Life, Delays, Views, and Comments….

So serious talk time. it seems like every time i start to get down to some serious chapter writing something gets in the way, be it school, work, or technical problems… something springs up to stop my creative flow. because of that i have leaned back and examined what i might be doing wrong, and well, i noticed that i am over-stressing on the currant popularity, lack of comments, and lowering rating of the story so far. this is a problem since the story hasn’t even been out for a week, in essence i am trying too hard and the stress is eating me alive.

to combat this i am gonna drop that daily release thing i have been doing, and focus more on the Dark Palace Productions site than royal road. basically RR gets the weekly fan poll on Wednesday and this site gets releases and updates when ever i post them. and since i will be meeting with a friend this Wednesday about art for the story and i also start my midterms that day i am pushing back the chapter to some undetermined date, and then will get back to solid weekly poll and bi-weekly to monthly chapter posts on the RR site.

keep in mind that the official site will have releases whenever they are done, and will update more frequently, this is to generate more traffic for the site which in turn will generate more motivation for me to continue.

so in short i’m gonna kick back for a while post the weekly polls and wait for the community to take shape, hopefully i can even get some help from people to make my life a bit easier and to stop having to juggle all this on my own.


P.s: i encourage comments on this site so feel free to write them. if you don’t understand something write a comment, have an opinion on the way the story will go write a comment, feel the need to argue your point against or correct another persons comment write a comment. in general just write a comment so that i can see that you all are enjoying the posts so far, and most times i’ll probably write one back.

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