I’ll be out for a bit

So yes i have just decided that because of some problems IRL and with the story i will have to go on a bit of a writing break after i finish the first Ark of the story. when will that be? Around chapter 16……………….. but till then the releases will slow for the common reasons: school, life, distractions, and Allergies… plants hate me… *sniff*

anyway i am making this, dear readers and fans, so that you guys are in the know… more so than the RR crowd at least… and dont go: “AaronDragon WTF??!! we haven’t had a release in like… a week!!! hurry up!!!”

to put this simply writing is hard and while F.F.G.E is easier to write since its less formal I still find it hard to find time and motivation to just sit and write the stuff… then edit it… poorly… i need an editor!!!…. *breaks down crying*…..

*Ahem* what was i rambling about? OH YES! the post situation… so yeah posts will be coming in after longer breaks and chapters will still update at random (best idea ever…) but after i finish this Ark i am gonna cool down and plot this stuff out so i have at least a general outline on paper of how this story will go… cuz keeping it in my head is slowly driving me insane… and hopefully also get some response back from my subtle recruitment pleas/cries for attention (HINT HINT PEOPLE!!!).

that brings us to you dear reader… to put this in a way that cant be misunderstood… I NEED HELP!!!! and that friends is were you come in. i need you, the fans, to promote, comment, review, and share (and donate please PLEASE donate…) F.F.G and this site in general with… well… every and anyone really… i mean we dont even have any subscribers so far… it’s getting me down… *starts crying again*

*AHEM, Ahem… hemhem*

anyway… Editor/s wanted must be creative, understanding, and willing to help with development and share ideas/perspective. Also must be willing and able to share contact info (email is fine) and actually work with me. preferably human (spell check-san is being a bully… and unhelpful…) but i dont mind other intelligent life pitching in. any interested contact using the email at the Contacts page.


…whelp thats all… i think i covered everything… probably… anyway working on Chapter 9 its gonna be a Mira/maybe Madeline POV so look forward to it…


Auther out!

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