The Fairfax Rating System

The Fairfax Rating System:

+: higher tier of the rank.

-: lower tier of the rank.


Z: What I assume is the Realm of Higher Beingsbeyond any and all comprehension.

X: The realm of Angels, True daemons, and gods.

SSS: Run. Just RUN. Capable of damaging/destroying realms themselves. You do not wish to see this ever! Trust me…

SS: Usually the Apex predator of wherever it resides, meeting a being of this rank spells death for all but the most blessed by luck (or intelligence!), capable of ending large kingdoms.

S: The level of most heroes of any classification (also my rank as the only living Arch-Magus), capable of taking on a small army.

A: The level of Masters. Beware, this is best approached in a group and with extreme caution.

B: A dangerous being that only the highly skilled can hope to survive against let alone handle.

C: An individual with significant combat training (be it magic or weapons) at the level of adept or higher can probably handle something of this rank, but it is best not to do so alone.

D: An individual with any notable combat training (be it magic or weapons) can probably handle something of this rank on their own as long as they are not careless.

E: An average mortal (human) in good physical condition can usually deal with things of this rank.

F: An average mortal (human) child can easily handle and even defeat this rank.

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