Immortals an Introduction

Immortals an Introduction:

The name immortal itself is a bit of a misnomer as it implies that Immortals are beings incapable of death. That is an outright false belief immortals can die, it is just slightly more… difficult… and vexing to kill one compared to a mortal, I should know I have had to fight and yes even kill many in my time researching them in the field. No what truly sets immortals apart from other beings is that they do not have a life span. Well that’s not quite accurate, what I mean is that an immortals life span is infinite, they will continue living until something successfully kills them.

Now knowing this you may think that there are countless immortals that have lived since the time of the Firstborn, and there are a few I’m sure, but not many. You see immortal beings suffer from a unique curse that many mortals can never hope to comprehend. Endless boredom and disinterest. At some point they tire of living, sure they try to spice things up by creating conflicts and playing all there little games, but eventually even that won’t be able to satisfy them and they will just let themselves be killed if they do not do so themselves. Maybe it will take centuries, maybe millennia, but it will always happen.

Another misnomer is that all immortals are all-powerful, as someone who has fought and killed at least one of the many known immortals in the 13 realms I can say that is not the case. Sure there are many who are strong, and the most powerful among them will usually be capable of far and above what the most powerful mortals are, but not all immortals are these invincible warriors. In many cases they tend to structure a society of some sort, one with arranged roles no less. In these societies there farmers are no more trained than mortal farmers, and the same holds through with all the roles present. Even their warriors have similar power trends to their mortal counterparts, sure they might have slightly more power, or more orientation to the Aspects, or even be physically stronger, but all that is to almost a negligible degree. In truth both immortals and mortals have their great ones, champions who rise above the rest, geniuses who are peerless in their fields, heroes whose might can match that of whole armies. The only real difference in the two is the time that each side has to improve themselves, and that is where the gap appears.

Immortals age in a rather peculiar way. For each immortal race, each individual there exists an age range where they appear to stop physically aging, and each individual can begin to age again at widely varying ages and timeframes. An elder who must count its age by the centuries can appear to be nothing more than a child, whereas a youngling not even into its second century could appear to be aged beyond their time. Through extensive research, and multiple testimonials I have discovered the reason that is so. Immortals appear the age they think of themselves as, but that age is not a conscious choice. When having a child they tend to age as there subconscious mind views that as something only those of certain ages would do and changes them appropriately. This change is gradual, and occurs in time with what humans would view as the norm, but to many immortals seems very fast. Most immortals tend to age at that same pace until around age five when the aging slows dramatically until stopping at some random point. These traits have lead me to talk with a multitude of beings that appeared to be many different ages, even beings old enough to remember the realm wars, but looked like they could be my grandchildren.

Sufficive to say immortals may be long lived and different from mortals in a few superficial ways, neither are truly superior to one another, no matter what an immortal might say. And in truth both immortals and mortals are far more alike than different… especially compared to the elementals…

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