Elementals an Introduction

Elementals an Introduction:

Elementals make up the classification with the fewest races.

Elementals are… different… In the sum total of all my travels they were the most difficult classification of beings I had ever encountered. They are mysterious, difficult to find, and needlessly cryptic in everything they do. Hell I was able to find out more about the angels. THE. ANGELS. Than many elementals.

Elementals have a fixed lifespan, but not a normal one. Put simply every elemental is born knowing exactly when it will die, and WILL die only at that specific time. unless a being with more essence of soul (or spirit, Qi, inner power whatever you wish to call it) kills them and erases there very being in some way. The whole process is very complex and confusing but that is the gist of it.

As if that wasn’t strange enough all elementals have very strong inclination and orientation to a single aspect, some to the point of even embodying there aspect in there forms. For example an elemental with a fire aspect orientation may have a body made from living flames. This however does not occur in all elementals, but beware those it does. Just ask yourself: how does one kill fire itself, or any of the other aspects for that matter?

Elementals don’t reproduce. That does not mean that they cannot engage in the act or produce offspring, but one elemental can never create or conceive another. The closest I could come to discovering how elementals are actually born was this: they come into being near great sources of their aspect. That’s all. Even the few elementals I have met (and didn’t try to kill me) didn’t know how they came to be, just where.

In general that is all there is to elementals, and in many causes that is all there is for future entries on elemental races. The damn things are just outside of mortal comprehension…

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