Spring Break, the NEW new schdule, and new story Ideas

Sooooooooooooooo…. i was gone for quite some time… a week really… but hey i was distracted there were midterms and no game no life vol. 4 came out…

anyway i have given this schedule thing some serious thought and realized something, with my spotty internet, motivation, and attention span any schedule i set will eventually be broken. soooooo to solve that i will post whenever the mood strikes me… RELEASES AT RANDOM BABY!!!

ah that takes a load off my mind. in other news the weekly poll on royal road is gonna be on 3 new story/side-project ideas i have kicking around in my head. i of course reserve final judgement on which one is chosen, but i’m lazy and will probably just pick the most popular fan choice when i decide to start writing.

that’s all for now folks i got stuff to do and a story to start back up.

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