the nerve to sneer at me before she passed out. I need a 1,000 more of her…………… but none of them would be allowed anywhere NEAR little Alt this time….
ARRRGH I can’t take this anymore!!!! I’ll need to go to my haven tonight…… well how am I to end this farce?….
“Since none of you seem to be able to continue, I feel we must adjourn here for today. I shall hold another meeting in a week’s time, see to it that you are present.    ………. And will someone please help those two fine Vampeerus remove themselves from my halls? They seem to be leaking on the floors…” (Natasha)
I didn’t even bother rising from my throne, I just shifted to the shadows constantly hanging over my throne. Shadow shift one of the traits of my bloodline is so very useful at times like this, as long as there is a shadow, or any patch of dark really I can do all sorts of interesting things, but recently I have only had occasion to use that ability. Not that I should complain about all this peace, but sometimes I miss the old times, when you had to always keep up your guard or someone, perhaps an enemy perhaps an ally, would REMOVE you from the game. The only game that mattered, the game every one of us were forced to play just to survive, the game of the Ancestors’ rule. 
And I guess Lizote and I won didn’t we?… I mean we are all that’s left and we can’t DO anything to each other…. I just wish it hadn’t cost so damn much, that’s all I would change……
I sighed as I appeared outside of my personal office. It was always such a hassle to have to undo all the seals and protections placed here, but it was necessary. While this era might not be as bad as the last, negligence and assumption will still lead to death just as well as they always had. 
And I don’t plan to die….. Especially since I found my little Alty-Walty!!!
As I undid the protections of my most sacred haven I thought back to the time I had first seen the child who changed my world so.

