Prologue B.B.

Nothingness. That is all I am seeing. Just endless white. Its funny whenever I thought of nothingness it was always as some indistinct dark space that continues on forever, but at least that would be SOMETHING here there is LITERALLY nothing except some sort of feeling I see sense as white.
Ok it’s been awhile now not sure how long it’s been but I am officially starting to lose my mind… this place is hell, no WORSE than hell. At least in hell you have all the torture, fire, and screaming to keep you distracted.
Oh I know what will be fun, counting! Haaaaaahhhhh… boredom breeds desperation huh… whelp nothing to do now but start.
1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7…………………………………..
……….SHIT!!!! Lost my place AGAIN!!!!!!!
{Wow. You can count really high.}
Why thank you voice in my head. Huh… I really have gone completely insane, now I’m even imagining voices appearing in my head. And for some reason it looks like text in an old-timey RPG pop-up screen… oh well back to counting…
1. 2. 3. 4….
{WAIT! Wait, as much fun as counting may be I have a counter proposal you may be interested in.}
Like something to do besides count in this god-forsaken place? Great job subconsciously conjured voice… screen… thing… if I had to count anymore I think it would drive me back to all the way through crazy back to sanity again. Watch you got? Some Sci-fi I watched back in the day, maybe some fantasy, or… oh maybe some sort of play back of my life? I could use a refresher I don’t remember much…
{That was the point of sticking you in this dump… Wait how do you remember Sci-fi, fantasy, and ANY portion of your old life?! Your soul should have been wiped clean in this place!}
Yeah I figured I was dead and this was some sort of afterlife, just wish I could remember whatever it was I did to get stuck with THIS as my afterlife…
{That’s not the point! You have been in this void for millennia! You shouldn’t be SANE let alone capable of holding conversations or even thinking in a LANGUAGE! YOU EVEN RETAINED CONCEPTS AND MEMORY FRAGMENTS OF YOUR OLD LIFE!!!!}
Wow… millennia huh… long time to be in a void all alone with only numbers to keep you company. At least I have you to talk to now. So nameless genderless voice my subconscious conjured in a last ditch attempt to keep me entertained and sane… How are things?
{Are you even listening to me? Hey you! HEY!!!}
Mind if I give you a nickname? How about Carl? I like Carl, it’s short and easy to remember.
{I WILL NOT BE CALLED CARL!!!! I am all-knowing all-powerful being! The closest thing to your concept of a god!                   …You may address me as Mistress or Goddess, I shall allow it…}
Oh so you’re female… Sally then. So Sally how are things? Good for you? Good. Recently I have been touching up on my math… I have gotten, like, ridiculously good at it. Go on ask me anything!
{YOU DARE ADRE-          Fine whatever…5,894,993,288 divided 2,893,084?}
{…………………… ok that is kinda impressive… WAIT NO! YOU DISTRACTED ME!!!}
Calm down Sally, there’s no need to type in all caps… use your words to talk not shout.
{I am coming to hate you… really I am…}
Awwww I love you to sally! So you had something you wanted to tell me?
{I… What? Oh yes! Listen here mortal soul I, for reasons you need not know, have dined to reincarnate you into a world of magic and monsters. There you will grow strong and spread my faith and complete any and all tasks I dine to give you. Do you understand?}
Wow Sally reincarnation into a fantasy world with magic and monsters… that’s actually pretty original I did not see that coming. Plus it beats the HELL out of doing math for eternity…
{Well… it’s not reeeeaaaaallllllllllllllllly an ORIGINAL idea… in fact I got it from your old world were it was becoming a popular troupe in fantasy writing…}
Really I think I would remember reading about something like that.
{Those stories and others like them were some of the first memories I had the void take. I didn’t want them to frighten you or cause you to unreasonably resist…}
{I thought so too!}
I WAS BEING SARCASTIC SALLY! SARCASIM!!! Those memories could have helped me where I’m going, or advise me as to what I should do, or JUST REASURE ME I WASN’T LOSEING IT IN THIS PLACE!!!!
{But you WERE losing it… besides I didn’t think you would have such a strong sense of self you would even be conscious in this place let alone calm.}
Really Sally, it was all out of concern for some random soul? And it has nothing to do with the fact that someone with no real memories is easy to manipulate?
Fine whatever I’ll hear you out.
Yeah, I mean it’s not like I have a real choice. Either go with you Sally and your plan or suffer in this place apparently slowly losing my memories and my mind.
{When you put it like that I seem like a villain…}
If the shoe fits…
{Hey you always WISHED something like this could happen to you and you could leave your old boring world. That’s why you throw yourself so fully into stories and games!}
Man I WISH I could REMEMBER that… if only some mean old voice with a god complex didn’t RUIN MY MEMEORY.
{ERRR… can I make it up to you?}
You said this world had magic right?
I want that. Magic is awesome! At least I think it is… anyway I want magic and skills and stats and all that stuff, you know like a game or something.
{So an interface system… ok… yeah I could do that, but you won’t be able to upgrade your stats and skills, also you won’t have a level or anything like that. That said I can let you see your stats and abilities that quantify what is present in you.}
That’s fine guess… I hoped an ALL-POWERFULL and ALL-KNOWING GODDESS could do more, but if that’s all you can do than….
{Hey I can do other stuff! You just asked me to rewrite the way that world works in a major way! Humph…}
Don’t sulk I’m sure you could do more like… I don’t know what language does the world use, or is it more than one?
{That’s it! I’ll give him a language ability too! That way I can stop all this GUILT!}
You know I saw that right? Oh well I guess this works too… I shall never question your Godliness again oh great Mistress…
{Yes, see that you don’t! Humph.              …Well now that I explained all that it’s about time you get reincarnated by the way I have no idea where you reincarnate so you are going to have to find my nearest temple on your own. Also if I have no followers there, well, you will have to establish one yourself…}
Let me just stop you there: First I agreed to nothing, nor do a plan to do so. Second I am NOT being someone’s lapdog as long as I can help it. And lastly YOU already gave me what I wanted, I could feel the tingling when you gave me these powers and I am already starting to fade out soooooooo….
Seeya Sally, Oh by the way I believe that you’re a goddess or whatever now. Maybe I’ll prey to you if I feel like it or get REEEEAALLLLLYYYYYY bored again. You’re a lifesaver! Love ya lots girl!
Ah… From one blank space to another… Well at least this one is warm… And dark… And solid… And for some reason I feel safe…
Wait reincarnation with a fully formed sense of self and identity… wouldn’t that mean I will be aware while I’m still inside…
…………………………………..OH SALLY NO…………………………………………………
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