Side story: the previous life of Feraisa Dragovich

My name is Feraisa Dragovich and I have lived for centuries.
My life’s path was decided at my birth ceremony where apparently the only one who approved my birth was a famous assassin known for his sense of righteousness. As my mother did not wish to raise a child that was looked on so unfavorably I was given to him for the price of a single blood slave, a used one at that.
For the next half century I lived, trained, and worked with my adoptive father. He taught me the ways of stealth,
deception, combat, and killing.
He told me I was a natural.
He also taught me of honor, true nobility, and sacrifice.
My father was a great man.
He died four days before my 57th year on a job for “the greater good”.
That was the day that I cried myself to sleep swearing not to end up dead for people I will never know or a cause I will  never understand.
The very next day I packed up all the valuables in the house, and anything that could be of use or have worth, and left my home to be a real assassin.
I took my father’s teachings, his tools, his very way of life… and I twisted it to my own purposes.
I used them to join a notorious assassin’s guild known for taking any type of job as long as the pay was good. I used them to rise in the ranks of the guild without sacrificing my dignity or chastity like the other girls. I used them to succeed where I thought my father had failed.
I used them to kill any and all who stood in the way of my future.
I used them in a way that would have made my father sick…
For countless years I did the dirty work of anyone who could afford my service.
Killing a Countess who slept with the wrong Duchess’ husband? Done.
Removing an irritating head competitor to a merchant’s maritime success? Easy.
Finding and silencing a bastard heir that is blackmailing a Baron? Not even a challenge.
Slaying the Queen of the eastern vampiric houses and her newborn prince-heir? That was where my life changed.

Everything was going smoothly. I had infiltrated the palace easily, all it took were a few coins and a smile. And had quickly inserted myself as a part of the working staff and servants.
I had gathered intelligence on my targets from the gossip of the people around me, and learned that the prince, while named Heir, was not of Queen Natasha’s bloodline. Despite that she seemed to care for him more than she did herself, running herself ragged and even skipping some of her duties to spend time with the child. She was acting like a mother, a rather inexperienced one at that.
I decided that the first target I should assassinate should be the child. Even with all his security all it would take is a few drops of potent untraceable Deathscry poison in the babiy’s blood bottle and the deed is done. Not only that it will also destroy Queen Natasha to learn of her new sons death, that is if she cares for at least half as much the rumors say she does, making my next job that much easier.
The thing all the noble types seem to forget is that no matter how secure you think you are if you need someone to prepare and bring your meals to you it is fairly easy to slip in something a bit… extra… somewhere in the process.
This is made even easier by the fact Natasha seemed despite to try new types of blood recipes all the time. Probably looking for the most nutritious one that also fit her new child’s taste as well…
Perhaps I could give the cook a simple suggestion, my father’s special recipe should be much to the child’s taste…

It has been 3 weeks since then and I have heard nothing of the prince falling sick, or suffering any other ill fate. I am beginning to lose patience with my plan to poison him. Apparently the child refuses to eat, and like the helplessly doting mother the Queen truly is, she does not force him to. As such I have decided to reevaluate my course of attack.
I have decided to strangle the child while he sleeps.