I was incredibly bored. I was invited to some Duchess’s child’s birth and naming ceremony and because she was from the Himalliss family, a family who were strong supporters of my faction in this idiotic power struggle for MY throne, I was obligated to attend. Even still I had nothing to do here. I had already spoken with and refused my repeated suitors advances, the men were meek, weak, and quick to back down, but the woman ALWAYS want to push it…
Maybe if I were to claim one of them offended me I could just slaughter the lot of them and be done with this…. No that would only cost me loyal supporters and give one of the other factions something to rally to. I guess this is just going to be another painfully long and painfully dull eveni- WHAT IS THAT SCENT!!!! IT’S AMAZING!!!
Perhaps due to my superior senses, or maybe just due to the fact I had nothing else to hold my focus, but I noticed the scent before anyone else in the room did. From my place at the head of the table I looked at the far door that the duchess Cellafor Himalliss and her child were supposed to enter through. There was no movement near or behind the uselessly grand entryway, but that was fine.
Something had finally peaked my interest, I would wait patiently as long as I had to.
Turns out I had to wait for an hour, why it is that I could make out a scent that was so far away it took an hour to even arrive was made clear when the duchess entered holding the newborn.
Everyone was looking at them, or more specifically him, as by the baby’s strong scent it was easy to tell his gender was that of a male. The boy smelled DIVINE, better than the aged honey-fermented blood Lizote and I would share on milestones. I could see many of the Vampeerus around me drooling, something that I would normally find both disgusting and slovenly if it weren’t for the fact I had to fight off drool myself. I motioned for the duchess to take the seat of highest honor, at my right hand, and watched with a strange sort of trepidation as she and her child came closer then finally were seated.
I spent the entire ceremony watching the boy. At first it was his scent that intrigued me, but after long observation I noticed he seemed to have clear intelligence, and even met my stares on multiple occasions.
I think he might be fond of me that’s good… I think I’m fond of this child too… perhaps, since I refuse to birth a child of my own and have Lizote gloat about how I caved to her demands for eternity, perhaps I can have this one? …….. Yes I must… I must have him! He WILL be MY son and I REFUSE to let this dull harlot take away his CLEARLY impressive future by teaching him to dance and dress himself prettily to attract some silly noble rich girl. I. REFUSE. TO. LET. THAT. HAPPEN!!!!
I started to speak with duchess Cellafor, all the while planning how to become the greatest mother to walk the surface of Quellios. Lizote will have to suffer through MY rant about how MY child is so perfect and amazing for once, not her’s. And once I show him to her, and show just how amazing MY son is she’ll know I’m right…. 
….Wait what if MY son has a father? Does he need a father? Can’t I be his role model on how a male should act? Yes I don’t want him to grow attached to some random MALE who is probably just as shallow as he is pretty… but I don’t know ANYTHING about how to apply powder to someone’s face, or what colors get the most attention while still being subdued… 
ALL I KNOW IS WARFARE AND POLITICS!!! I can’t fill in any of the traditional MALE roles, I’m a proud woman for the Ancestors’ sake!!! I never HAD to learn those things… Wait… who says I have to raise him as a traditional male Vampeerus anyway? Human males seem to rule the human kingdoms and do all the fighting… they don’t do it WELL, but MY son won’t HAVE to fight well. His Mommy will always be there to keep him nice and safe…
THAT’S IT THAT’S WHAT I’LL DO!!!! I’ll raise MY son MY way and may the ABYSS take ANYONE who stands in my way!!!   Besides there is no one here who shares MY sons strong scent, if MY sons birth father isn’t even here for MY son’s naming ceremony, then he doesn’t even deserve to bare consideration! 
“Tell me Cellafor Does this little one still have its father? I do not find anyone here that share his… unique… allure…” (Natasha)
“Oh no, this little one’s father tried to leave when he found out I was expecting. Something about furthering the bloodline, or some nonsense like that… so I took care of him.” (Cellafor)
WELL DONE CELLAFOR!!! Perhaps you are not as foolish as I first thought… for getting rid of all the competit-………. INSECT!!!! Yes the INSECT that would DARE to deceive MY son into splitting his love with someone other than his RIGHTFUL mother, I will grant you suitable recompense. WELL DONE INDEED DUCHESS CELLAFOR!!!
“Ah… yes that makes sense. I do believe that we should begin the traditional naming ceremony now.” (Natasha)
“Very well my queen… I present to all of you my first-born, does any refute his birth?” (Cellafor)
Cellafor stood up and walked to the middle of the room all the while carrying MY baby, then held him up as if HE was some SORT OF PRIZE while everyone watched. I can see some drooling while looking at MY little baby boy, but I control my urge to eviscerate them where they sit for their insolence.
“Then I ask if any have a name noble and worthy enough for this little one?” (Cellafor)
“Dartus!” (???)
“Vladimar!” (???)
“Francisco!” (???)
“Mort!” (???)
Everyone starts calling out names, apparently they think I will allow them to NAME MY PERFECT SON!!! And the shear AUDACITY that shallow, garish, and plump male in the orange overcoat showed to suggest a name as IGNOBLE as MORT for my beautiful baby boy….. 
Calm Natasha… he dies for this later, but now is your child’s only naming ceremony and I REFUSE to ruin it with THAT things death, wouldn’t want to cause an ill omen for my darling baby!!!
“I like Mort…” (???)
“Yes a fine name for this little one.” (???)
“Francisco is still better, but Mort is good too I guess….” (???)
……………………………………………………………..NO I WILL NOT LET YOU NAME MY LOVELY CHILD FUCKING MORT!!!!!!!!!  WHAT IS WRONG WITH MALES?!?!?!?!    THINK!!!!! What’s a noble and strong name? A name worthy of my son? Oh I got it!!!!!!!
“He shall be named Altorus… that is final.” (Natasha)
I stood and walked as calmly as I was able to MY child and the woman holding him.
“Cellafor, come this ceremony is over and I have matters I wish to discuss with you.” (Natasha)
I turned and left the hall with full confidence that Cellafor would follow me. She had no real choice. I was her queen and I had given her an order.
Cellafor met up with me shortly, and I grabbed ahold of her and MY child as gently as I could and shifted to the shadows cast by the Crystal lights. 
I brought us out in the North wing of my palace, where I quickly flagged down a servant. She was staring at MY child in a way that I did not quite like, but I had no time to discipline her.
“Equip my old chambers with everything a child could want or need for the first three centuries of its life.” (Natasha)
“………Male or female?” (???)
It is a credit to the training that servants must go through that while this maid was obviously focused on contemplating MY child as if he were some luxury blood-slave, she still answered rather promptly…. and raised a good point.
Hmmmmmm…….. True I don’t want to raise Altorus to be a TRADITIONAL Vampeerus male….. better just go for the safe option. Just in case….
“……..Both. Do so now, I want it ready within the hour.” (Natasha)
The servant maid-servant only bowed and left quickly to see to my orders, though she did cast glances back at MY son as she went…
“I see you are preparing for a child of your own, my Queen. Does what you wished to discuss involve my experience as a new mother?” (Cellafor)
I wish she would not refer to herself as a mother while she is holding MY little Altorus…
“I shall be the one to raise Altorus, however for your troubles bringing him into the world, as well as your foresight in removing the father I shall offer you recompense.” (Natasha)
She seems shocked, however I’m not sure why. Of course a mother should be the one to raise her child, and I AM  Altorus’ mother…
“You’re asking me to give up my first-born, the child who has ALREADY gained the honor of bearing the name YOU have chosen for him at such a young age. How could you ever ask me to-…” (Cellafor)
I cut her off In the middle of her false words of feigned offense.
“Name your recompense.” (Natasha)
“I want 10,000 goldetts, 10 HIGHLY trained servant-guards, and a permanent seat on the high council coupled with a new tittle and the large land grant that comes with being named head of one’s house.” (Cellafor)
Finally the beast shows it’s true colors… though if that is all the value she can see in MY little Altorus than she never deserved to have him in the first place….
“Done. Now hand me MY child, GRAND-DUCHESS Cellafor. Very good, you may leave my palace grounds now, don’t bother to come back I will send your other promised property to your estate in the morning.” (Natasha)
I turned and walked towards MY child’s new room, I didn’t look back at Cellafor, she no longer mattered as she had served the only purpose that her life ever truly had that had any real value. She had given me MY child, and now little Altorus and I needed to bond.

