Entry 2

Entry 2:

Well then my inquisitive reader you are now more knowledgeable on the 3 classifications of beings then the entirety of the Siegtier Academy. Congratulations. Now that you have the basic knowledge you need to understand the various beings inhabiting our 13 realms we can get into the good stuff. Races and creatures! Now I won’t be so arrogant as to say that this Bestiary will contain every race or creature in all the realms. I will be so arrogant as to say I got Damn near all of them though.

Now to all you would be adventurers and heroes out there I give a warning, while the beings listed in this bestiary will abide the rating system, conveniently found on the next page!, there are always exceptions and/or variances between individuals of any race or creature. So if you end up as something’s slave/dinner/mate/torture toy/punching bag/or any other horrible fate… well don’t blame old Simon here… I did warn you…

Ah! We seem to have reached a town now! I regret I must stop writing until I find an inn or some other form of lodging… I hope they will accept wisdom in place of coin…

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