Mortals an introduction

Mortals an introduction:

What is there to say? We mortals are an uninteresting bunch next to the other 2 classifications. We have a set average life-span for every race, regardless of how different those may be between races. The majority of mortals are unable to directly manipulate, or even sense, Aspects. And Mortals are the most prevalent and populous of the known 13 realms. In fact we are the only classification to be present in any great numbers in all 13 realms in some form or fashion.

Much of Mortal history is lost, or even unrecorded, but the most known and greatest achievement of the mortal races was the development of a system to indirectly allow one to manipulate an Aspect. Magic. The creation of magic finally put us mortals on a level playing field with the other 2 classifications, and was what gave us the ability to advance as far as we have since unlike the other classifications we mortals are not all able to sense Aspects naturally. In fact this is an extremely rare trait, a trait found in only 1 out of 1,000,000. I myself have this trait, but it is not to the degree of any gifted immortal or any elemental.

Other than that there is not much to say about mortals other than we reproduce faster than the other classifications, and have more races than the 2 combined and then tripled.

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