Alt was an interesting child, wonderful and perfect, but he could be a little strange at times. Like when I gave him the tour of his room, he paid more attention than I think most of my court retainers are capable of showing. Or when he kicked up a struggle in the bath… seeing him try to wiggle away from the water was so CUTE! He acted like it would hurt him if he touched it, but settled down really quickly when I got in with him. He was watching me the whole time we bathed together, so I think he really likes me. Or when he tried to hide behind my heir when I brought him out to the veranda, that’s when I KNEW he saw me as his mother. He was looking to ME for protection from the big scary world. I was so GLAD… but the fact I had to repeat: “Don’t-drink-your-baby’s-blood-don’t-drink-your-baby’s-blood” in my head to get through bath time and the tour will be my liiiiiiiiiittle secret from baby Alt. no one but Lizote could ever know about that, and if she pulls that secret from my head I’ll shun her for the nest three centuries… poor boy is so shy around people already it might make him develop a phobia if someone told him the mother that LOVES him had ever thought that.
All In all I have a theory about little Alt’s strangely… alluring… CAPTIVATING… scent. I’ll have to do some research into old Vampeerus houses, but if I’m right it would explain a lot about why I want to drink the blood of the Baby I love more than my kingdom… until then I’ll just keep him away from people. 
It’ll also give us more alone time to BOND!!!!! I’m such a great mother….

At least her condition confirmed that Altorus has the Phantus blood running through his veins, so I guess she served SOME purpose… now I just need to find some way to bypass or negate the effects Alty’s blood has on me somehow…. URGH I maaaaaaaaay need to talk to Lizote, she was always better with counter magic than I was…. But what to do about the BITCH who almost got me to accidently POISON my ENTIRE WORLD AND EVERYTHING THAT MATTERS… so I would be FUCKING UNHINGED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
………………………………….It’s alright I doubt she’ll be able to take out her ENTIRE guild without SOMEONE killing her… and after she’s dead I can find out who ordered MY SON’S DEATH, and make them suffer for a millennia before finally allowing them the escape of death, but only after I have them kill their family, who I will probably need to find a reason to imprison in the meantime…, in the most vile way I can conceive of at the time… NO ONE HURTS MY ALTY-WALTY AND WALKS AWAY!!!! NO ONE!!!!!!!

