Entry 1

Simon Fairfax’s Bestiary and journal

Entry 1:

Useless they said! Couldn’t be done they said! Bah! Idiots! The lot of them! I’ll show them what can’t be done!

I am Simon Fairfax: researcher, Arch-Magus, scholar, and all around genius. If you are reading this now then that means I have succeeded! My dream of cataloguing the races of all the known realms has succeeded! As I write the first entry of what I hope to be my masterwork, I sit on the back of a kind farmer’s carriage leaving the capital of Siegtier behind. The academy has disbanded my teachings and life’s work and cast me aside, they just couldn’t handle the truth. Humans aren’t the supreme race.

Oh is that shocking? Well, read further in and I will show that out of all the vast and unique beings that inhabit the realms we humans are but a mere fraction, a slightly larger faction perhaps but a fraction none the less. Z/7_S


Ah… damn bump… this was the only journal I could pack too… well then that’s enough silique I think we shall Start with the reason I was forcibly removed from the academy in the first place. Mortals and immortals.

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