Enter the SIDE PROJECT…..

now some of you observant readers may have noticed the new side project up on the site. good job… everyone else however needs to work on there “obvious observation” skills cuz not noticing the addition to the MAIN MENU is just sad….


anyway the side project was posted earlier than i expected because my attention span and impulse control is like that of a Squirrel on crack… now don’t get lead astray by its SIDE PROJECT qualifier, i still plan to finish the whole story with all quality i can and have it go for a decent number of chapters. if it needs 100 to be told the way i want than it gets 100, if it only needs like 30 then well… its gonna be longer than 30 guys… probably…

by saying B.B. is a side project i am saying that it is something that may or may not have month long stretch where there are no updates because i prioritized other stuff thats all.

think of it this way F.F.G is like my baby right, i love it but babies can be REALLY annoying and you need breaks from it to stay sane. B.B. on the other hand is that kid i adopted and may like more then my own… but wont give all of my attention to because i still have the baby.

that make sense? no? to bad! thats the best way i can describe it so just deal.


Author out

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