I finally undid the last seal, the memories of the last year and a half with my precious little Alty-Bear bringing a bright smile to my face. 
If ONLY I hadn’t underestimated the THIEVING-BLOOD-WHORE they would have been a perfect memories…
I looked towards the crystal that was attuned to always show Altorus in real time as long as he was on palace grounds, and saw he was playing in the garden with some servants.
Its good he is becoming more outgoing, as much as I want to keep him all to myself, it’s a mothers duty to foster her child’s independence after all….. I just never thought it would be this hard…. Ah well at least I have insurance.
I looked at the document hanging prominently on the wall of my office, just above the door, in ITS OWN reinforced and magically warded display case. It showed the vows of love that Alty and I signed together.
I still can’t believe he signed it all by himself! MY LITTLE ALTY IS SO CLEVER!!!!!!
“My Queen there is an urgent message for you from Queen Lizote of the Northern Vampiric Empire! It says-………….” (???)
“Shhhhhh! I was trying to watch my son play before you, oh so rudely invaded the sanctity of my haven………. How were you able to get in past the wards anyway?”
“You told all of your PERSONAL servants that if there was a message from Queen Lizote to always bring it to this room, but to never enter it otherwise, and you have them train any new servant that joined their ranks to do the same. I-I’m new mistress.” (New servant girl)
I think she may be trembling… oh dear it seems that no one explained to her that my PERSONAL servants are usually exempt from any sort punishment except in the most SEVERE of cases…… well Alt does look to be having fun with the THIEVING-BLOOD-WHORE, and she CERTAINLY seems to be enjoying herself… it’s almost a shame I can’t let Alty-Walty do that to me and can only watch… Oh well…. Focusing on what I CAN do is the best way to raise Alty anyway. No use in wishing for what can’t be right now…..
“Oh, well that explains why I didn’t recognize you. You can put the letter over there, I have need of something else from you right now. How good are you with your tongue?…………” (Natasha)


Feraisa Dragovich: First servant of the Phantus family, (Former) Daughter of the Dragovich family, first priestess of the {Ascendant Angel}, “Innocent Ice Assassin”

My life has had real meaning since I have started serving beside my angel. The first time he feed from me I was allowed to taste heaven once more, only this time it was so much… BETTER……
I honestly can’t tell what gives me more pleasure anymore, the feeling of him giving me a hit of his blood at every lick of that gentle… soft…….. warm…………. Tongue………………..
Or w-when he j-just TAKES my arm, like he KNOWS it’s HIS!!! O-o-o-r-r!  Or! When he is drinking from me and I can FEEL that I am just being USED!!!!!!…………
I looked up at my angel, unable to stand under my own power and reach my arm out so it’s in front of his mouth
“M-my a-angel? W-would you l-like some of my….. Hah-hah….. b-blood….. A-again?” (Fera)

Things have gone well with the angel since he went out to the garden. He seems so happy all the time now, I wonder if it’s because of my prayers to him…….
I have accepted the angel as my new god. My only god. The TRUE god. I never feel more fulfilled than when we are together, and soon I’ll be able to tell him how I feel. Tell him everything about who I was and who am now, and how happy I am that I discovered him.
Thinking back on the time before the angels grace makes me feel physically ill, and the fact I once tried to KILL the angel……….
I don’t like to think about it because it makes me cry, and when I cry the angel gets sad…….
The only thing stopping me is that Natasha somehow found out that I allowed the angel to leave the palace to visit the gardens.
As if she was the one I was supposed to serve, and not the angel!!! The living GOD right next to me….
Unfortunately she altered my blood seal slightly so that certain thoughts and actions are forbidden, and if done are  punished by extreme mental and physical agony……..
But that’s ok as long as I can be with my angel.  
We are almost always together and the only times we weren’t were when the incestuous bitc-….. 
When our noble, caring, and unfaultablly compassionate queen, Natasha, does not take him away from me for no apparent reaso-………
I mean takes my angel away from me for HIS own good and safety………