yes thats right folks….. F.F.G is going on hiatus until i AaronDragon accomplish three mystic tasks…

  1. find a reliable editor who i can trust and depend on
  2. plot out a plot outline (ha! see what i did there?) of at least book one of F.F.G
  3. get some comments, and research for stuff on the bestiary… some comments with love for F.F.G wouldn’t hurt the writing mojo either, but still need to research…
  4. yes there is a secret goal as well, but i’ll give you a hint: it involves Art for my stories…


soooooooooooooooooooooooo………………… thats all for now, and i hope my offering of B.B. chapters will appease the fans enough that you all put down your rotten fruit and pitchforks. F.F.G will be back, and hopefully all the better for the wait, but this needs to be done, and i dont think i can put it off until the end of the first Ark like i planed…..


Author out.

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