Tonight is the night.
I had finally found the magic crystal Queen Natasha uses to monitor the prince during that days cleaning and while cleaning his room with the other servants, all while the prince was with the Queen… she seems to not trust even the servants bound to her with him, smart… I made sure to brush up against it “accidently” and nock it just far enough out of alinement that his crib is now longer visible.
Silently sneaking back into the prince’s room I noticed an incredibly enticing aroma. Now I have been an assassin for as long as I can recall, and I have seen many traps that use the smell of good blood, usually virginal and fresh, but this… this was on a different level entirely.
I had trained myself to resist and conquer my desires to become a better more effective killing tool.
I had trained myself to never have any crippling interests in blood, sex, drugs, or anything else that could lead to addiction and dependence.
I was known as the Innocent Ice Assassin, capable of resisting any temptation and fooling even the best with my innocent looks.
I was helpless against THIS.
It was the prince, I could tell from the way the smell originated around him. I wasn’t sure if it was the smell of his blood, or just his natural scent but I wanted more.
I moved to his crib careful not to wake the child from his slumber, as babies are known to be loud when woken and that would spell only disaster. And gazed down at the boy. He was a cute baby sure, but that still wouldn’t stop me from killing him. I had done far worse over my career.
The longer I looked at him the more the desire grew, from a faint notion I couldn’t identify, to a need stronger than any
I had ever experienced. I NEEDED to taste his blood. I couldn’t fight it, because I didn’t want to.
The worst of temptations are the ones you create for yourself… I promised myself that a quick taste of his blood was all I would need. I was going to kill the child anyway why not let him be useful before he dies. With my skill I could easily slit a vein or artery painlessly without waking the child. And perhaps peacefully bleeding out in his sleep would be the kinder way to kill this innocent child.
Excuses all of them. Mere lies to comfort myself with the delusion that in that moment I was in control.
I wasn’t.
It started just as I said it would, a quick slice of the child’s wrist and he bled freely. I touched the blood, it was darker than the normal crimson, and if I didn’t know better I would have said it was black, but it smelled heavenly. Even the feeling of it on my skin was incredible. I licked the tip of my finger, I just wanted to taste it. Just once.
When I regained my senses I was mewling into the child’s wrist like some desperate Kalto junkie, and from the wetness of my soaked through crotch, had cum at least three times in the process. I was drinking of the boy like my life depended on this and this alone.
It scared me more than anything has to this day.
What scared me more was that I loved every moment of it.
I should have drained a baby of this size dry of all its blood quickly, hell I should have drained even the largest of men of all the blood in his and his family’s bodies.
But for some reason with this child there was always MORE… More blood. More bliss. More pleasure. Then more blood again.
I didn’t want to stop. I couldn’t stop. I didn’t stop. I was in ecstasy. Pure undiluted heaven was at my lips and it was letting me drink from it.
I am fairly sure I lost my mind to the pleasure at some point.
I know I stopped being an assassin.
I stopped being Feraisa Dragovich.
I was just pleasure that was allowed to be by the grace of this sleeping angel, who had not stirred even as I drank from him the equivalent of twenty men’s life’s-blood.
I stayed like that the whole night.
I think I might have mumbled that I loved the prince, among many other things, but I can’t be sure as the entire night is nothing more than a haze of ecstasy, bliss, and worship for me now…
Then as the day began to make itself known the prince shifted in his sleep and his wrist fell from my mouth.
I could have reached out to begin the whole experience once more. I could have taken his blood by force, or stolen him away by force. I could have just left and tried to put the entire night, the entire mission out of my mind.
I didn’t.
I got up, walked to the door, gave one last look at the angel resting in its crib, and went to find Queen Natasha as fast as I was able.
I didn’t care if I was caught anymore, I could only bring myself to care about one thing, and I had just left it behind in the hopes of being with it forever.

I found Natasha, she let me find her really. I had disabled twelve of her palace guards before this point. Disabled and not killed, because killing them would make my already ridiculously small chance in hell of pulling this off non-existent.
I bowed to her. I kowtowed to her. I placed my face to the very floor of the throne room and cried as I told her who I was, what I was sent to do, and what I now wanted.
Wanted more than my pride
More than my honor, what little had survived since my father’s death.
More than my very life and soul.
She wanted proof of my commitment. Of my loyalty.
She asked for the heads of the scum that ordered the angels demise, and the heads of my entire guild for accepting.
I agreed without hesitation.

They were all so easy to kill. So TRUSTING. The Innocent Ice Assassin would never betray a contract, and she would never fail. It was what I was known for, why I cost so much to hire. I was a guarantee.
So even after taking a month killing everyone in the guild and everyone intimately connected with it. Sometimes even forced to torture old friends and colleagues for information. Baroness Ressa was confident that she was well on her way to the throne when I showed up at the door of her estate.
She wore that confident expression even as I took her severed head to Queen Natasha.

Natasha wanted something else before I could see my angel again. She wanted me bound in the strongest magical oath a Vampeerus could give.
She wanted my blood seal, and I gave it to her.
She told me to never try to take the angel from her. I agreed.
She told me that if she ever thought I posed any sort of threat to her child that she would see me tortured to my death. I accepted that as reasonable response against harming the angel.
She told me she would go tell him about me and to wait outside the door. It took all of my considerable will power do so, and gave her a nod.
I heard her talking to him.
Then I heard her call for me to come in.
Then I saw him, and he was looking at me with those beautiful grey eyes.
I curtsied and greeted my angel, my new prince and master.
This was the day I formally met Altorus, and it was the best day of my long life…
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